Shakti 22nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Harak Singh shoots Kishan Lal

Shakti 22nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanno asking Raavi about tomorrow’s plan. Raavi asks which plan? Shanno says you get ready daily and goes. Raavi says I don’t think it is necessary to tell my plan to you. Harman asks Chintu to do his work. Chintu asks them to say what to do. Jasleen asks him to hear carefully. Sameer comes to Soumya and asks her to apply an ointment. Soumya applies an ointment on his hand. Sameer asks her to tell whom she likes other than Harman, among guys. Soumya says Chintu ji and tells that he is Harman ji’s nephew. Sameer says even I like kids and asks if she will call him Sameer ji later also and says he will make her understand her later. Soumya thinks we have become friends, but you can’t understand my pain, you have given me shelter and have done a favor on me. I will try not to hurt you.

Chintu wakes up Balwinder and asks him to make him talk to Kishan Lal. He tells that he has seen a bad dream in which two guys were beating him. Balwinder asks Raavi to make him understand. Raavi asks him to call him. Balwinder calls Kishan Lal and gives a call to Chintu. Chintu talks to Kishan Lal and asks him to tell the story. Kishan Lal tells the story. Harman and Jasleen check the time. Jasleen says just 2 mins. Chintu tells him that 2 mins is over and ends the call, saying he is getting sleep. Balwinder comes and asks him to sleep. Chintu says he will play the game and give phone later. Balwinder asks him not to spoil his sleep. Chintu gives the mobile to Harman. Jasleen says you are a rockstar. Harman praises him. He calls someone and gets the location traced. Harman and Jasleen come to Kishan Lal. Kishan Lal opens the door and gets shocked. Harman asks him to tell all story, he asks what was your motive to shoot at my father? Did you come to the hospital that night? He asks about broken bangles found in hospital and how did Soumya’s clothes reach Pond? Kishan Lal agrees to tell him and lifts vase to hit him. Harak Singh comes there with Veeran and shoots at Kishan Lal’s legs. He tells that he has settled his scores with him. Harman asks why did shoot him to hide your sin. Harak Singh says he uses a weapon before talking everyone knows. He asks him to take him to the hospital and then inquire.

Sameer comes and tells Soumya that he will make tea with her and says he has understood how to make tea. Soumya asks him to make tea by himself. Sameer’s mum comes and asks Soumya to go and make tea. She asks Sameer to marry Soumya. Sameer says she likes threatening, force etc. and says she said that Harman and her relation started like that, and tells that he will also scare her, force her and show her knife so that she falls in love with him. His mum scolds him and says Soumya likes Harman’s love, his frankness to talk about their love, and showing right on her with love. She asks him to take a bold decision. Sameer looks on and says idea is good. His mum asks him to tell about his feelings to her tomorrow on his birthday. Sameer says if she will love me and see Harman in me. Soumya comes and serves tea. Sameer’s mum tells that it is Sameer’s birthday tomorrow. Soumya asks him about his age. Sameer says he has a marriageable age.

Raavi talks to her boyfriend. Jeet tells her that he wants to meet her. Raavi says she can’t meet him. Jeet says how my day will pass without meeting you. Raavi smiles. Balwinder comes and snatches the phone from her hand. He says my papa is serious in hospital. Raavi says I was thinking why my father hasn’t shot him at his chest. Harak Singh says he will shoot him next time. Balwinder accuses Harman for using Chintu to get Kishan lal’s number. Harman comes and says if you were not my sister’s husband then. Balwinder asks him to kill them. Harak Singh says everything is fine now. Preeto comes there and says Kishan Lal’s statement is remaining. Harak Singh says you can continue doubting on me, but until I am alive, I will prove my innocence. Preeto says we had started a conspiracy against Soumya and knows you well. Harman says if this is acting then I will get you jailed. Harak Singh says human gets hurt with their loved ones. Preeto says we have to wait till Kishan lal gets consciousness. Harman says he doesn’t understand anything. Jasleen says you were in the hospital all night, asks him to freshen up and says she will bring breakfast for him. Harak Singh thinks now Kishan Lal’s role is over and he has to search for Soumya.

Soumya and Sameer are leaving for the shop, but the latter’s mum stops her and tells that people are searching you, if they find and take you back then she will get pain. She asks her to stay at home and make toys. She says we don’t want to lose you. Sameer says how she will do my birthday shopping then? His mum asks him to bring saree for her. He asks about the color. Soumya reminisces Harman and asks Sameer to bring any color except orange color, and goes. Sameer’s mum asks him to bring orange color saree only.

Harman comes to Preeto’s room and keeps his head on her lap. He tells that he is feeling as if Soumya went far away from him. Preeto tells him that Soumya loves him and will never leave him.

Soumya is in her room and reminisces Harman and all the moments spent with him. She thinks I am not that Soumya and never thought that I will live far away from you, says she is forcing herself to keep herself away from him and his memories, be it color, rose, or pulao. She says I am helpless to stay away from you, and says my love will never end for you and will always be alive even after my death. I can’t give you full happiness and that’s why you be happy in your life and I will be happy here without you.

Sameer confesses love to Soumya and holds her dupatta to tie ghatbandhan. Soumya slaps him hard.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Didn’t sameer have a girlfriend of sort that he told soumya about when she first came to his shop? The one he wanted to make money to marry?!

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