Udaariyaan 8th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Fateh keeps his promise to Jas

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The Episode starts with Amrik and Mahi asking Fateh to not leave them, they can’t let him go away like Simran. Tejo tells Viraj about Sarabjeet, he is a great person. She praises Sarabjeet and Meher’s true love. Fateh sees Jasmin’s pic and prays for her love. Viraj asks Tejo do you love Jas. Tejo thinks. Jasmin comes to ask for clothes. Tejo keeps everything ready. Jasmin says I will miss you a lot. Tejo says this is love, when you care for others more than yourself, love is so imp, for me, love is family. Viraj says you are marrying for family’s sake or own sake. Jasmin asks do you love Jas, tell me. Tejo says not yet, love is worship. Viraj says there are no such people who believe so. Tejo recalls Fateh’s words. Jasmin says you understand it, my funda is clear, whoever takes me to Canada, I will love him. Tejo says if any guy loves you, if he isn’t from Canada, then… Jasmin says no, never, no Canada, no love. Tejo says you are mad.

Fateh’s dad gets angry on his wife and scolds her for supporting Simran. Fateh looks on. His dad says Simran is dead for us, go to her to Canada, make pickles for her there itself. She says forgive her, she did it for love. He asks what about our love, if you take her name again, then see, forget her. She says I m her mum. He says I m her dad, if I can forget her, then you can also forget her. He goes. She cries. Fateh hugs her. He does boxing and vents anger. Dada ji asks him to go to his dad and be with him for some time. Fateh goes to his dad and consoles him. He says mummy isn’t wrong. His dad says your mum thinks I m heartless, how did this happen, I love Simran so much, I had many dreams for her, she broke everything. Fateh asks can’t you forgive her. His dad says I trust you, you will never bring shame for us, you will bring medal for the family and also bring respect, promise me. Fateh promises.

Jasmin wears Tejo’s dress and says I took Tejo’s permission and worn this. Satti says you shouldn’t take her stuff. Tejo says I knew Jasmin will wear anything I like, so I tricked her, I like this dress and kept this here. Satti smiles. Jasmin asks her friend to come home in the roka. Her friend tells about Neetu’s life getting ruined by a cheater guy. Jasmin says its really bad, what’s that man’s name. Dilraj calls her. Jasmin says I will call you after roka. Jas says we gave this necklace to Neetu. Jas’ mum says our fate is good, we will get rich. He says Fateh has become our baraati now. Fateh says for the sake of dad and family, I have to forget my love. Mahi says don’t punish yourself, I know you love Jasmin a lot. Fateh says maybe this is written in my fate, I will go in Jas’ roka, I had promised Jas.

Jasmin compliments Tejo. She says I wish I got my lover today, we would have gone to Canada. Tejo says he isn’t from Canada. Jasmin asks how do you know. Tejo says he would not send such gifts. Tejo’s dad asks Harman why didn’t he tell him about the truck. Harman says forgive me, I thought we have time for the marriage. They worry. Satti comes and asks them to come down, guests have come. She says don’t worry, everything will be the best. Jas and his mum come home. Satti welcomes Jas and asks him to come in. Jas says sorry, I can’t come right now. They see Fateh coming and playing the dhol. Jas and everyone smile.

Fateh gets the baraatis along. He thinks I had thought to get baraat in this house and take Jasmin with me. Everyone dances. Tejo stops Jasmin. Jas introduces Fateh and his team. He says Fateh has come and kept his word. Tejo’s dad thanks him for coming. Fateh takes his blessings. Fateh enters the house sadly.
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