#RIANSH – LOVE, EMOTIONS & RELATIONS – Episode 39 – Riddhima Eager

Hey guys a small Message from the writer of FF “Thirst for Revenge” @Naira_U_Singh….. She’s unwell so cant update her FF today. She’ll do it once she’s well and good!!! 

Episode starts with….

Its 7am, VRS Mansion, VR Room,

Riddhima woke up with a smile and turned towards her right to find Vansh but the view there gave her disappointment. Vansh wasn’t there. She was wondering where could he go this morning! She checked washroom, closet and study too but didn’t find him. Draping herself in shawl she went into the lawn but didn’t find him. She started searching him everywhere but no trace of him. She went into study area as last night he informed her that he’d be going into study so she wanted to search him there too with a hope that he might have slept there. But to her disappointment he wasn’t there too. Now she started worrying! She called him number of times but no answer and even her messages were left unanswered.

Riddhima (thinking): Vansh where are you! Are you safe! Where did you disappear at this hour! Why aren’t you answering my calls or messages! Did you return to sleep last night? If yes then where are you! Did you have any meeting? If it was so, you could have informed before leaving! Now am worried! Where would you be!

She saw a servant passing by

Riddhima: Listen, did you see Vansh?

Servant: Ma’am Sir left few minutes back and asked you to inform that he has some work so is leaving early

Riddhima: Okay.

Riddhima (thinking): You could have informed Vansh why didn’t you! You never did this way! May be you were in a hurry and didn’t get time but when you could inform this servant you could have informed me too! If not by waking me then you could have at least messaged me! Am I not worth learning about you!!

Riddhima Conscience: Riddhima you are overthinking! Just ignore and by the way why are you affected by Vansh not being around you!

Riddhima: Because he never left without informing!

Riddhima conscience: Why do you expect him to inform you everything he does?

Riddhima: Am his wife and I have right to know

Riddhima’s conscience: Oh seriously? When did you get this right?

Riddhima: What the heck!! Am his wife. We are married

Riddhima’s conscience: Hahaha!!! Nice joke. None here know that you are married! Shall I remind or do you remember what you spoke to Vansh before marriage!

Riddhima: Hmm… yes I remember

Riddhima’s conscience: So, now tell me what right do you have on him? Are you his wife that he’ll inform his updates?

Riddhima: Ok if not wife, am his best friend, so, he could have shared with me at least with that right

Riddhima’s conscience: Do you share every detail with any of your friends? Why do you expect him to do so?

Riddhima: …. …… …… Enough!!! I have heard much! Am his friend and I deserve to know how he is and where! Am not going to listen to you

She closed her eyes tight and taking a long breath she went towards her room and decided to meet Vansh in the evening when she’d go to his office.

Its 9am, VRS Mansion,

Everyone reached dining area for breakfast.

Uma: Riddhima, beta where is Vansh?

Riddhima: Ma he left before I woke up and servant informed me that he had some work so left early

Kabir: What’s so important!

Riddhima: What do I know? May be some office work!

Kabir: No! I mean there’s no such important work for which bhai would leave such early

Riddhima: Not sure but last night too he left for study area to work on something

Kabir: What!!! Am I missing some important work for which bhai is working hard and am chilling!

Sejal: Definitely varna why will bhai work all night and even leave early! You might have not worked on something

Riddhima: Sejal!!! Kabir is responsible. He doesn’t do anything such. I think may be this work is either something not related to office or he doesn’t want to stress Kabir so he put him out of this. Stop thinking and have your breakfast

Riddhima (thinking): What’s so important work! Is it indeed not related to office? If not then where is he? What’s the outer work he’s dealing with? If its related to office, why didn’t he involve Kabir? Am I over thinking? I better clarify my doubts when I reach his office!

Its 11am, Riddhima’s Hospital,

Riddhima reached her hospital but her mind and heart were thinking only about Vansh. It seemed weird for her as he never did all this before.

Riddhima seemed lost in herself when

Nurse: Ma’am shall I start calling the patients?

Riddhima: Yea.

As the patients lined up, her thoughts had a break. She continued her work losing the track of time. She forgot to even have her lunch as she was eager to meet Vansh after all her patients are done. So, she decided to have lunch with Vansh. But least did she know what was in her store.

Its 6:30pm,

Nurse: Ma’am you are tired. You need to have something.

Riddhima: No am fine. How many more patients are left?

Nurse: Ma’am 5 more. And yea Siya Ma’am’s reports are here

Riddhima: Ok! I’ll look into it. Call the other patients

She looked into the other patients and by then it was around 8pm.

Riddhima (thinking): Today has been a hectic day and my bad I couldn’t even visit Vansh! I hope he had his lunch. I was so engrossed in my work that I couldn’t even give him either a call or drop a message. He might have reached home by now. I better reach home and we can have dinner together.

She was on the way home while she was going through Siya’s reports.

Riddhima (thinking): Reports seem to be positive but I better once speak to Vansh about this. He’ll be happy to hear this good news. I hope he reached home.

Precap: : Are you mad Vansh! Who does this way! No call, no message nothing! You know I was worried

Hope you like it.

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  1. Samaila

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  2. Awesome episode…I think the is about ridhima comforting vansh……☺☺☺😁😁yes samaila…vansh is gonna listen a earful from RVR…☺😁😁

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  4. Wow,is she speaking I thought right their consciousness are mind washing them and Ridhima and Vansh share one emotions I think that she will confess her love but I want bold character do yo remember Maya of beyhadh I don’t want that much but a little shadow of Maya. Nice update. Take care.

    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      Riddhima will confess but when? is the question 😛

  5. Wow, Is she speaking I thought right their consciousness are mind washing them and Ridhima and Vansh share one emotions I think that she will confess her love but I want bold character do yo remember Maya of Beyhadh I don’t want that much but a little shadow of Maya. Nice update. Take care. Curious for next update.

    1. Vaishnaviaddanki

      Woahh Amna you seem to have many fantasies 😉
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