Naagin Season 5 30th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Jai gets upset seeing Bani dancing with Veer

Naagin Season 5 30th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer thinking what bani is doing with this loser, he tries to hear them. He thinks he can’t behave like the loser as he is Viranshu Singhania. He thinks Naagin had killed him then why his heart is loving this girl. He thinks his sweet heart can’t be a naagin. Bani tells him that their life is a secret which opens its pages later. She tells about her mother’s sayings and tells that Chachi’s husband had picked her from the road, as she is the accident survivor, when she was 4 years old. She tells that she was survived in a plane crash. Jai gets shocked and tells that even he was survived in that same plane crash but lost his mother. He says I got some past reflections as if we have some connection. Bani and Jai are sitting when Veer as an eagle attack them. Bani runs and asks Jai to do something as she is scared of eagles. She runs away. Jai comes to her and tells him that this might be eagle territory. She says she got scared of the eagle. He says he will bring the car. Veer thinks his sweetheart is an ordinary girl and not naagin, else she would have hiss and killed him. Bani runs and comes to the temple. She tells that she doesn’t know what is inside her. She tells that if that eagle had attacked her when she was alone, then she would have killed him. She says she will kill all the evils.

Next day, she was waiting for Jai. When a car comes, and a driver gets down. Bani thinks this car is of Jai. Driver tells that Jai has sent car to pick her. She sits in the car and tells that Jai has sent car for him. Veer tells that if he was her boss then he would have come to pick her. He asks if they are having an affair. She sees him and asks him to stop the car. She asks what is he doing in Veer’s car as she sees his face. He says may be I got car or got it painted. He looks at her face and asks her to see her magic, in the mirror. He says if you don’t stop the car then I will jump down. He says your silver moon restaurant is here. Bani comes to the restaurant and sees Jai working with his employees. She says good morning sir. He calls her good morning Ma’am. His employees tell that everyone is equal.

Veer asks the painter to stand until sign board comes and wants inside a building He says if his dad would have come, then he would have fired him. He keeps some money in his pocket and says his image and his job is saved. Jai tells bani that his Chachu had sold 4th floor to expand the business. Her hand gets cut a bit. He brings icepack. Bani heals her wound and hides it with a cloth. He asks if she is not comfortable with him. She says it is not like that and says you are not like Viranshu Singhania. He says you are comparing me with him. She says no and gives her hand. Jai applies icepack to her. He gets Naina’s call who insists to talk to Bani. Bani takes the call. Naina tells her that she wants to meet her and tell her about the upcoming danger in her life. Just then Veer comes there and tells that his company has bought the 4th floor of the restaurant. Jai tells the company’s name. Veer says my dad had kept my pet name as company name. He asks didn’t he hear about jai, Veeru and basanti. She pushes Jai and asks him to come at 9 pm. Naina hears everything on call and thinks to come there.

Veer’s brothers tell him that he has given her enough liberty and she is taking advantage. Veer asks what is the time? They say 9 pm. Bani tells that she gets angry whenever she sees Singhanias. Jai says they must have sent their representative else Chachu wouldn’t have deal with them. Bani says I know you are not cheap like them. Jai and his brothers come there. Veer asks Bani to move the candles as it is old fashioned. He checks the food and says boring…ok. Bani comes to him and says you wants to be different. Jai asks Bani to ignore him. He gets a call and goes to attend it. Veer says she can’t ignore me. Bani says there is one thing in common between you and this bottle, both of you are empty from upper side. Veer asks Waiter to add chilli in the dish. He says you didn’t let me complete my words. He says if he is Jai and I am veeru then you are Basanti.

Balwant comes with some men. Veer greets him. He then asks bani if she had mixed something in the drink. She says poison is added into it. He drinks it and says he has become more mad in her love. He says cheers to Singhania and parties with them. Jai asks Bani if everything is fine. He says whatever bad had to happen have happened, now nothing more bad will happen. Veer and his brothers drink the wine and dance on the song Ladki beautiful…..Veer’s brother comes to Bani, but jai sends him. He asks bani to go and rest. She says she is not afraid of them. Veer comes near Bani. Jai asks him to back off. Veer asks why is he trying to protect her and tells that she will kill anyone with her sight. She says they are doing something and there is only one way to find out this. Jai says I will not let you do anything and holds her hand. Bani says please and goes to dance with Veer. Balwant asks his brother if they know which are the 5 girls who shall be kidnapped. His brother says yes. Balwant tells that he had tortured many naag and naagin so that he can get any info about Aadi Naagin, but he couldn’t get any info. He tells that he got the plane crash done in which naagin was travelling with her daughter Aadi Naagin. He says Naagin got killed, but the girl was rescued. He says he is sure that the girl was Aadi Naagin. Chacha asks how you are sure that Aadi Naagin is alive. Balwant tells that he is sure as Veer is alive and tells that Kul Guru had said that Aadi Naagin will kill them. Shukla comes and tells that the temple door is open. Balwant tells that he will not leave that naagin and will kill her. He says we have to do the girls’ delivered in 20 mins, and Veer shall not know.

