Udaan 24th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Imli makes a request to Chakor

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Udaan 24th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Raghav threatening Bhanu and asking him to stay away from his family. He lifts Chakor and takes her in the car. Imli asks her to be strong and not lose courage. Raghav shouts and asks some doctor to attend Chakor. Imli looks at him. He says snake has bitten her, save her, make her fine. Doctor says its in Lord’s hands. Raghav sends her inside the OT. Doctor treats Chakor. Imli cries thinking of Chakor. Raghav asks nurse how is Chakor. He scolds nurse to know about Chakor. Nurse says we can’t say anything now. Doctor says Suraj ji, Chakor ji is fine, don’t worry, she is out of danger. Raghav asks are you saying the truth. Doctor says yes, its the truth. Raghav thanks him and hugs. Imli looks on.

Raghav meets Chakor and asks are you fine. She nods. He gets Anjor’s call. She asks where is mumma. He says she went to her friend, you know she talks a lot. He asks Imli to take care of Chakor, he will go and meet Anjor. Bhanu gets angry and gets his head shaven. Lallan tries to stop him. Bhanu says I will ruin Chakor, Raghav and Imli, go and find everything about them. Lallan goes. He reaches the hospital in disguise of a doctor. Imli asks Chakor what’s the truth. Chakor says Bhanu was saying nonsense, no need to fall in Bhanu’s words. Imli says I know you well, you didn’t meet my eyes that time, tell me the truth. Chakor thinks of Raghav. Imli says just tell me the truth, do you love Raghav.

Lallan looks on. Imli asks do you love Raghav. Chakor gets silent. Imli asks her to just say it, else she will take it as a yes. Chakor says yes, I like Raghav. Imli gets shocked. Lallan sees them. Chakor says Raghav doesn’t know anything, listen to me once and then you can think anything. Imli says I already thought of it, you gave sacrifice for my sake. Chakor says no, you have a right to live your life well, I can even give my life for you, Raghav is yours. Imli asks does Raghav think the same, will he love me. Raghav walks towards the ward. Imli says no, Raghav will not leave me. Raghav catches Lallan and takes him along. Imli says I want Raghav, else I won’t be able to live, I got to know he loves you, you promise me, you will never tell this truth to Raghav that you also love him.

Imli asks Chakor to promise her. Raghav comes and says its time to clear the confusion.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Although Imli scene was long, the episode was good. Liked Raghav’s concern for Chakor and Chakor’s guilt towards Imli.
    Looking forward to Bhanu’s plotting, he’s a very good villain, hope writers use him well.
    This week dragged a bit, instead of showing the party over 3 episodes and the bloated Chakor-Imli scene, how about showing Chakor’s inner thoughts and struggle or even giving us a good confession scene instead of the half baked one in the olvs.

  2. I can’t stop ranting about how makers rushed Chakor-Raghav love story, it could’ve increased viewership if developed properly.
    First they revealed Raghav’s identity before developing his bond with Anjor, Chakor and Teju.
    Then wasted Akash track on chakor confrontations and Raghav-Imli scenes instead of showing Raghav and Chakor bonding.
    Then rushed Chakor realization and decision to accept Raghav and didn’t address her guilt for falling in love.
    Then the stupid love sacrifice, using Udaan hai for Chakor breaking Raghav’s heart for Imli’s sake is a mockery, she can choose to stay away as she likes but she has no right to ask him to accept Imli. If Chakor left him because of her guilt, I would’ve applauded her but she left him for a selfish creature like Imli.
    Then tomorrow we’ll get a shallow confession that has no depth of feelings because makers only care about Imli’s hurt and Chakor’s sisterly love.
    Everything is rushed, viewers aren’t emotionally invested, they won’t cheer for them because everything happened too soon.
    Why kill off Suraj if Raghav ends up as like him within 2 months?
    Please change the writing team and bring people with sense and humanity.

