Shakti 9th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Soumya sets a trap to catch Jeet

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Harak Singh and other men come back in the house. Harak Singh asks Preeto who she called a ‘buddha’. He dances. Rohan and others join him. Preeto too starts dancing with Harak Singh. Rohan brings Simran in middle and dances with her. Jeet tells Mahi to make sure no one come to kitchen. He spreads oil on the floor and puts knives standing in glasses nearby, hoping Soumya would slip and fall on the knives. Soumya is going to kitchen, but Mahi stops her and asks her to dance with family members. Jeet comes outside and tells Mahi to send Soumya in the kitchen. He has set the trap. Mahi says how she can do that. He reminds her that she lost everything because of Soumya. Soumya comes and takes Mahi to dance. Mahi acts of feeling dizzy. Soumya asks if she should bring lemon water. Mahi says yes. Soumya walks to the kitchen. She slips on the oil and screams. Preeto and others rush to the kitchen. They see Soumya lying on the floor. Mahi looks at Jeet. Jeet smiles. But soon his smile disappears when Soumya wakes up. She asks family members to stay back, there is oil. Rohan helps her to stand up. Harak Singh asks what happened. Soumya asks to close windows and doors and go to Simran. They come outside. Soumya says someone tried to attack on her. Luckily she saw knives before falling and moved them with her hands. Rohan says all windows are closed. Soumya says the attacker is in the house. Jeet asks if she’s fine. She sees oil mark on Jeet’s hand and clothes, but stays quiet.

Parmeet raises her hand at Heer, but Heer blocks it and says only her family can raise hand at her. She asks the girls whether they can go inside, they want some privacy. The girls leave. Heer tells Parmeet that she should have first learned what the matter was before raising hand at her. Parmeet must be thinking that Heer is back in Virat’s life, but the truth is, she is just working. It’s Virat who is troubling her. He only told her to test whether those girls are right for him. If she wants to slap, then she should slap to Virat. Parmeet asks Virat whether that’s true. He nods yes. Parmeet scolds him and reminds him of his promise. She tells him if he wants to stay with that kinnar, then he can. But don’t create drama there. Today Heer held her (Parmeet’s) hand.. He interrupts and tells Parmeet that it was her who raised hand. Parmeet is surprised and says he will take Heer side now? He tells her that he will marry to the girl of her choice, but only person who spent time with him can tell whether girl is his type or not. What’s wrong if he asked Heer to choose girl? Their paths are different. Heer tells Virat that this is the reason she left him… so he can stay happy with his family and she can live peacefully too. She requests him to stop troubling her.

Next day, Heer and Soumya are getting ready. They both pray. Heer says she is not feeling fine, but she will make sure to go to temple as it’s first day of Navratri. She feels something big is going to happen today. On this day, the Goddess listens to everyone’s wish. She wants to pray for Virat and her family’s happiness. Other side, Soumya says she will pray for her Heer and her family.

Soumya comes outside and prays with Preeto. After prayer, she sees Jeet and loudly tells Preeto that there is Durga Maa’s fair and a lot of people come there. She’s also going there to pray for Heer. In flashback, Soumya tells Preeto about Jeet being the attacker, but she needs to catch him red-handed and for that she will need to go to the fair. Preeto is worried for her, but she says she has already informed police.

Precap: Soumya is at the temple. She says she has been fighting alone for her family. But today, she’s missing Harman. A guy’s entry is shown. Soumya is doing aarti when sindhoor falls on her forehead. She’s about to fall when Harman comes running to her and catches her.

Update Credit to: Simmy

  1. Wooow that’s my soumiya she looks good time to touch the culprit with red handed

    1. Time To CATCH (not TOUCH)🤣

  2. It’s become rather boring. Too much silly songs and the plot has become real silly. Soumya’s entry back into the show was supposed to be a game changer, but so far it’s a dud. The focus is mainly on her and this leaves Harak and Preeto and the others looking like mannequins. It was more interesting when the show was focused on Heer’s surgery. Suddenly you have the odd looking Jeet landing in the same house, along with the doctor. Mahi’s performance is good. Too bad she’s shown in a negative light. Time to wrap up the show. I’m losing interest. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  3. Heer and soumya should both go for the op and live with their loved one happily ever after. With re- entry of soumya and hopefully harman writers should work towards ending the serial on a happy note. Too much of a good thing can fall flat if dragged for too long unnecessarily

    1. Here’s my take, for what it’s worth. Heer should leave everyone again. Virat should get married to please his parents. Ten years later they should show that Soumya is the leader of the kinnars. Heer has gotten the operation and got married to the doctor who performed the surgery. The doctor dies in a plane crash and Heer is bringing up the doctor’s son. Virat’s wife is a party animal and she is only after Virat’s wealth. His parents finally realized what a gem Heer was. Heer bumps into Virat and they realize that they still love each other. Okay, writers, so here’s where you come in. You get rid of Virat’s wife and he marries Heer and they live happily ever after. Preeto and Harak and Rohan all live happily ever after. Mahi goes to live with Heer. That’s her daughter and she has all right to be with her. And that’s the end of Shakti.

    2. Itz true muoh which written there

    3. Iz that true which muoni written there up

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