Shakti 7th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Soumya reacts hearing Maninder’s emotional confession

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The Episode starts with Raavi asking Heer why did she go alone, and says you know well how many enemies you have. Heer says I went with Mallika aunty. Preeto asks why you went to meet Soham and scolds her. heer says she tried to convince Soham. Preeto asks her not to be Nani and go to room. She thanks Gsyatri. Gayatri says I will leave. Raavi asks who has sent goons behind Heer, either Varun or Bau ji. Preeto says don’t know and asks her to give phone, have to find out about Mallika. Saya is in her house and tells Chameli and others that Varun haven’t changed and still hates kinnars. She gets worried for heer and tells that if her destiny is like Soumya. Preeto calls Saya and asks where is she? Saya says she is at home. Preeto asks why did you take Heer there. Saya says heer is Harman’s blood and very stubborn. She says if I haven’t taken her then she would have gone alone. She tells that when Varun went to drop heer, Soham opened the door and let her go. Preeto asks her to call her when Heer comes to her. Saya says ok. Heer talks to Soumya’s doll and tells that she searched her and couldn’t find her. Rohan comes to her and tells that if she was gulabo then will comeback to them. Heer says Soham still loves us, when uncle asked me to go then Soham asked him to drop me home. Rohan says Soham will come for sure and tells that nobody can separate us. Heer is hopeful.

Gayatri calls Preeto and asks her to come tomorrow. They can try to make Soumya come out of coma. Preeto reaches there and asks if she can hear them. Gayatri says it is difficult to think and tells that they have to tell everything like a story, tells that two people brought her to hospital and she is treating her. She asks if she knows her daughter Reet. She asks if she knows Heer and asks her to give her some sign. She them tells Gayatri that they have to go in flashback. Preeto asks Soumya if she knows her. She asks if she knows old Preeto who used to hate her a lot. She shows the blouse and tells that she had button the blouse and did many conspiracies. She then shows the Pulao and says Harman used to like it. She says I tried to make you leave the house, but you was stubborn and had not gone. She shows harman’s jacket and tells that it is of Harman. She tells that Harman and Soumya’s love is an example of love and people swears on them. She asks did you remember that he used to call you Gulabo. A fb is shown, Harman asking her to wipe her tears and tells that it doesn’t look nice on you. fb ends. Preeto says you was his jaan and one day he died for you. Soumya gets teary eyes and the tears roll down her cheeks. Preeto says I know that your love is truthful and you can never forget Harman. She asks her to tell something. Soumya blinks her eyes. Preeto says Harman’s ansh and last safekeeping is heer. You had promised to bring up Heer with me and asks her to remember that Heer is stubborn like Harman and calls you Gulabo. She asks her to say. Soumya gets teary eyes.

Rohan asks Heer to come with him to Soham. Heer says he will not talk to us. Rohan says Soham will talk to us. Gayatri asks bebe to say something to Soumya and tells that she might come out of coma. Bebe says I don’t be happy if she comes out of coma. Preeto asks her to talk something bitter. Maninder asks her to say something. Bebe comes to Soumya and says she is not affected seeing her in this condition as she hates her even now, that’s why she don’t want to stand on her feet and want her to die. She says since you was born, you have snatched our peace and taken everyone, Nimmi, Nani. She asks her to leave them. Maninder comes to Soumya and says I am a bad father, have behaved badly with my daughter and tried to kill you. He apologizes to her. He says I couldn’t understand you, I gave you hatred, but you gave me love in return. He says when he was handicapped, you made me stand on my feet. He says once I thought to forgive you, but when I saw you again, I tried to kill you and is a bad father. He cries. Soumya calls papa…says my Papa. Everyone is surprised and happy. Soumya says my papa is not bad, but he is good. Preeto and Gayatri are happy. Maninder gets emotional, surprised and happy.

Precap: Soumya is walking on the road and collides with heer. Heer calls her Gulabo. Soumya hugs and kisses him.

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