Udaariyaan 22nd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Tejo marries Jas

Udaariyaan 22nd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Jas asking Tejo are you okay. She says yes. They both exchange garlands. Fateh puts flowers on Jasmin. She says you don’t leave any chance. He says why shall I, I got this chance by difficulty. She says you will go on date after you get the Canada visa. Jas and Tejo sit in the mandap. Preeto is on the way. Fateh stops Jasmin. He goes after her talking about their date. Jas and Tejo see each other. Satti does their gathdbandhan. Preeto gets stuck in the traffic jam. She cries and runs on the road. Tejo takes the wedding rounds with Jas.

Bebe blesses her. Jas and Tejo complete the rounds. They sit back in the mandap. Jas makes Tejo wear the mangalsutra. Preeto runs on the road. She is still away. Jas fills sindoor in Tejo’s maang. Preeto meets with an accident. Pandit says wedding is completed. Tejo hugs Jasmin. Jasmin says you have become a Canadian now. Jas’ mum hugs Satti and makes a face. She says don’t worry, we will make Tejo our daughter. Satti gives a gift to Jas’ mum. She says its a ritual. Jas’ mum gets happy seeing the gifts. Jasmin asks Jas where will he take Tejo. Fateh says congrats. Jas thanks him. Fateh says I wish all your wishes get true. She says yours as well. Satti asks when will you go to Canada. Jas and his mum say 3-4 days.

Tejo’s bidaai is done. Everyone bids bye to her. Tejo is with Jas and his mum. Jas’ mum says we have to go to hotel, I will keep all these jewellery safe. Jas says what’s there to feel bad, you can go. Everyone at home cries after Tejo leaves. They get emotional. Tejo removes the jewellery and gives to Jas’ mum. Biraj asks the family not to cry. They all hug. Jas and Tejo come to some hotel. Jas’ mum blesses them. She asks them to make a new start, don’t worry about anything. She asks Jas shall I leave now. He says yes. He gets a call.

He says no, not today, is it imp, I will see how I manage, its my wedding night. He says I have to make an imp video call about business, laptop and files are in the hotel room. Jas’ mum says no need to go now. Tejo says try to ignore for now. Jas says work is worship, I can’t ignore it. Tejo asks Jas to go. Jas asks are you sure. Tejo says yes. Jas asks will you take my class later on, thanks for understanding, I will finish the meeting and come back in an hour, see you. He says I will just come, go rest. His mum asks Tejo to take care. Jas and his mum leave. Tejo stands sad.

Tejo says Jas didn’t come back to the hotel. Tejo and her family learns that Jas has left. Tejo breaks down and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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