Belan Wali Bahu 30th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa plans to get rid of trashcan

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Belan Wali Bahu 30th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roopa says to family that I have taken municipal officer Mohan’s house address. We will go there and be Gandhi infront of him. Family agrees.
Family comes outside Mohan’s house. Roopa asks Jitendra to knock on his door and if he gets angry then coolly handle him. Dada slaps Jitendra and says if Mohan slaps you like this then present your other cheek. Suzzi says to Jitendra that you dont have to do anything, just keep presenting your cheeks. all cheer for Jitendra, Laddo’s ghost says go Jitu go. Jitendra starts going, Shalini says enough, how can you do this with my Jitendra? she stops Jitendra. He thanks her. Shalini says I didnt take selfie before slaps. She takes selfies with him and says you will become famous on social media. They all cheer for Jitendra. Jitendra rings bell to Mohan’s house. Mohan comes out. Jitendra says you are Mohan? he says yes. Jitendra gives him flowers, Mohan thanks him. Jitendra says you have put trashcan infront of our house, remove that. Mohan says who are you? Jitendra says I am inspector Jitendra, suspended but not thrown out. Mohan throws away flowers and says get lost from here, I can get you arrested for trying to temper government work, I am Mohan Kachera. Jitendra says I will get you suspended, you will taking trash from houses, you are a donkey, jerk, useless prick, you will die like a rotten ant. Mohan slaps him. Jitendra laughs and presents his other cheek too. Mohan slaps him again, Jitendra presents other cheek, Mohan keeps slapping him making him dizzy. He asks them to get lost. Laddo’s ghost says they can do one work nicely.

Family comes back home. Lata says to Shalini that you have to get trashcan removed from outside house, Shalini says I cant get slapped. Lata says I have another plan. Lata tells plan to Shalini which is muted.

Shalini comes to street and sees two kids fighting over a chocolate, she says if you do my work then I will give you chocolates. They say we want chinese food, Shalini says okay you will get it, just do my work.

Mohan comes back from work, Shalini runs to him with two kids. Mohan asks who are you? Shalini cries and says I am Shalini Awasti. Mohan says men of house couldnt do work so sent their woman. Shalini says I am sorry on my husband’s behalf, he is useless and without brain. Mohan laughs and says right. shalini cries and says I beg you for forgiveness, she shows kids and says these are my small kids, because of trashcan, they have become ill. Mohan says really? Shalini says yes, there are so many bees and mosquitoes because of trashcan, they bite us so much that these kids fell ill, I am a mother, how can I avoid their pain? she dramatically cries and says please remove trashcan, look at these kids and their innocent faces. Katori comes there and says liar? Shalini why did you bring my kids here? Mohan says who are you? Katori says I am these kids’ mother. Shalini is embarrassed. Mohan says then who is Shalini? Shalini says she gave birth to these kids but I am Yashoda Maa, I raised these kids. Katori says what rubbish are you saying? Shalini murmurs to remain silent. Katori shouts that you brought my kids here and asking me to remain silent, Shalini says dont make me angry otherwise I will pull on your hair. Katori says dare you pull on them. Shalini grabs her hair and pulls on them, they start having cat fight. Mohan laughs and enjoys it. He silently goes in house and closes door while Shalini and Katori are still fighting. Shalini sees Mohan gone and says Katori go to hell, Mohan left because of you. Katori says how dare you bring my kids here, she takes her kids from there. Shalini cries.

Scene 2
All family members have clothes on their noses. Dada says to family that there is so much smell that we can stay alive without clothes on faces. Prem says what do to now? Dada says give suggestions. Naren says we should send Mohan to jail. Dada says then who will remove this trashcan if he goes to jail? Shalini says then we should sell house, Dada slaps Jitendra and says who said it? Lata says think about what to do with Mohan. Dada says brains are not working.

Roopa and Laddo’s ghost are in room. He says as per Bhagat Singh, you should blast to make deaf wake up.. it means we sent Jitendra and Shalini to Mohan but now we all have to go to his house before morning. Roopa says why before morning? Laddo’s ghost says think about it. Roopa recalls how Mohan said that he doesnt like his sleep to be disturbed. She smiles and says understood.

Family comes outside Mohan’s house in the middle of the night and start chanting bhajan loudly. Mohan is trying to sleep in house but cant with loud noise. Awasti family keeps chanting on top of their voices. Mohan says who is chanting so loudly at 5AM in the morning? Mohan comes out of house and ask them to stop it, he asks what is all this? stop it. Dada says its not time to sleep but pray and sing bhajans which we are doing. Mohan says at 5AM? Prem says we start at 4AM usually, we are late today. They chant and leave from there. Mohan says they destroyed my sleep. He goes back to sleep and says if they go ahead then they will comaback again. Family comes again to Mohan’s house and disturbs his sleep. They keep coming back, knocking on his door, singing loud bhajans. Mohan tries to sleep but cant with such loud noises. He comes outside and ask them to stop it. Family leaves from there. Mohan goes back to sleep. They comeback again after half an hour. Mohan comes out and ask them to stop it. Lata says we are singing bhajans and we will pass from this road only.

PRECAP- Naren comes to Mohan’s house singing bhajan. He calls family. They see Mohan standing on door and dozing off. Mohan thinks he will sleep when their third round is done. He sees Awasti family coming and going back again and again for second time and waits for third time. Laddo’s ghost sees it and thinks.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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