my love story (part 2)

Adi: this much pain ha bhai you have that now you don’t feel any pain(moist voice)

He places his hand in his pocket and took out his wallet. He opened his wallet and looked at the photo. The photo was of a 15 y old boy and a 10 yr old who were laughing and hugging each other.

Adi: I didn’t knew at that time that this is the last time I will be seeing you(a tear rolled down from his eyes and fell on photo such that it was showing that pic of 15 yr boy is also crying)

He hugged the photo tightly and placed it near its chest and was sobbing indicating his pain among he four walls. He was interrupted by a phone call. Seeing the caller id he composed himself and wiped his tears.

He received the call

Adi: yes sir
Adi: I’m coming

he washed his face and went from there

another side we can a girl is entering a house tiptoeing and suddenly someone shouts: hands up
the girl got scared and immediately followed his instructions and turned she saw a man looking at her sharply and was pointing a newspaper by folding it looking like a gun

swara: please leave me I’m innocent beautiful girl. If you will kill me the world will lose this creation(dramatically )

suddenly they both hear a lady voice

lady: what can I do with these two always drama .
swara: offo mom drama is in our blood. (raising imaginary collars) an I right(side hugging him)
shekhar: yes my girl and now do not spoil our mood misti
sharmistha:huh(making faces)

after that trio bursted and laughed. Suddenly she received a call and she left.
sharmistha: our shona has changed shekhar because of
shekhar; don’t ke that name of that girl misti because of her our shona has changed. She always try to show us that she has moved on and doesn’t care about that but we all know what is truth. She doesn’t cared of all of us

She reached the concert hall with her friends but sees housefull. She went to ticket counter.

Swara: give us tickets

There was so much noise that he was not able to hear anything

man: you are sk guests

she didn’t heard anything and the man gave tickets

swara: hey kanha ji you also want us to watch the show thank you

she and her friends went and started enjoying concert but outside a bmw car came and a man came out of it. He angrily came to ticket counter.

Man: where are the tickets(holds his neck)damit tell me because of you I ‘m getting a loss(angrily)
Ticket counter man started shivering in fear;(lies): a girl came and said that you are her relative. She insisted me to give tickets

The man angrily went to the stage announced : I thank all who came here nut I do not bear lies. Some people came here without tickets. They may leave. He saw some girls leaving

Swara and her friends started leaving just then she thought : I should say sorry to him

Swara: excuse me I’m sorry
Man: sorry for what for telling lie what do you think ha your sorry can recover my 200 crores
Swara: I didn’t knew that(interrupted)
Suddenly He pulls her harshly to him: just shut up I know woman like you
Swara: oh hello mister firstly leave me you didn’t deserve anything. The man who cannot respect a woman does not deserves anything. Sorry my foot(stamps the floor angrily)
Man: you(pointing finger towards her)
Swara: keep your finger down otherwise I will cut it
Saying this he left from there without paying any deed
Man: first lying and then attitude.I will show you just wait and watch

  1. Arshaanya

    I thought dey both r rltd to eo dat past thing bt derez some othr reason for dere pain…

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    uughhhh.. love it moon

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