Shakti 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman and Jasleen search Soumya in Patiala

Shakti 31st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman enquiring about Soumya in the houses. Sameer misguides Harman and asks him to see at another side. Raavi is sitting on Jeet’s bed while he is playing music on his guitar. She tells him that it is late and asks shall I go now? Jeet says I had learned to play guitar before, but then thought to play it for a special angel, she came and now insisting to go. Raavi asks where do you learn to talk these sweet talks? Jeet says what is it and says it comes automatically. He says I have entered your heart and want to enter your home etc. Raavi says even I want this, but don’t know how this will happen. Jeet says if you try then it will happen. Raavi says I will be happy if I stay with you. Jeet says you think and kisses her.

Harman shows Soumya’s pic to the men on the road. They tell that they have seen her boarding a Patiala bus. He tells that she has sold a toy to my mum. Harman and Jasleen get sure that she is Soumya. Sameer asks them to go and says he will come on his bike. Sameer then gives money to the men and says nice act. He thinks now Harman will search Soumya in Patiala and says I will hide her in my house and will make you lose until you get tired.

Harak Singh calls Raavi and Shanno and asks about his money. Raavi gives him money and smiles looking at Shanno. He asks her to count. Balwinder asks from where did you get the money? Raavi says my husband is useless and that’s why I have borrowed it from my friends. Harak Singh appreciates her. He asks Shanno to give money. Shanno says she don’t have money. Harak Singh tells Veeran that doors are closed for her if she don’t return my money. Veeran asks why did you steal the money? Harman, Jasleen, Saya, Sameer and others come to Patiala. Sameer says we will search her now. Jasleen says where we will search her. Sameer says we will search her. Harman says I will search her in every mohalla or street even if it takes all my life. Sameer says it is Salman Khan’s dialogue about commitment. He gets his mother’s call and asks her to give call to her. Sameer’s mum gives call to her. Soumya takes the call. Sameer talks to her, calling her Maa and says he is with his friend and helping him. Soumya tells his mum that Sameer was talking strangely. Sameer asks them to search in different ways and think this is his first win. He talked to Soumya in front of Harman and he couldn’t know. Sameer’s mum thinks he must be with Harman and that’s why talked to Soumya. She hopes Sameer’s love wins. Surbhi gives tea to Sumit and others. Maninder asks them not to drink tea and says Varun might have added petrol in it. Sumit asks him not to worry. Bebe says Varun is not here. Maninder thinks it is his kundali problem.

Neighbors see Varun unconscious on road. Varun acts as he is tortured by Maninder. They take him from there. Sameer does time pass till Harman and Jasleen search Soumya in the nearby locality.

Soumya talks to the teddy and says you are just like Harman ji, so lovely, but there is a difference between you both. She says Harman ji talks much, but you don’t speak. She says the second difference is you will not remarry or leave me alone. She hugs teddy and imagines her union with Harman. Imagination begins…Harman and Soumya are hugging each other while music plays…Harman says you are upset with me much. Soumya says when you come closer, all complaints end. He asks her to return to him. Soumya says how to return, our love is like a clock timer and says once it moves forward, it can’t return. He says you have given my rights to someone else and says you will have to face embarrassment which I never let happen to you and that’s why you have to live without me. Imagination ends. Soumya thinks their togetherness was destined till here only.

Jasleen gets happy seeing Jeet and hugs him. Jeet tells her that he will get her to marry Harman. He blackmails Harman to marry Jasleen so that he can marry Raavi. Harman asks what are you saying and holds his collar. Jeet tells him that Raavi is pregnant with his baby. Harman and Jasleen are shocked.

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  1. So Jeet is Jasleen’s brother who wants to take revenge from Harman because he didn’t marry Jasleen, and that’s why Jeet used Raavi.

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