Pyaar Ke Papad 2nd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Omkar tracks Alankar

Pyaar Ke Papad 2nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Alankar smiling and saying I won’t let you live in peace Omkar. He hides his face and spies on Omkar. Omkar sees him and follows again. Alankar leaves in the auto. Omkar calls GST and says that red saree woman reached my house, I m following her and sending you live location, come fast. GST and Dolly also reach there to catch the woman. Omkar asks him to talk slow. They get inside the godown and see the red saree woman. Alankar talks as a lady and also a man. He fools them by a conversation. Alankar says I will do the work when right time comes. Omkar worries. Alankar says its better we catch them and kill them. Omkar asks GST and Dolly to just go. He says I want to stay here and know who is this woman, why she wants to kill me, just go, stay safe. GST asks him to be careful. Alankar hides. Omkar says she has run away, that woman is playing a game with us. GST says fine, but we may face a big loss. Dolly says we should better think of Jaya now. Alankar comes out from the big box and smiles.

Jaya tells doctor that she has a headache. Doctor asks are you taking the medicines. Jaya says I have someone on my head. Jagat asks who. Jaya acts and tries to move someone down her head. Shivika asks her to leave her hair. Doctor makes an injection. Jaya takes the syringe and runs after him to inject. Doctor says sorry, I can’t treat her. Omkar comes and asks what happened. Maya blames Shivika and cries. Shivika says everything will get fine, don’t worry. Omkar thinks how shall I handle everything. Shivika comes. The wind blows inside. Shivika and Omkar try to show window. They have a romantic moment. Maya comes and says Jaya isn’t her room, come fast and see her. They get shocked seeing Jaya walking on the railing. They all shout and ask her to come down. Maya blames Shivika. Everyone stays alert to catch Jaya if she falls. Jaya says go, else I will jump down. Omkar stops Jaya and gets her back. Jagat worries for Jaya. Jaya sleeps. Omkar says we will decide after seeing doctor’s reports. Maya says its black magic, take Jaya to a big baba. Mangal says yes, we should call baba, let doctor continue the treatment. Jagat doesn’t agree. Maya says Shivika will kill Jaya. Gupta asks why will Shivika do this. Maya says she can do anything. Shivika says we will call a baba to cure Jaya. Omkar says I will not support the superstitions, just listen to me, I don’t want any tantric at home, its about Jaya’s life. Shivika asks him to understand. He says no baba will come in the house, doctors will cure Jaya. He goes. Shivika thinks to call baba and go against Omkar for Jaya’s mental peace.

Shivika says just you can save Jaya, she thinks I m doing black magic on her, just do a small puja for her. Triloki asks how did you think I will help you, leave. Alankar says I know a tantric who can help you. She agrees to take his help.

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