Mere Sai 29th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Sai Annuls Kulkarni’s Trick

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Mere Sai 29th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jhipri seeing Parashuram writhing in pain says Sai will cure him and takes him towards Dwarkamayi. Anta and Panta rush to inform Kulkarni but stop thinking Kulkarni will scold them. Appa Patil with Madhav reaches Kulkarni’s house and says he came to return his money and take back his land papers. Kulkarni asks if he can count money. Appa says why not. Kulkarni asks clerk to count money. On the other side, Jhipri with Champa and Dhondi takes Parashuram to Dwarkamayi and tells Sai will treat him with his holy ash. Sai asks her to make him sit and picks ash from from firewood.

Clerk counts money and says 200 rs are missing. Appa and Madhav are shocked and says they got 300 rs. Kulkarni says Appa borrowed 500 rs, his 50 acres land is at least worth that much. They both stand shocked. Sai while mixing ash in water pot notices that via telepathy. Madhav says Kulkarni is tricking them, whole village saw Appa borrowing 300 rs from Kulkarni. Kulkarni says papers cannot lie and Appa himself signed them in front of everyone and signed papers. Clerk shows papers. Madhav and Appa are shocked to see 500 rs written. Clerk reminisces Kulkarni hiring conman to change numbers in papers.

Sai does his leela and numbers turn from 500 to just 5. Madhav laughs and says Kulkarni gave only 5 Rs and shows papers. Kulkarni is shocked seeing that and tensely says he gave 300 rs. Madhav says just now he was boasting that papers are everything and asks Appa to give 5 rs to Kulkarni and take back his papers. Kulkarni gets more tensed hearing that. Appa says he does not believe in any papers, he took 300 rs from Kulkarni to save his daughter Jhipri’s dignity from old man Parashuram and gave it to Parashuram, he will never lie as Sai taught him to be honest and helpful to others. He gives him money bag, takes papers and tears them and walks away with Madhav. Kulkarni stands shocked.

Sai feeds holy ash mixed water to Parashuram. Parashuram’s pain vanishes and he happily shouts his pain is gone. Sai smiles at him. Jhipri says she told Sai helps everyone.

Precap: Kulkarni hallucinates about Madhav with Sai laughing on him and telling he lost.

Update Credit to: MA

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