Veer tells his brothers that Jai gets only the mouth organ and not the girl in Sholay. Jai gets angry and says you need to get the bullets of the gun. Veer and Bani dance in the party. Dil Ibadat song plays…..Jai gets upset and fumes with anger. Naina is coming there and calls Bani. Jai tells that he couldn’t hear anything as music is loud and Bani is busy. He asks her to come to his restaurant. Veer and bani continue to dance. Bani senses and gets flashes of Akesh holding Nageshwari’s hand in past life. She thinks she will not get diverted and will get him punished.

Precap: Balwant’s men kidnap Naina and other girls. Veer comes there and asks what they are doing outside. Balwant’s men tells that the tempo will blast in 5 mins. Veer looks on doubtful.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Ekta should pair Veer with Bani and not that Jai. Veer isn’t that cruel and negative. He loves Bani very much. I don’t think even Jai/ Hriday would love Bani/ Naageshwari to that extent. It would be fresh concept of a naagin and cheel pair. Jai’s character is so dull, sidelined and champu type. In none of her serials Ekta unites the couple but in naagin, where I don’t want Jai and Bani to unite, Ekta will definitely unite them. Please pair Veer with Bani. Please.

    1. Totally agree.Bani’s pair with Veer would be fantastic chemistry wise.They look good together.Now who will bell the cat i mean EKTA??????

    2. Rojasanjay368

      I will totally agree with you

  2. good episode revealing some hidden matters and i felt disgusted by balwant how can he do such an operation ruining innocent girls’ lives it felt horrible now that they kidnapped naina something worth watching is going to happen

    i don’t understand one thing if they want to show jaybani as a couple then why are they repeatedly showing veerbani scenes which are much romantic than that of the lead couple, that dance looks so hot i’ll have to watch the episode

    1. Rojasanjay368

      Ekta Mam fooling fans

  3. I was not able to watch today’s episode bit it seems to be not so interesting like last week episodes. Till now I have realised one thing that Veer is not that bad his character is showing like that because he is cheel. But saw some chemistry between Jai and Bani.
    Makers should two things now.
    1) Clear this out that was Bani knowing about being nagin.
    2) Jai’s family.
    3) In today’s episode they mentioned that they killed Surbhi’s mother and she was naagin that means Jai’s mother was also nagin. So how his family is normal if they are his real family not like bani adopted.

  4. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. In season 1 they showed if Naagin marries Human they get punished but in end Naagin turned Human, in season 2 they turned human as Naag, in season 3 n 4 they showed Naagin and Human love story, so I would not be surprise to see Naagin and cheel love story as well..

    2. Am I the one only who feel show has some loop holes-
    A) if Jai is Human and jai skin turn into scales of snake then why no-one realised it yet?
    B) how easily bani connected to her past so easily in frictions only?
    C) Veer knows that he is cheel, but how does he remember maximum things of past, while Bani and Jai doesn’t?
    D) how come balwant remember his things and how his whole family is gang of cheel??
    E) If Bani’s mom was killed or died where is her father??
    F) what about Jai family???

    1. Rojasanjay368

      It will clear after some episodes if this questions ended after seeing one episode then there is no interest in it so you will wait

    2. Shesha485

      E) Even in S3, Bela’s father is not shown or its probably that Bani’s both parents might have died.
      F) Jai’s mom (parents) is also Naagin and she too travelled in the same plane with Bani’s mom which was crashed.

      Actually the question for me is, where is Veer’s mom? There is no ladies in Singhania family (thats indeed a best one though) Everyone from cheel family took punarjanam but why can’t his mom? Or is there anything like only boys could be eagles.

      One more thing is, all the supporting characters have same faces before and after punarjanam but BanJaiVeer’s faces are changed. Quite weird.

    3. ShraddhaSharma392

      Shesha485 Total show is weired, its just better from s3 n s4 only…thats why people watch it…
      And mostly to see if they pair cheel and naagin or not😂😂😂😂 and they will pair them for sure…

  5. Shraddha Sharma
    I want to clarify your doubts if you allow

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Plz Garv Sharma if you can solve doubts…

  6. Definitely veer and bani will be lead pair_there is lot of spark btw them than jai and bani

  7. Wow yeh episode dhekne ke bad bahut jyada excited hogay hai ham upcoming episode dheekne ke lie and hope ki veerbani jodi bane jaybani nahi kyuki jab veerbani saath mein awesome jodi lagte hai jaybani ke Jodi ko dheekar yaisa excited and interested feeling nahi ati jaise feeling veerbani ko dheekar hoti hai sach mein agar veerbani jodi banegina tho naagin 5 sare seasons mein se the best season hoga aur sharad surbhi ki jodi as veerbani best jodi banegi

  8. To Shraddha Sharma
    1. As for Jai’s family they believe he is suffering from some rare skin disease and that’s why his skin colour changes
    All this was mentioned when Jai was talking with his siblings in the 4th Episode
    2. Baani will know know it so easily. Don’t be so desperate & wait and watch
    3. Maybe because he is living with his Cheel family & Jai Bani are orphans as of now
    4. Not only Balwant but everyone reborn except the lead trio knows their past life. Those Pandit & Sapera are reborn too and knows everything.
    5 & 6.
    Wait & Watch

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Thanks garv sharma…
      But still i don’t believe as ans are easy to know as this is ekta kapoor show which has only twists…
      Fir b thank u

  9. I wish to see Veer and Bani as the lead pair

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      This will be shown don’t worry as this is ekta kapoor’s show and it will have twists 100%… Revenge to love…

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