Shakti 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 26th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chaddha apologizes to Harman and says we can’t give baby to you. He says we thought you are a couple and says we can’t give baby to a kinnar. A fb is shown, Preeto informing him that Soumya is a kinnar. Preeto promises to give 1-2 lakhs more. Harman asks why he was talking great things inside and asks what happened now. Chaddha asks him to go. Soumya begs infront of him. Chaddha asks what is the guarantee that you can take good care of child. Harak Singh asks Varun to go. Varun asks him to call him. Preeto says he will call us. Chaddha asks if anything happens to you then who will take responsibility of the baby. Saya comes with her kinnars and says we will take his responsibility. Chaddha says we can’t give baby to kinnars. Saya tells that they will not give him a chance to complain. Chaddha calls security and asks them to leave. Harman says I will not leave you.

Chaddha calls Preeto and tells that they have kick her son and kinnar bahu, and asks for money. Preeto says I will send money. Preeto asks everyone to listen and says you people haven’t seen anything. Varun says okay. Chintu says Mama is not Kans, but Nani is chudail. I will tell Mama that Nani is behind this conspiracy. They lock the gate. Harman asks them to open the gate and says he will not leave without his baby. Chaddha asks them to leave and threatens to call media. Harman asks him to call media and says he don’t care. Chaddha asks him to end the drama in 15 mins, else he have to answer media. Saya tells him that they shall leave for now. Soumya says I will not go anywhere without my baby.

Harman says let them call media. Saya says if media comes there, then Soumya’s news will be published in the newspaper and people will make fun of her. Harman tells Soumya that they have to go. Soumya refuses. Saya says we shall leave from here. Saya asks kinnars to go and says Soumya will not go without her baby. She sits far. Soumya cries. Harman pacifies her. Harman calls Nani and tells her. Surbhi is worried. Nani asks Surbhi to go to orphanage claiming to be Harman’s second wife and take the baby. Bebe taunts Nani for using Surbhi. Maninder comes and says she will do this for her sister and says who could stop her till now. Surbhi holds his hand and says I will not go, as says Harman and Soumya have to help themselves without third person’s interference. Maninder asks what about you. Surbhi says my life have become simple now and I have no fight with anyone.

Harman asks Soumya to sleep and says it is late night. Soumya says she is not getting sleep. Harman makes her rest on his lap and hums lori. Soumya likes it. She sees broken star. Harman says our prayer is same. He asks her to sleep. She hears Aditya crying and runs to Orphanage gate. Guard asks her to leave. Orphanage lady tells Kaushalya that the baby is constantly crying. Soumya says I can make him quiet. Kaushalya asks the guard to open the gate and tells that baby needs to be quiet for now. Lady gives baby to Soumya. Soumya makes baby quiet and makes him sleep. Shakti song plays……Harman smiles.

Kaushalya takes Aditya from Soumya. Soumya cries. Nasiba song plays….Kaushalya gives baby to lady and asks her to make him sleep. Soumya requests Kaushalya to give her baby and says my baby needs me. Kaushalya says I can’t help you. Soumya says you are also a mum and asks can’t you see my motherly love. Kaushalya goes. Harman tells Soumya that they will not understand her motherly love. Soumya cries and tells that she needs her baby. Saya hears them and goes after Kaushalya.

Chaddha asks them to show money as surety so that they can give baby to them. Lawyer informs Harman that he has no right in the property. Harman angrily breaks the things.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Harman was good today…. As always…

    1. Admit it Tanvi ?, you have hots for Harman…I think you are in love with him ??

    2. I request to stop this Jessica from posting such vulgar and cheap comments! This site needs to be more attentive…

    3. If you don’t want people to reply back to you comment then… STOP COMMENTING…Don’t you even understand a joke? Do you live in some village or something? Do you even understand the meaning of VULGAR?? Seriously, grow up.

