Kundali Bhagya 10th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Preeta returns to Luthra House

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Sarla says she is really lucky to get her daughters back, but with them comes huge responsibility. She wish her daughters always stay happy and laughing.
Karan returns home and asks about Rishab. He had cold and recalls Preeta’s concern for him. He wonders why he is so thoughtful about him and takes his focus to eating something.
At home, Sherlin’s mother assures everything is fine. Sherlin could sense there is something wrong. Her mother tells her to stop meeting her ex-husband. Sherlin was irritated and asks why would she think about him? Her mother senses Sherlin feels neglected by Rakhi. Her mother warns her to stay conscious of Preeta. She can’t change anyone’s feelings, there is a relation between Rakhi and Preeta. She can’t even change the feelings Rishab holds for Preeta. Sherlin says she always want to be in a fairytale life with Rishab. She says Sherlin needs to make space for himself in Rakhi’s heard.
Mr. Luthra was enjoying sweets in the kitchen. He hides underneath the shelf as Karan comes there. He notices Mr. Mehra there and asks to join him in the party. Mr. Mehra complains Rakhi never let him enjoy when she prepares such tasty Laddu. Rishab was passing by the kitchen and teases why he has a problem with his mother. Karan says Mr. Mehra got their mother because of his sweet talks, else she wouldn’t have married him. He runs behind Karan, Rishab becomes protective for Karan. Mr. Mehra complain they are siblings, and their mother is important for them; he is a bitter gourd for everyone. The boys laugh at him for being so sentimental. Mr. Mehra hugs them saying he never gets serious so easily. Karan thinks Preeta was right, he can’t let Rishab marry Sherlin. Rishab thinks he would never forgive Deepak for what he did to Preeta. Both utters Preeta at once, then rejects saying her name. Rishab wonders what kind of confusion was this, he said Preeta or did he hear this.
Janki asks Bee ji why she read newspaper daily, there is always some bad news in it. Bee ji says they must keep their ears open to what’s happening across the world. Janki didn’t want to understand. There was a ring of bell at the door. Janki tells Bee ji to open the door herself, she got a lot to do. Bee ji opens the door and recognizes the lady outside, Mrs. Waliya. She tells Bee ji Sarla invited her, she never gets uninvited. She speaks to Abhi on call and promises to there. She boasts she was speaking to Abhishek and was the one who provoked love for Aishwarya in his heart. Bee ji comes to call Sarla. She asks why Sarla called her. Sarla says her daughters brought a lot of responsibilities with them, she promised Deepak and herself that she will find the best of guys for her daughter.
Deepak comes to Rishab’s office. Rishab asks why was Deepak given a job. Deepak says he remember Rishab said there was nothing in him but his emotions and urge to find his love. Rishab takes a seat. Rishab asks about Preeta. Deepak gets frustrated, he says Karan…. But infact Preeta got much freedom in Mumbai. He left everything for Preeta and there she is wandering with Karan. Rishab slaps Deepak hard on face, and says he isn’t worth taking Preeta’s name. Rishab says he is fired, he got the job only because of Preeta. Deepak says he is losing it because of Preeta as well, Rishab says he lost the job only because he isn’t worth it. He asks Deepak if he wants to hit him too, like he hold hands over ladies and provokes him to hit him. Deepak turns to leave, Rishab grabs his collar and warns to disable him for life; then warns him not to be seen around his Preeta even by mistake. Deepak nods and leave.
Karan gets a call from Malishka. He ignores the call in the beginning, then takes the call as his assistant. Malishka scolds him for attending the call. She gets he speaks like Karan. Karan continues to act and provokes Malishka to stop running behind Karan, he isn’t worth her and doesn’t value her hotness. Malishka was convinced. Karan mistakenly calls her Baby before cutting the call. He turns to hit Preeta who was just entering the house. He asks if she again fall into his arms, Preeta argues she doesn’t like falling into his arms. He must start wearing musical shoes. Karan asks her to hide, Preeta says she got reappointed on the job. Rishab came and insisted on her and Shrishti to resume their works. Karan jumps cheerfully, then gets serious and says he wasn’t as happy as he showed. Preeta moves forward, irked.

PRECAP: Dadi tells Shrishti that they are finding a proposal for Preeta. Shrishti complains for not discussing it with her. Rishab held Preeta’s hands saying her smile is precious for him. Sherlin comes from behind and asks what is going on here.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Proposal for preetha?.Now karan should realise his love to preetha…

  2. Smiley010403

    Omg!!! Its a nice episode!!! But Karan must slap Deepak na!!!

  3. Rishabh is best as preeta’s Life partner..
    The soft guy took stand for her and slapped the bugger who tried to show her low.. how cute..

    1. I know right….they are made for each other

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