Shakti 31st August 2020 Written Episode Update: Virat and Jharna to marry in 21 days

Shakti 31st August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sant Baksh scolding Virat for going there and getting them insulted infront of Harak Singh’s family. Parmeet asks him to think atleast about Jharna, if not about them and says you used to hurt her heart and asks him to break ties with Heer for once and all. Virat tells that he will get the ring now itself and says this is the solution for all of your problems. Jharna asks him to call the Pandit ji and get their marriage date fixed. Virat asks what are you saying? Sant Baksh says you can’t mend your ways until you get married. Virat says ok and goes to get his ring back. Parmeet hugs Jharna happily and says you have done, what we couldn’t have done. Sant Baksh tells that he will call Jharna’s father and also Pandit ji.

Preeto brings Heer home. Sindhu tells that she heard about her accident and came back. Preeto asks what you will eat and says she will make it? Heer asks her to make ginger tea. Raavi says I will make and goes to kitchen. Heer thinks real drama will begin now and waits for Virat.

Shanno comes to the room and tells that I knew that you couldn’t do anything. He says your sister is a kinnar and tells that people will call him na mard, as he is kinnar’s brother. She says you are getting so much love on her. Soham says never. Shanno says then why you was shedding tears? Soham says I will not have any relation with her, I will kill her next time, and swears on his parents. Shanno asks what happened this time? why you couldn’t kill her this time. Shanno tells that only someone can help him and tells about Kareena, who is Guru maa of some kinnar community. Soham goes.

Heer asks Preeto who got her accident done. Preeto says first get fine. Heer says that person shall not be saved. Virat comes there. Rohan says you came again. Heer says 1 min, let him come inside. She says he has come here to take his new engagement’s ring and tells that they don’t keep anyone’s stuff with them. Preeto asks her to give that ring to her and says she will give it to Virat. Heer says let him take from my hand and says this will be the karma. She says I had gone to his house and begged for the marriage, but today he came to my house to get his new love’s memory. She says I will not return him just like that, but will return the ring and will send him away. He says he shall know the difference between him and me. Harak Singh asks Virat to take ring from Heer. Vrat goes to Heer. Heer shows the ring in her palm. He takes out handkerchief and keeps on his palm. She keeps the ring in his hand and tells that today she has returned his love and done favour on him. Virat says even I have done a favour on you. He tells Pandit has come to my house to fix my marriage date and tells that they shall end all the matter right here. Heer recalls their moments. Tera ishq hai meri ibadat plays….She gets shocked and is about to fall down. But Virat holds her and stops her from falling down. He recalls Preeto’s words and leaves her hands. Heer sits down on the sofa. Virat leaves from there. Heer gets up from sofa to call him, but Preeto stops Heer.

Soham also hears them. Shanno asks how this Virat become stone hearted suddenly who used to love him a lot. Soham thinks why Virat broke his marriage with Heer, thinks if he knows that she is a kinnar then didn’t he feel disgusted to be around her. He stops his bike while Virat is leaving in his car. Virat says you came again on my way and asks him to leave his way. Soham asks him to tell why he left Heer? Virat says both of us have moved on, then why can’t you move on. He asks him to move on and says it is better for you. He keeps hand on Soham’s shoulder casually. Soham brushes off his hand and pushes him. He asks him to tell whatever he asked him. He asks why did you break your marriage with Heer. Virat and Soham start fighting. Soham hits Virat and is about to throw stone on his head and asks him to tell why he broke marriage with Heer. Virat recalls Preeto telling him that Heer is a kinnar. Soham asks him to tell else his next breath will be the last. Virat pushes him and tells that he has promised someone and will not tell him. He asks him to go and ask his family and says our marriage broke because of their answers. Soham is shocked.

Heer thinks she wants him to look at her before sleeping and they look at each other after waking up in the morning. She says she wanted to come to mayka being upset with him. She says you had come to hospital to see me. You came here to tell me that you are getting married to someone else. Virat comes home. Pandit ji tells about the mahurat after 21 days and says he will leave now. Everyone is happy. Rohan comes to Heer and tells that there is a exam for govt job after 21 days which Heer wants to get. Preeto says how she will prepare? Heer says she will do and thinks that she will make her career. She tells that she will prepare and will pass in the exam. Virat asks his family members to start the preparations as the marriage will be solemnized after 21 days. Everyone looks on happy.

Precap: Soham comes to Kareena and asks her to bring this kinnar here. Kareena asks who are you? Soham tells that he is Surbhi and Varun’s son and brought up by Soumya. Kareena’s kinnars try to kidnap Heer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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