  2. can anyone please write the lyrics of the new song, I’m not Indian and want to know what it says .. please 🙁

  3. Ohh ho Preeto, what have you done?? Think is called hacking your own legs with an axe. Why did you have to openly reveal your plan to everyone. It’s but obvious that he already knows and he will break all relations with you ?. I have awesome ideas to get rid of that b*t*h Saumya –
    Plan 1 – Prove to Harman that Saumya is unfaithful to him. Create false evidences. Harman will automatically throw Saumya out of the house…heee…hehehe..haha..haa….hAaaaaa…Opps sorry, I got carried away. Just giving some villian effect ?.
    Plan 2 – Get rid of the adopted child and put all the blame on Saumya. Harman will never forgive Saumya and kick her out of his life.
    Plan 3 – This is not an plan but an idea… Harman meets with an accident and looses his memory partially. He forgets Saumya and everything else related to her and can only remember his family and Surbhi. Bhondu Saumya will not have any other option than get out of Harmans life and learn to. Live with her adopted son by her own… ?

    I have more awesome plans that you can use preeto…he..Hehehe he… Lol… Just for fun people ?.

    1. Wow!!! If these are the scenarios which you have in your mind you’re more vicious n evil than preeto. Support for the devil? I want to hear your pkans to get rid of preeto?

  4. Very sad episode of ??????
    Preeto is a real devil woman ???????

  5. Hi Jessica , today you confined me you are really hated saumya so much , all the time you denied it but today …… and you are cruel as preeto, I am with her to have a heir but not by dancing over dead bodies especially her son’s body , l am a mother because of that preeto by sure not a mother she’s a Minster , Saumya is mother by nature , she has motherly love and care please Jessica one day you will understand please remembered my words , Saumya is acting as character’s roles which made by writer and makers of the show , they are limiting the character for a reason , watch and you will see

    1. Just chill Dalia…I have always hated Saumya and have always admitted it… Don’t take it seriously, it’s just a serial.

    2. One more thing…check my comment properly…nowhere in my comment have I mentioned the babby should die…put on your glasses properly and read my comment properly…I have mentioned “get rid of the babby” that does not necessarily mean the babby should die or anyone should die. You assumed it so. That’s your assumption. Ask for a clarification if you don’t understand. I will be more than happy to reply back.

  6. Absolutely what u said is right dalia.This jessica really doing so much of overaction.she is really very violent than preeto.always spreading negative vibes Worstly .miss jessica mind ur business if u didn’t like soumya then store that in ur mind.dont do over action there is some limits for all things what we do but u crossed all d limits. Always unnecessarily u r scolding soumya ur mind is filled with so much of poison first clean it.otherwise some day u scolded yourself only for ur worst behaviour. I am observing from past few days always negative feedback on soumya u dont like her means that’s ur prblm? But we all r loving her a lot .so atleast stop ur cheap tricks nd give respect nd try to understand other ppl feelings also.u r irritating ppl with ur stupid comments bcoz of u only i stopped to read tellyupdates also.pls have control on ur brain nd words.i agree with TANVI comments on jessica .its true obviously. Really jessica I am sorry to say this u r really torchuring with ur comments.pls have positive vibes.i pray d god to give u a peaceful is just a serial to entertain us not for arguing each other.The characters played their roles on the director orders .sorry if I hurt u but it is true acc to my knowledge.

    1. My hear is broken into pieces… Oh god… This Bunny has caused me sooo much pain…. ohh no… Sob.. Sob…boo..hoo.. Seriously??? I’ll say whatever I want to say and this is an open forum… Anyone who doesn’t like my comment, I have 3 words to say… I DON’T CARE.

  7. I agree your comment dalia and tanvi

  8. I really want to see where Harman comes up with this idea to let Soumya does a check up and if possible to change her gender and become a normal woman and then to see their real love story and become a mother with their own child

  9. saumya is a b*t*h .why doesnt she leaves Harman she seems despo to b wid a man

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