Shakti 30th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya helps Sameer, Harman plays dhol to search her

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Shakti 30th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jasleen asking Preeto what happened. Preeto says as per the saying, as you sow, sow you reap and asks her to have food. Veeran tells Harak Singh that they are searching Soumya. Soumya in Sameer’s shop thinks why shop is not working even though toys are good. He starts singing seeing his mum to alert Soumya and asks his mum why she does puja again. She tells that bad days will soon over. She does puja while Sameer rings the bell. Soumya keeps cloth on her mouth to stop herself from coughing. Sameer’s mum says she wants shop to run nicely and he shall get married soon. Once she goes, Soumya comes out. Sameer asks her to go home. Soumya refuses. He says I need your help and asks her to handle counter. Shop owner’s man comes there. Soumya tries to sell the toy and tells that she is the new salesgirl. Shop owner’s man asks Sameer to meet owner. After he leaves, Sameer asks Soumya why did you tell him that I have hired you. He asks her to come to owner and tell him how he helped her. Soumya agrees.

A man comes to Maninder’s house and says today there is Panchayat and will discuss their case. Varun talks to him and says ok. He thinks to inform Panch members that the baby is not of him. Just then Surbhi feels pain and tells Nani. Nani asks Varun to call Doctor. Varun sees Panch members and tell that the baby is not mine. Panch members get shocked. Varun says I will not call doctor for other’s sin. Nani asks Panch member to call doctor. One of the panch member go to call doctor. Varun thinks this thing will be initiated in the panchayat.

Sameer and Soumya leave on bike to meet owner. Harman and Jasleen search Soumya and enquires with the passer by. Jasleen says how we will search her this way. Harman says once I get the dhol, Soumya will understand hearing the music. Jasleen says good idea. Harman gets dhol and plays it. Jasleen asks the people gathered there. Harman recalls his moments with Soumya. Suddenly dhol is broken. Harman stops. Sameer stops bike there and asks Soumya to hide her face with pallu else she will get black. Soumya hides her face with pallu and goes past Harman. Harak Singh talks to Kareena and asks her to search Soumya before Harman and kill her. Preeto hears him and says I am not at all shocked hearing this, and says now even Harman understood that you wants to kill her. She says you do your conspiracy and we will bring her back in this house. She calls Saya and asks her to search her fast and says some egoistic man wants to kill her.

Raavi gets upset as Balwinder slapped her. Shanno says I came to make you understand as I am concerned for you, but Harak singh or preeto haven’t come here and asks her to fight for herself. Raavi says I will not listen to that Ballu. She goes to tea shop to teach him a lesson. Shanno goes behind her.

Sameer and Sameer reach the owner’s house. Owner makes a man’s tied and punish him for not giving his money. Sameer tells him that he has helped Soumya in time of need. Soumya tells that Sameer gave her place and food in the shop and also salary of 5000 Rs. Sameer asks her to tell truth. Soumya says he said that once the shop starts running, he will pay your rent and says he is like his father, and will return your money. Sameer says now she is saying truth. Owner says I think you are a good girl and asks her to make Sameer understand else. Soumya asks him to give her some days’ time. Owner gives him one week’s time. Sameer agrees to give money and runs.

Panch head asks Maninder why didn’t Surbhi come? Maninder says she is unwell. Panch member says we called the doctor. Raavi comes to tea stall and tells men that Kishan lal’s son is their jamai and couldn’t buy even a vest. She asks Kishan Lal to take his son back and says he will not go even if I insult him.

Panchayat head tells Maninder to leave from his house and tells that as Surbhi is pregnant with someone’s baby, she can stay in the house. Maninder says this is wrong. Varun says we will get DNA test done. Panch Head asks Maninder to vacate the house and also give 25000 to Varun till he gets job. He asks Varun to search job after 6 month and takes Surbhi from there. Varun says ok. Maninder refuses to accept his decision. Panch member asks him to leave the pind then…

Jasleen tells Harman that they shall go home. They sit in car. Kishan Lal comes to Harak singh’s house and tells Raavi has insulted him. Sameer tells Soumya that he did a mistake by trusting her. Soumya says she lied and supported him so that his dream gets fulfilled. Sameer says people says that girls are better than boys friends and extends his hand of friendship.

Kishan Lal shoots Harak Singh. Harman reaches hospital and gives him blood. Inspector asks who shot him. Harman tells that he don’t want to file the case as he will punish the guilty.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. H Hasan again error in the update –
    1)Preeto says as per the saying, as you sow, SO you reap and asks her to have food.
    Not complaining but then writers at least be careful while updating

  2. Drama Drama Drama of Harak, surbhi and varun too please focus on our Haya , the best sense of today when Harman played drum and remembered his lovely memories with Saumya , Really Vivian deserves to watch , the show gets boring without our Harman please focus on our lovers( H / S )

  3. Please show less scenes of sameer. We want more scenes of harman .

  4. Utama Seshagiri

    New characters like Jasleen and Sameer were introduced. It’s OK. But what happened to the existing character like Chinto ? Do we take it that he is in boarding school? Earlier during marriage of Sowmya and Harman and also when Sowmya came to stay in her Sasural , Shanno and Veeren had a daughter. What happened to her ? Then there was this Rani in Mallika’s group. What happened to her ? Why are there so many loose ends ?
    It would be nice to see Jasleen and Sameer together. A wishful thinking!

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