Choti Sardarni 7th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Meher asks Sarab to let her stay in his house

Choti Sardarni 7th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sarab gives Meher water. Sarab looks at the wall Param made. He looks at the photos and recalls his moments with Meher. The song Phir se Khuda plays. They pick their wedding photo together.

Yuvi reads 9th table. Amrita says you remembered it? Yuvi says Jitto Chachi taught me and she said she will give me candies. Rana says I don’t remember any table after 5. Yuvi says Chachi told me how to. Jitto says we will learn 10’s table tomorrow. Amrita says thank you Jitto. Jitto says he will learn them all in a week.

Meher says to Sarab Haldi milk. Please drink it. He says thanks. Sarab says give me a few more days. I will settle you somewhere, where no one can reach you. You won’t have any danger there. Meher says you already fulfilled your promise. I have decided now. I have only given you troubles. When we were at the temple you promised me something. Sarab said she can always like in that house. No one can enter her room. No one will harm her. Meher says can I live in this house forever? As Param’s mom? Sarab recalls she said she can’t live in that house ever. She loved someone else. She wanted to somewhere far. Sarab looks at her shocked. Sarab says I think you should sleep. He leaves.

Scene 2
The next morning, Kulwant says to Amrita pakoras for whom? She says Jitto’s parents are coming. Jitto says they are here. She touches Kulwant’s feet. She says come mummy ji meet them, please. Kulwant says they only deserve hammers on their heads. Kulwant says wow is there a party going on? Is your father getting married? Her mom says we are only here to congratulate Meher’s comeback. Kulwant says done? Go now. Bitu is angry. They leave. Bitu says daddy ji.. They leave. Bitu says is this a way to behave with my in-laws?? He breaks things in anger.

Police come in. Param says Rovi uncle would you go to jail? Rovi says what? He says I mean let’s play thief police. Rovi says I am not well. Meher says Param, come let’s eat. Harleen says Rovi police have start investigation. Come let’s answer their questions. Inspector asks Rovi if he has seen any of the thugs? Rovi says no I haven’t. Sarab says they’re all arrested. Inspector says by evening we will know who were they in touch with. Dolly says can we get all the tests done easily. We will show Kulwant who was after her daughter’s life. She was blaming my Sarab. Jolly says Rovi why are you so scared?

Scene 3
Bitu says I want my share and I will leave. I can’t live here. Kulwant says what share? He says I spoke to the lawyer. There will be four parts. Mine, Rana’s, Jagga’s and yours. Amrita says what are you saying? He says I there’s no other option. I want my share. Yuvi says where is my share? Amrita says what are you saying. Yuvi says if anyone annoys my Jitto Chachi I will break their heads. He says Jitto Chachi don’t worry I am with you.

Meher says Param wear a sweater. Param says I feel hot. Meher says you can fall sick. He says please mama. Meher makes him wear a sweater. Meher says I love you. He leaves. Meher gives him his bag. Sarab looks at them and says Meher’s life revolves around Param.

Sarab comes to Meher’s room. She has showered. Sarab slips. Meher holds him. She says I am sorry. Sarab says we are leaving in 10 minutes. Meher says you didn’t answer me. He says you will find all the answers. Meher says I am talking about last night’s answer. Meher says you said silence often means yes. What does your silence mean? Sarab says in a while you will get all your answers.

Precap-Meher and Sarab come to the hospital. Nurse asks baby’s father’s name. Sarab says Sarabjeet Singh Gill. Sarab says I want your child to come into this world with a father’s name. My name. They look at the sonography and smile.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Meher is so beautiful…I really adore her… everything is perfect in her and her character

    1. Yvonne Codner

      RV, I am in total agreement with you. I am in awe of her perfectionism as a mother. She is beyond special.

  2. Verma4

    I think Yuvi is the star of the show. excellent stuff by the youngster. Whoever is writing his dialogues should be commended.

  3. I like saranjit and mehera what a good pair in choti sardarin.
    I really enjoy that soaps. Very interesting.
    I really like the role sarsbjit sister act herlin ravi is very scared he is the culprit should go to jail.

    1. I think so far this is the most well directed soap eve,I love it for sure

  4. Yvonne Codner

    Robbie is very disappointing and Harleen will be devastated to know that her husband was plotting to kill her brother’s wife who saved him when he was caught gambling away the stolen money. For what? Property that he would gamble away in a jiffy as Meher would say. Anyway, Robbie, have a nice life in jail because you worked for it and of course Sarab will not spare you. Thank you, Atiba and stay blessed.

  5. Aileen Cassim

    I could go on and on commenting but leave to other fans to do so.
    I would like Uncle Jolly to get Meher and Sarabjit love story to start.
    Could someone help, didn’t Meher confessed to sarab that she is pregnant and the person concerned is no more. Dead.? Could Uncle Jolly enlighten.

    1. I hope that happens soon

  6. I am waiting for meher to confess about manav to sarab. Sarab and meher are such beautiful sweet hearts. P for Param, u r love. Dolly should be put to place, hope jolly put some sense to old woman. Can’t wait for Monday. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful.

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