Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 6th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai 6th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kalyani gets angry seeing Vikranth attending Ketki’s goad bharai function. She takes him out and asks why did he come here and who called him. He says Ketki called him. Ketki asks Megha who called Vikranth. Megha lies that she called so many people and someone must have informed him. Ketki says how can it be. Megha says not to worry and enjoy party. She and Meenaski enjoys drama.

Virkanth asks Kalyani to trust him one last time. Kalyani says how will she after his somany lines, he lied her each day and she submitted herself to him by trusting him. Protima from Kalyani’s landline calls media and asks them to come to Kalyani’s home if they want spicy news. Media enters and surround Vikranth and Kalyani. They both shout who called them here in personal function. Reporter says they got a call from her home. Shivam comes and says there is a misunderstanding, nobody called them in a personal function and asks watchman to send them all out. Kalyani says they came here for a spicy news and it is she has break up with Vikrant and they are not associated with each other in any ways.

Kalyani goes in and asks Protima why did she call media. Protima says she did not. Kalyani says why is she troubling her and making her relationships worse. Protima says she has many other work than calling media, etc. Kalyani continues confronting her. Ketki comes and asks what is happing. Kalyani says when dear ones don’t care, what is the use of blaming others. She walks away from there. Protima brainwashes Ketki against Kalyani again and says Kalyani thinks she is ruining Kekti’s life and leaves acting.

Meenakshi serves sweets to Megha and Shivin and says their plan worked. Megha says she iw worried about Ketki and just wanted to teach Kalyani aa lesson. Meenakshi says she shold be happy that Kalyani is suffering and not worry about Ketki.

After function, Ketki goes to Kalyani’s room and their fight starts. Kalyani asks why did she call Vikrant.. Ketki says she did nnot. Kalyani says he told she called her. Ketki says he is lying. Their fight starts next on Protima. Ketki continues yelling and shouting at Kalyani and says she is jealous that she is getting work, etc….

Precap: Ketki yells at Kalyani that cannot see her happy and wants to finish her career. Kalyani tells Devika that she wants to break relationship with Ketki forever.

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