Shakti 23rd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Harman fails to prove his identity before Soumya

Shakti 23rd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya walking on the road. Harman comes there and asks her to come with him. Soumya asks him not to call her Gulabo and refuses to go with him. Harman says all Punjab knows Harman to be stubborn and says if you get stubborn now then I will get stubborn in night, during dinner. Soumya angrily sits in the car. Harman finds her saree corner/pallu stuck and frees it. Tera Ishq Hai plays….He opens the car door and is about to help her, but Soumya takes her Pallu back. He drives off and takes her somewhere. She gets down and thinks where did he go? Harman brings juice and asks her to drink it to calm down her mind. She asks where are we going? Harman says we are going to meet Dr. Verma, who has treated me. Soumya refuses to believe him. Harman says this doctor treated me for many years and has all my records. Soumya says ok, come. They reach Dr. Verma’s house. Harman knocks on the door and rings the bell. Soumya tells him that it seems his eyes are not working. She signs him at the lock. He looks at the lock and says Dr. Verma don’t go out. He calls him and finds his phone to be switched off. Soumya asks him not to lie again and again. Harman asks someone about Dr. Verma. The guy tells that Dr. Verma died 15 days back and his death news came in the newspapers too. Soumya says you brought me here to turn your lie into reality, but this can’t happen.

Harman says Dr. Verma had treated me in reality. Soumya says what kind of treatment and tells that her Harman ji never lied to her. She is about to go, he pulls her closer to him. They look at each other and have an eye lock. Harman says I can’t believe that I have to proof many times. He says Dr. Verma is not alive, but my records would be safe in the house. He goes inside Dr. Verma’s house through the window and searches for his proofs, but couldn’t find anything. He comes out. Soumya asks where is the files, records and asks him not to say that Doctor’s son has burnt the files with the doctor’s body. Harman says I am telling the truth. Soumya asks if he wants money and says Papa ji will give you, but stay away from my family. She says you will know only little truth about Harman ji and can’t know the depth of our relation and the feeling. She tells that Harman ji is not with her, but still she feels the feelings to be with him. She tells that their relation was very strong and Harman never left her alone. Harman says you are not alone. Soumya says I was hearing your nonsense as you helped Simran. She says stop following me, else I will handover you to the Police. She walks away from there and thinks there is no signal in mobile, family members must be worried.

Harman comes there and asks her to sit in the car. Soumya asks him not to follow her and says if she don’t get cab then she can go by walk. She starts walking, her leg gets twisted and she falls. Harman runs and holds her in his embrace. Song plays Tu hi mera khuda….Soumya asks him not to touch her. Harman says Gulabo/Soumya you are getting stubborn day by day and lifts her in his arms. Soumya says she will go by walk. She gets angry at him. He takes her to the car and says you are not believing that I am Harman, now I will not make you believe. He says the people taking help is not big or small. He stops the car seeing someone. He thanks the guy for telling that the way is closed. Soumya calls Preeto and informs her about the landslide. Preeto asks her to go to their farmhouse. She says transformer is not working here, so they will also come there once the way is open. Soumya ends the call and asks Harman to take her to their farmhouse and says she will tell the way. Harman says it is my farmhouse and I know the way. He takes her to the farm hous and calls Servant. She asks Harman to go from there. Harman says your name is not written on this road, I will be here until watchman comes here.

Precap: Soumya uses a roti-roller to scare Harman and asks him to leave from there. He says he’s leaving now, but will be back soon and her feelings will only prove that he’s her Harman.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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