Shani 10th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Hanuman gets cursed!

Shani 10th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

|| Sometimes our karmas seem wrong but the intentions behind them are more important. Shani teaches that if one has good intentions then he surely gets good results and recognitions in return of his karmas. ||

Shani and Kakol come to Matang Rishi’s Ashram. Narayan is also present there. Shani asks him if he is ready. Narayan nods. Are you? Shani nods. He tells Kakol to bring Mata Anjana. Kakol leaves.

Shani greets Matang Rishi. Matang Rishi asks him if everything is fine. Shani shakes his head. This is why I have come to meet you. You always warned me about Hanuman but I dint pay heed to you. Entire Surya Loka is in problem because of Hanuman only. Rishi Matang reminds him how he saved him from cursing Hanuman in the past. You wont save him in the future though. Shani reasons that Hanuman is not the real problem here. It is his powers which are inside him. Situations go out of hand sometimes because of them. Rishi Matang again says it is because of Hanuman’s nature. Narayan influences his thoughts. Maybe you are right Shani.

Hanuman thinks to tell Shani asap about Bhadra. Narayan is right behind him. Hanuman gets tempted seeing the fruit laden tree. I should tell Shani the truth first. The fruits still tempt him. Hanuman thinks to have one fruit so he can reach Shani sooner. Narayan smiles as Hanuman climbs atop the tree to pluck fruits.

Shani looks on from a distance. Kakol brings Mata Anjana just then. She tells Hanuman to come donw. Don’t do anything wrong. It is Rishi Matang’s Ashram. Hanuman slips while trying to hold the fruit. Rishi Matang also falls down. He utters Hanuman’s name angrily. Mata Anjana and Kakol help Hanuman. He laughs at Rishi Matang (seeing him fallen).

Hanuman asks Matang Rishi to extend his hand. He lifts Matang Rishi who glares angrily at everyone around him. Hanuman is relieved to see Shani. I have to tell you something really important. He tries telling her about Bhadra but Matang Rishi interrupts him. Do you remember what I had warned you about? Even Shani wont be able to save you from my wrath this time. You will be cursed! Hanuman apologizes to him. I dint do it with any intention to harm or insult you. Mata Anjana too apologizes on his behalf but Matang Rishi stays put. You (Hanuman) are too proud of your powers and Siddhi’s. I curse you. You will forget the powers you have gained. He sprinkles holy water on Hanuman as a result.

Shani holds himself back somehow. Hanuman tells Shani not to worry. What if I got cursed? It will only make me lose my powers and memories but my friend Shani will always stay with me. It wont take much time to gain the powers back when my friend is with me. I will get to know everything from you. Shani tells him against it. Matang Rishi said you will forget the powers, the Siddhi’s gained over time. Our biggest power, Siddhi is our friend. You will also have to forget me because of that. Hanuman requests him not to do so. I don’t want to forget you. I want to remember everything. I don’t want to forget anything. The curse begins to show its effect.

Shani tells him he wont forget everything. You will remember your mother as you dint gain her after birth. This Ashram, Rishi Matang and your childhood will remain same. You must forget me though. Narayan is also present there (invisible to everyone). Mata Anjana and Kakol cry. Hanuman requests Matang Rishi to free him from the curse. I will do whatever you will ask me to. Matang Rishi says forgive me but it cannot be reversed. You will gain these powers, Siddhi’s back when someone will remind you of them. Hanuman insists he doesn’t wish to forget anything. Shani tells him it will be good for him to forget everything especially him (Shani). Hanuman asks him why it is necessary. Shani explains that the end of their friendship will help him begin his journey towards his destination. Hanuman asks him why he is ready to give such a tough test. Why are you pushing me into such darkness? Shani replies that night is darkest before sunrise. Your new journey is also about to begin from today. It will take you to your Aradhya. You must undertake this journey alone. You will feel complete only after meeting your Aradhya. Hanuman asks him if this is what he wanted. Shani nods sadly. Hanuman accepts his fate. I accept it if this is what you want but promise to meet me again. Shani keeps his hand in Hanuman’s hand.

Hanuman recalls he had to tell Shani about Bhadra but it is too late. The curse overtakes him. He loses all his memories in seconds. He withdraws his hand from Shani’s hand the moment he opens his eyes and looks at Shani curiously. Why do you seem so sad? Shani shares that he just lost someone who was very close to him. I lost him for forever. Hanuman advises him to do good karmas and have faith in them. Shani wipes his tears and walks away from there. Hanuman notices mustard seeds in his hand as he opens his fist. Kakol follows Shani.

Hanuman tells his mother he is really hungry. Shall we go home? She nods. Hanuman feels as if he knows this guy (Shani). Mata Anjana denies. You don’t know him. Come. Hanuman nods.

Shani and Kakol are all sad. Kakol says I too will try to forget him. It is difficult but I will still try. Past memories flash before Shani’s eyes. Tears roll down his cheeks. It is of no use Kakol. The more we try to forget someone the more we think of him. I will not forget you (Hanuman) ever. Narayan appears there. Greatness lies in sacrificing friendship for the sake of your friend. It is proved that your friendship with Hanuman was the best. Shani says it was but not anymore. Now I have to focus on present. He takes his leave. Narayan disappears. Shani remarks that his friendship with Hanuman has ended now. Hanuman found his path. It is time to bring the others on the right path now.

Sanghya says now the real game will start. Bhadra will fight with Mahadev. Fake Shani smiles at her. He acts to cry. Bhadra rushes to him. What happened? Why are you crying? Fake Shani says I am disturbed. I cannot take it anymore. She asks him what the matter is. Fake Shani takes the names of Surya Dev, Indra Dev, Shukracharya and even Mahadev. No one wants to see Bhadra alive. They all are planning to kill her. We have no other option left now! Bhadra is determined. Mahadev? Fake Shani nods. Do you know who he has chosen to kill you? Me! Sanghya thinks it is time to end Shani. Maya can do anything. Fake Shani says Mahadev tried to kill me when I refused to follow his order. I considered him just like my mother.

Shani feels something wrong is about to happen. Let’s hurry up Kakol!

Precap: Shani warns Bhadra. I wont let you go near Mahadev! Bhadra says I will see who will stop me from killing Mahadev! Shani and Bhadra get into a fight.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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