Shakti 2nd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Obsessed Vedant makes Harman jealous

Shakti 2nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman asking Soumya to shoot at him. He says they will see seeing each other smiling faces. They shoot at each other. It turns out to be Saya’s dream. Saya wakes up shockingly and comes to Soumya. Soumya gets her finger cut by mistake. Harman comes there and asks Chameli to tell her to cut her finger bandaged as Soham sleeps with her. He goes. Chameli says Harman ji is changed so much and tells that he didn’t look at Soumya’s injury. Saya tells Soumya that she saw a dream and if this relation is not handled now then it will stop breathing. She says relation is in wife’s aanchal. Soumya says you said right that those wives are women and we, kinnar don’t have aanchal. She says I take the responsibility of this relation end and says I don’t want Harman ji to be blamed. I will live all my life here and will not go back to Harman.

Harman is going. Raavi asks him not to go. Preeto asks him to go. Harman leaves. Shanno asks why you asked Harman to go. Preeto asks her to wait and watch. Vedant gets bandaged tied on his hand and thinks to see how Soumya feels seeing it. Soumya comes there. Vedant smiles looking at her hand. She asks what happened? Vedant says glass broke with his hand. She tells that she will bandaged his hand. Vedant says you care for me so much, why? Soumya says it is her work. He asks if she had cared for him if not doing job here. She says she cares for everyone for humanity sake. He thinks to prove one day how much he likes her. Soumya says I will make kada and is going inside.

Harman and Harak Singh come there. Vedant asks her to make kada watery and tells Harman and Harak Singh that if she would have been anyone’s bahu then those people would be lucky. He tells that if she was a woman then he would have married her. Soumya goes. Harman is angry. Vedant says the clients like the toys and made the contract double. Soumya brings toys. Vedant asks her to make him drink. He says we shall drink kada and not allopathy medicine. Harman recalls Soumya giving him kada and tells that it don’t work on him. He will start work. Vedant asks Harman to stay back and says we have made friends just now. He asks Harak Singh to handle work. He asks Soumya to show the stuffs which they brought yesterday. He says Soumya selected clothes for me. Harman recalls and a fb is shown. Harman tells that Soumya’s choice is very good and talks to his family. Fb ends. Harman tells that he will leave. Vedant asks him to wait and shows orange saree, which he gifted her. Harman recalls their moment and says he dislikes the saree.

He throws saree on her face and it falls on her. Harman says he is work stressed and will go and do work. Vedant asks him to go. He asks Soumya to give shirt to Harman. Soumya goes. Vedant says Tarana is my love now and I will get her, for that I have to break their relation. Veeran calls harak Singh and asks about Harman’s anger. Harak Singh says Harman is fine, but I doubt Vedant’s intention is not good. He says I will come home and tell. Veeran tells same thing to Preeto. Shanno says you would have asked.

Soumya comes to the factory. Tu hi mera khuda plays….She asks workers to have breakfast. Harak Singh excuses himself. Soumya says Vedant sent something for you. Harman says if Vedant don’t dislike the lot then the lot will be ready on time. Soumya says Vedant has brought a shirt for you and asked me to give you. Harman asks how dare he to bring orange saree for you, and how he came to know that you like it and how you let him buy. She says no. Harman tears the shirt and asks him to return to Vedant. He says you have become a liar.

Precap: Vedant tells Soumya that he wants to stand up. Soumya helps him get up. Vedant hugs her intentionally to make Harman jealous. Harman confronts Soumya and asks if he can’t see that Vedant is getting closer to her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Viewers of Colours, Chennai

    Shakti serial is getting bored now. Why Vedant character is like that and doing such a silly thing that too with a Kinner. Since he is handicapped and Harman is like a Hero, Vedant is getting jealous and he wants to destroy Harman. The story is going on to some other track.

    Anyway, now a days the Colours Channel is fully occupied with Khatra Khatra. Whenever switch on to Colours we can only see the same show. How many times we have to watch the same show ? When it will end ? Day and night Colours release only Khatra Khatra.

  2. My god shakti makers have really lost this time.never seen such foolish makers in television.they never made Vivian a handsome hunk dance on such intense romantic dance with rubina.actually there is no words left for the shakti makers,they are making that “monkey with his disgusting body dance with rubina.and that foolish kinner is also dancing with her saree palu always showing one side open & other side cover & showing her whole upper part till disgusting.yuks that langda crow was looking like a kinner.actually the dance was such a shit as if two kinners are dancing together.vedant actually looks like a kinner himself.strange that foolish kinner tarana does not even feel ackward when that monkey touches her.and she is not at all surprised looking at vedant behaviour.ek baar balwinder ne use touch kiya tha toh baval machadiya tha ki kinner bhi insaan hain aur unka self respect bhi hain.what a shit.and they have changed that mental preeto once again a phscho woman.just to fulfill her wish she is ready to destroy her own sons entire life.there are only 0.5% mothers in this earth who fullfil their wish before their childrens wish.and one of them is preeto the character.stopped watching this show but when saw the segment in voot really was surprised the show went on to mokery.and that mad kinner is not even having expression on her face when she she is hurting Harman.actually Harman was right she will marry that monkey langda kinner vedant after throwing Harman out of her life.because upal character is more handsome,good looking,rich,lovable,kind hearted,than upal is the lead role.vivian is out of the show.mokery of 3 years unique love story in vain.ruined everything.never wanted to comment but could not stop writing after watching the mokery happening in the show.

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