Shakti 6th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 6th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimmi searching for Soumya and cries. Soumya is seen unconscious with the veiled woman in the vehicle. Mahinder comes there. Nimmi hugs him and cries. Mahinder is about to push her angrily, but he stops seeing neighbor coming. Neighbor Jugni calls her husband and tells about Soumya’s kidnapping. He calls his team and asks to search Soumya. Jugni asks Mahinder to give pic. Mahinder says he don’t have her pic. Nimmi says she has her pic and runs towards home. She gets her pic and gives to Jugni. Jugni says she will send the pic to her husband. Nimmi cries and shares her pain with her mum while Mahinder and Bebe look unaffected. Jugni tells Nimmi that some kids saw Soumya going towards main road. Nimmi runs while Mahinder follows her. Police team check for Soumya at the check post. Jugni asks the Inspector to search for the girl. Nimmi refuses to go without Soumya. Mahinder says we shall search her in different directions and searches for Soumya. Just then he sees Soumya unconscious in the van. He asks someone to give his bike and follows the van and stops infront of it. He looks angrily at the veiled woman. Veiled woman comes out of the van.

Mahinder takes out bundle of notes and asks woman to cover Soumya with something and don’t get caught by police. Veiled woman drives the van and goes. Nimmi searches for Soumya. Police team checks every car and vehicle on the check post. Nimmi gets hysterical and checks in every car. Mahinder asks her to control. The man asks him to take his wife to mental asylum. Mahinder asks Nimmi to come home with her. Nimmi refuses. Bebe gives milk to Surbhi and asks her to finish fast. Surbhi says we shall also go and find her. Bebe says no. Nani prays for Soumya’s safety. Nimmi cries and prays to God with her eyes closed. Mahinder smiles. Nimmi opens her eyes and sees Soumya’s stuff hanging out of van. She picks a heavy wood and attacks on the van. Van collides with a tree. Nimmi runs and peeps inside. She sees Soumya unconscious and breaks open the window. She takes Soumya in her arms and starts walking. Shakti song prays all along. Bebe thinks Soumya’s chapter will end today. Surbhi says when will didi come?

Bebe says she will come. Just then she gets shocked hearing Nimmi taking Soumya’s name. Surbhi runs out and asks what happened to her. Jugni says she will call doctor. Nimmi says no and takes her inside the house. Jugni tells Mahinder that she will leave now as her daughter Talsi is alone at home. Mahinder nods. Surbhi asks him why Soumya is not speaking? Bebe says it is her daily drama and takes her to do home work. Mahinder thinks his plan failed and Soumya returned. Nimmi asks Soumya to open her eyes and cries. She tells Beeji if we shall call doctor. Nani says no, and says once we call doctor then. Nimmi says there is nothing beyond my daughter’s safety, call doctor. Mahinder comes inside and looks angrily.

Mahinder says have you gone mad? She is still breathing? If doctor comes then new story will begin. Nani says she is inconscious. Mahinder says she is not dead, she is a black spot and will not wipe off so easily. Nimmi cries hugging Soumya. Nani brings kada and makes Soumya have it. Nimmi says why she is not gaining consciousness. Nimmi says it is enough now, I will take her to hospital, and lifts her. Mahinder asks her to get her mind treated and says do you know what will happen? Nimmi says my Soumya will gain consciousness and asks him to move from her way. Soumya gains consciousness and says Maa. Nimmi is relieved.

Nimmi slaps Mahinder hard. Mahinder is about to slap Nimmi back, but she shows the note on which soumya made faces of good and bad person. Mahinder is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Nice epi.. Mahinder is stupid..

  2. Very Stupid..what a wicked father..he need to be slaped by God

  3. How can a father be so rude

  4. its too tough to see this serial..
    too heart touching. ..

  5. I want to slap that Mahinder and Bebe…………….

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