Shakti 29th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Sarpanch handovers baby Soham to Varun for 24 hours

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Shakti 29th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Varun emotionally blackmailing the panchayat sarpanch and asks him to return his son to him. He says I am pleading infront of you and rubs his nose under his feet. Sarpanch asks him to go to his place and stand. He says after hearing Varun, Panchayat decides….. Soumya says whatever your verdict is, I will not give my son to Varun. Sarpanch asks will you go against Panchayat. Soumya says her motherly love is not dependent on Panchayat’s love and tells that she will not give her son. She is walking away. Sarpanch asks Varun and the men to take the money. They proceed towards Soumya. Harak Singh, Harman, Preeto and Raavi make a chain and stop them. Sarpanch says I wanted to see if Soumya’s family is with her and asks Varun why he doesn’t want his son to stay with Harak Singh’s family. Varun says I want to raise my son alone. Sarpanch asks him to stay in Harak Singh’s house for baby. Varun tells that he wants to raise child alone so that his baby feels proud of him. Sarpanch asks are you capable to raise the baby without your wife and you are jobless too. Varun says I will take care of my son. Maninder says we will take care of baby and will get job for Varun. Varun says they are with me and will help me. Lakbeer calls Sukha and tells that the decision is not taken yet. Sukha asks him to call after Sarpanch tells the verdict. Sukha tells his wife that Varun can win too. Sarpanch tells that he has decided to give the baby to Varun. Soumya says he is my sister’s killer and I will not give my baby to him. Sarpanch says this is just accusation, but it is not proved. Varun thanks him. Sarpanch says he wants to test if he is competent and says baby will stay with you for 24 hours and says a lady panch will stay in your house to check, and tells that he will decide based on her report. Varun says so I have to give my test. Soumya says she can’t give her son to killer.

Preeto says I accept your decision. Harak Singh asks if she is mad and says he will kill the baby. Preeto asks Sarpanch if they will get 5 mins to talk. They go to side and says we shall give baby to Varun for a day, he can’t raise the baby and then Panchayat will give us baby back. Harak Singh asks Soumya to agree. Soumya says I can’t stay without Soham for a minute. Harman also tries to convince Soumya. Preeto says we have to take this step for Soham’s betterment. She asks Varun to take the baby and raise him for a day, as after tomorrow baby will be with them as their child. Soumya kisses Soham. Varun asks Soumya to give Soham. He takes him from her. Soham is holding Soumya’s pallu in his hand. Varun takes it out and throws down. He walks away with Soham smilingly.

He comes home, singing and dancing…He says he looks like him. Nani hears him. Maninder asks him to give baby to him and says I am his Nana. Varun asks him to take the baby. Lady Panch comes and says nobody can touch baby other than Varun. Varun says its ok and asks Maninder to take baby tomorrow. Baby starts crying. Varun checks and asks why is he crying. Lady Panch looks at them. Soumya cries looking at Soham’s clothes. Harman also thinks of him and pacifies Soumya. He says Nani is there, she will take care of him. Soumya hugs Harman. Harman says it is just a matter of 24 hours, he will become ours. Sukha comes to know about Sarpanch decision and says how he will decide. His wife asks if Sarpanch is with Harak Singh. Sukha says they have to find out some way. Harman comes to Sarpanch and tells that Soumya is crying and missing baby a lot. Sarpanch asks him to trust him and says his decision will be taken wisely. Harman says ok.

Preeto asks Soumya to have food. Soumya says she can’t have food thinking about Soham. Harak Singh takes the plate from Raavi’s hand and asks Soumya with whom she was afraid to after coming there after marriage. Soumya says first with Mummy ji and then you. Harak Singh says then what happened? Soumya says mummy ji accepted me and then you were upset, but now supporting me. Harak Singh says if a human is truthful than can fight with any trouble, and asks when your fear have become your strength then why you are worrying.

He says how you will get strength if you don’t have food. He says we will fight for Soham and asks her to have food, calls her bahu Rani. Harman, Soumya, Preeto and Raavi get touched by his words. Soumya happily takes the food plate from his hand.

Soumya asks Harman to take her to Soham. Harman says we will go in morning. Nani calls Soumya and tells that baby is crying a lot. Soumya goes and sings lullaby for him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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