Shakti 24th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Harak Singh accepts Soumya in his heart

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Shakti 24th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sukha threatening Harak Singh and tying him to the chair. Harman comes and keeps knife on Gurmeet’s neck and asks him to leave Harak Singh. Sukha signs his man to free Harak Singh. The man opens the rope. Harman warns them and says Harak Singh’s son Harman Singh is alive and challenges them to stop their way. Harak Singh smiles. Harman says whoever comes in our way, will not be able to walk on their feet again. Sukha, Varun and Gurmeet fumes. Harak Singh says everyone in Gurdaspur knew what is Harak Singh, and asks him to take care. Harak Singh leaves. Harman asks Varun to stand silently else he will kill him before Sukha and others. Varun looks revengeful. Raavi applies ointment to Soumya’s hand. Soumya asks Preeto where did Papa ji and Harman ji go? Preeto says don’t know? Harak Singh comes home. Preeto asks where you both have gone? Harak Singh goes to his room. Harman comes home. Preeto questions him. Harman says we went to Sukha Mama’s house. He says Harak Singh threatened him that if anything happens to his son, daughter in law and grand son then he won’t be alive. Preeto says I knew that he did right. She asks Harman if he called her bahu.

Harman says he said something like that. Preeto surprisingly asks if he called Soumya as bahu….Harman recalls Soumya’s grah pravesh in the house and then Preeto informing him that she is a kinnar, later he develops hatred for her and then Preeto asking him to promise that he will not try to kill or harm Soumya, scolding and taunting Soumya calling her kinnar, and Soumya saving his family. He thinks I taunted her so much and called her kinnar many times, but she saved my family’s life calling her kinnar. Preeto and Raavi think that Harak Singh accepted Soumya. Preeto says they shall check and asks Harman aloud to go with Soumya and Soham. Raavi says Bau ji might harm Soumya with Sukha Mama’s help as he hates her. Harman says I will pack my bags and asks Soumya to come. He says they can’t risk baby’s life. Shanno and Veeran hear them. Shanno says they are nautanki baaz and trying to trap Harak Singh.

Harak Singh comes out and asks them to stop. He says Harman, Soham and Soumya will not go anywhere. Soumya gets happy and emotional. Shakti song plays….Veeran says they have trapped him. Preeto says why you are stopping them. Raavi says let them go. Harman says if you miss your grand son then make a video call. Harak Singh says I am worried about the baby and says enemies will think that Harak Singh’s tiger has run away. Preeto says he is right and says we will see what happens. I will get to spend life with everyone. Soumya gets teary eyes. Harak Singh looks at her and goes. Preeto tells Soumya that Harak Singh melts down, but doesn’t show. Harman says he will take some time to call you bahu. Soumya says I am happy that he called me by my name for the first time. Preeto asks her to remember that she is their bahu and this is your house. Varun tells Sukha that he thinks Harak Singh has accepted Soumya as bahu. Sukha says she is a good girl and I heard that she is sarvagun sampann. Varun says the matter is something else and says I will tell you. Maninder comes and tells that Harman kidnapped Soumya and got married to her, and that’s why Harak Singh doesn’t want to accept her. He says I just want my grand son. Sukha says we will do something. Maninder asks Varun to come out and they go to talk. Sukha and his family looks on.

Harak Singh tells Preeto that he is sure that Varun will tell Sukha that Soumya is a kinnar and he will try to harm this. Maninder warns Varun not to tell Soumya’s truth to anyone. Varun says ok, I will not tell and asks him to come. Preeto asks Harak Singh why is he afraid of the people when he accepted the truth. Harak Singh he has fought many fights and wants to close his eyes after taking care of the grand children. Preeto hits him for talking bad. Soumya brings hing water to make baby relieved of the pain. Harman thinks Soumya’s goodness has melt down even Harak Singh. Baby becomes quiet. Harman says I will teach you kushti/wrestling. Soumya says he will grow up soon and says lets capture these moments at different places. Harman says it is a wonderful idea and says you are very understanding than me. He asks her to pass the plate and signs her.

Harman beats the plate and tells Harak Singh that they will get pics clicked with Soham. They happily sing song kya kehna. Preeto asks Harak Singh to accept Soumya and make her wear chunari.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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