  3. Oh please, gives a break, are we supposed to admire Chacor for her sacrifice giving up her love for bad Emili and not caring about her daughter suffering when she gets to know she will loose Raghav which she considers her father.
    How more stupid can it get.

  4. I’m quitting this serial, no Suraj no udaan. I hate that chakor seems unaffected by suraj’s absence. To further insult is the fact that she has already fallen in ‘love’ with raghav… 🙁
    Maybe they should’ve just ended the serial after the child trafficking plot, or even the episode Suraj died would’ve been a better end. Rather than disappointing us with this story, imli back, Suraj replaced, chakor having lost her husband, anjor and teju just being sidelined! Does anyone know what happened to chagan? And where is chakor’s parents? I also hate that chakor’s running career got disregarded along with the plot.
    Why does udaan always give tragic endings to good characters like Suraj and Vivaan. I miss the real essence of this show, where it’s chakor and Suraj against the villain, knowing that at the end of the day they fight through holding hands.
    Good bye ? ? udaan.

    1. Safiya Hosein

      Well said V’nessa! I agree.
      I have been saying for the longest time, the writers are ruining the essence of Udaan.
      I miss the old cast and characters and their flow.

      The current writers have not done their research and looked at past episodes, storylines and ratings.
      Their ideas are limited and yet they refuse to pay attention to the concerns and ideas of the viewership and how their writing affects ratings. These days alot of people watch Udaan only because of VJ & Meera and not because of the storyline.
      ‘Sukor’ was created and beautifully built over the years and now it’s just easily sidelined and destroyed.
      Other serials focus on their main characters and their love story and family issues and so forth. It’s all about maintaining a balance.
      That is why serials like Shakti will always have the highest ratings. Pay attention!

  5. Safiya Hosein

    Chakor cannot say ‘I love you’ or even be thinking of another person when she is still wearing another’s mangalsutra and sindoor.
    Chakor’s grief over losing Suraj was never really shown. When she looks at Raghav she sees Suraj’s face, that’s it. Their personalities are different.

  6. Udaan without suraj is like something strange like feeling why they are rushing like this if any other show is coming on that time plot they didn’t show raghav chakor bonding at least it needs 2 to 3 months he is not suraj but he too haves feeling know why they are always playing with innocent s feelings and that chakor what happened to her she is saying she will sacrifice not only her love but also her soul for imli disgusting bay they are forcing everything don’t know what will the trps rating will be??????? and nice episode

  7. Safiya Hosein

    I was watching the episodes from September month 2018 when Suraj & Chakor caught Imli and Gumaan Singh. Imli’s heights of evil was shown. They both killed women and children, ran a profitable gun business, made villagers bunduas again, killed innocent villagers. She once again tried to kill Anjor and members of the haveli and she even shot Anjor’s adoptive mother in cold blood! She brutally whipped Chakor and even put nails in the whip in an attempt to continue her torture.
    Because of all her crimes, Chakor wanted to burn her alive!

    Now after a few months, Imli assisted in helping with Rajjo’s case and her life sentence has been reduced to only one month and Chakor has forgiven her for ruining her family and the lives of so many others. Suddenly, she is the world’s best sister and Chakor now want to sacrifice her soul for her?!
    It is utter nonsense!! In real life, no human would want to forgive another, let alone a sister. TV or not, try to keep some things realistic.
    This is why alot of people are very upset with this current track and thinks its silly.

  8. As I’ve mentioned before, the new writers have done great job in ruining the whole story. As if they have never heard about the previous seasons, and have no idea, what so ever, that there was an amazing narative based on love affair between Chakur and Suraj! Otherwise, they would never take Suraj out of the storyline and wouldn’t kill the spirit of story.
    I haven’t been following the episodes for weeks now, just popping in here from time to time to read the synapsis of the new episodes and see if, for heaven’s sake, the writers have come to their senses and brought back Suraj.

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