Shakti 2nd February 2021 Written Episode Update: Heer goes to Sant Baksh’s house to check Virat

Shakti 2nd February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Beeji appreciating Heer and her parents’ values. Heer asks her to calm down and asks her to have food, and then medicines. Dr. Akshay smiles. He comes to Beeji’s room and asks her to have food on time, as insulin needs to be taken at the right time. Beeji asks him to go and close the door while going. Heer comes to Beeji and says she will massage her feet. Beeji refuses. Heer massages her and says I know that you are upset with me and I should have told you long before, but whatever I did was to help Munna. Beeji says I didn’t know about your past life, but you have fulfilled your responsibility of a daughter and that’s why I regard you as my daughter. Heer asks her to forgive Dr. Akki and see Kuhu’s face. Beeji says you didn’t become a mother till now and will not understand what she is feeling. She tells that she don’t want to repeat her mistake and that’s why don’t want Akshay to marry the girl, she don’t like. Heer asks what is Kuhu’s mistake in this. Beeji says Kuhu’s face reminds me of her mother and that’s why I will not see her face all my life. She opens the door and finds Akshay standing. Akshay folds his hands before her. Beeji taunts him for hearing them. Akshay goes from there and comes to Kuhu’s room. .

Heer comes to him and says everything will be fine, trust me. He tries to fix the baby playing mat and says I don’t think that Maa will forgive me ever. Heer asks him not to accept defeat. He holds her hand and asks why are you running away from your past. He says I told that I will not ask you about your past, but I pray that your aim gets fulfilled. Heer keeps the baby’s clothes in the cupboard and a photo falls down on the ground. She turns the pic and finds it to be of Virat. She gets shocked, recalls their love confession, death drama etc. Akshay says he will go out. Heer sits and cries, thinks how is Virat? She thinks she has to find out if the decision taken by her is right?

Later in the night, she comes to Sant Baksh’s house and sees Virat sitting in the room. A girl comes there, says mom and dad…I made gajar ka halwa for you all. They call her Isha (face changed). Heer thinks Isha…Sant Baksh asks her to make Virat eat halwa. Isha gives the halwa to Virat. Virat takes it. Heer thinks this is what she wanted, wanted him to move ahead in life and be happy. She covers her face. Just then Security guard sees her and shouts thief. Heer runs out. Sant Baksh, Daljeet, Parmeet, Gurwinder and Isha come out, but Virat is still sitting in the hall. The guard says thief went that side. Heer runs and switches off the lights. Someone switches on the lights. Heer sees Virat’s room window and the pipes outside. She climbs up, to get saved from his family. She goes inside the room and closes the window. Sant Baksh says the thief must have escaped and asks Parmeet to come. Dil kyun teri ore chala re….Heer looks at the room and recalls their moments. She gets emotional.

Kuhu cries in night. Dr. Akshay thinks why is Kuhu crying so much? He goes to her room and asks baby to stop crying. He thinks where did Heer go leaving Kuhu in night. He tries to pacify Kuhu. Heer comes downstairs to the hall and sees Virat standing infront of her. She stops and looks at him.

Precap: Tere Liye song plays… as Virat and Heer walk towards each other.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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