Shivika TS Ft Rudra (Trust)-Shot 4

Hey guys so sorry to be late but here’s a long chapter to compensate.
“And then you know shivay what happened finally today Jahnvi aunty talked to me. Great right?” Anika chirped literally hopping around the room
“And then…..shivay? Shivay? Comeon enough of your tadi I am getting bored come on now please” she sulked seeing no response from Shivay.
A thin rim of Tear made way into “Shivay please” she moved on bedside stool and held his hand” please I am sorry please talk to me I know you are being and chantomai and punishing me in this way but why are you…why are you punishing everyone else” she sobbed. It had been a few days since Anika moved back in the house tej and jahnvi we’re not at all happy with Rudra’s decision and left no opportunity to show it.
Om had just been distant no comment, no emotions, nothing. Gauri and bhavya were glad to have Anika back they initially complained and fought a little but they were happy now and her dad Shakti well he had not said anything, he just was too sad these days.
And then there was Rudra Singh Oberoi haughty, arrogant, bossy. But Anika could see his mask slipping a couple of times but he would immediately cover it up.
Pinki Mom seemed to be recovering bit by bit but all knew she will not be perfectly fine till her shivay was back. After all for Pinki it was like her her heart beated only for her son.
It was night time when Anika woke up to someone’s sobbing. It seems ahead had slept crying beside shivay. Anika got up and hurriedly ran out to check who was it.
Her questions were answered when she reached the poolside she was right it was Rudy he just sat there beside the pool hugging a large picture of shivay.
“Rudra” she gasped and moved forward to get to him but before she could reach she froze seeing someone else there, it was Sahil.
“Pehalwan please don’t cry” Rudra quickly wiped of his tears.
“Sahil when did you come here, see doctor told you can’t move around” rudra with the voice heavy with concern. He got Sahil and carefully made him sit beside him. Checking if he was alright”it’s not paining right?” He added.
“It is”
“What? Where wait I will call the doctor”. He panicked and started dialing.
“Here” he took rudra’s hand and took it on his heart.
“See Rudy Bhaiya you all think I am so small and I cannot understand anything but I know everything” rudra looked at his grown up Sahil.
“Yes Bhaiya I know what’s happening I know how you got Anika didn’t come here, and how all are treating her” rudra couldn’t do anything but look down.
“It’s ok I am not blaming you” Sahil added cupping Rudra’s puppy face it was so cute that anika couldn’t help but laugh. Which drew the attention and both her brothers looked at her.
Anika was terrified that it would sent rudra back to his zone but surprisingly nothing like that happened he just avoided her eyes but as much as he tried he could just not be back to so called Mr. Oberoi face.
While Sahil just gestured her to sit on his other side and she did.
An uncomfortable silence filled the atmosphere where all were looking just at water.
“Remember we had so much fun here” rudra broke the ice while both Sahil and Anika looked at him surprised but rudra was still staring at the water. “That party, yours and bhaiya’s pani wala romance and that day remember how I stood here to make my brothers go to Goa with me.”
Anika chuckled at the memory.” That trip was such a mess and then that girl. You believed us you trusted us that time.” Anika looked at him and found him staring back with bloodshot eyes.
“Why didn’t you this time” this question had been drowning her into guilt pool ever since she came to know the truth. ” Why bhabhi” hearing bhabhi from his mouth just was the blow and she started crying badly.
“I am sorry Rudra but that day bua came and told me so many things about my dad and how he did not die of heart attack, my shivay lied to me, and she showed me the pictures and” she wailed and told the whole situation “…and then when I saw it from where I was sitting I didn’t see any of the things you mentioned earlier it seemed like a full fledged wedding then I saw bua giving the pictures she had shown me to shivay and there I broke then too I came…. I came to confront shivay but there I saw you all laughing and I retreated I was broken, I was shattered, I couldn’t think of anything what happened that day was blurry. I…I got hit by some vehicle or something like that but I don’t remember I just remember that….”
“You didn’t give the proofs to the police” still not looking at her.
“Yes but…wait you….you know…. then??” She asked still sobbing.
“Yes I know you may not believe in us but I do I know my Anika bhabhi wouldn’t do any such thing and you are asking why right then listen” he added looking at her sternly.
” And I give you clear liberty to even slap me if you feel I am wrong. I saw my Bhaiya tensed as bua had proof not only against our parents but against yours too he didn’t want to ruin your father’s image, he wanted to save it he wanted to save your your feelings about your dad. He chose you even above our parents.”
“He told you to wait for him, to wait for right moment” rudra cried but stopped Anika who tried to console him.” And how could you believe he will leave you like that and how could you think we will support him. You know you are the only person for whom I have fought with my Bhaiya , I considered you my mother and you just broke all your relations” Rudra just broke down.
“Rudra..Rudy here look at me me” she said cupping his face trying to console him.
“Why did you all go leaving me? I was so alone…and you see Bhaiya, I called you for help, I called you but you didn’t come. You left me. I called you my best friend, my mom and you left all. ” Rudra continued crying badly while Anika just kept hugging him and rubbing his back she felt so bad seeing him for her he is like Sahil.
After some time when he calmed a little, “I am so sorry rudra I was just so engrossed in myself that I never thought from your point of view.
“Same here ” he sobbed “sorry”.
“But rudra I never broke relationship with you I just didn’t want to see you all and renew memories of that day.”
” Yes you did I heard that on the phone when I called you for telling shivay Bhaiya’s condition.” Rudra eyed her. She still looked confused.
Suddenly it struck her mind that night Sahil ran to her and she thought it was shivay on phone and she was so angry she just shouted not to call again and had reprimanded Sahil too.
“That..that was not for you I was just so disturbed I just shouted nonsense.”
“You know bhabhi I just talked to the doctor and he said Bhaiya is responding to the treatment now. Thank you Bhabhi now everything will be alright”
“Everything will be alright rudra, Mai sab the kardungi” she wispered hugging him.
“Didi” they heard someone shouting and rushed they had been so busy they haven’t noticed Sahil leaving.
They rushed towards the sound only to find Sahil crying……
“Didi look what happened to SSO jiju”
Sahil cried.
Tears filled Anika’s eyes to see her bagadbilla struggling for life.
And yes: Precap totally shivika epilogue
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