Shakti 22nd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Preeto gets Saya kidnapped

Shakti 22nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Palak asking Soumya to write Harman’s name on Mahi’s hand. Preeto asks Palak to apply mehendi to Mahi’s other hand also and says Soumya will ruin it (with her tears). Palak writes Harman’s name and says it is done. She says she has written his name and it is difficult to find. She asks Soumya to bring Harman. Harman comes there and recalls asking her to make tea and Soumya wiping her mehendi to make tea for him. Fb ends. She comes to him and tells that he is being called downstairs. Vedant calls her and asks her to get mehendi applied on her hands and his name. Palak asks Soumya to sit and says she will write his name. Preeto tells Shanno today Harman get off from her hand. Soumya thinks Harman is in her hand and nobody can take her place. Harak Singh comes there and says if

mehendi is over then we shall make arrangements to dance in baraat. Preeto says before marriage there will be sangeet.

Saya and Chameli try to come out of the lock room and find all doors and windows locked. She says we have to stop this marriage anyhow. Kinnars come back home and tell that they couldn’t find Saya and Chameli. Harak Singh says he is very happy today. Preeto says who will dance if not us. Harak Singh and Preeto dance on the song…nothing like my mahi….Preeto says we have danced and says if everyone knows that Soumya dances good. She asks Soumya to dance and asks Vedant if he has any objection. Vedant says if she dances today then it means she has taken out Harman from her heart. Soumya thinks nobody can take Harman out of my heart. Vedant asks her to dance. Soumya dances on the song Aankhiya milake…taare hai baaratein hai…plays….She looks at Harman, sings and dances while getting emotional.

Some kinnars come there. Harak Singh says who called you here? Kinnar asks him to tell that where is Mallika and Chameli. Preeto says they are your relatives. Kinnars say that they are kidnapped. Vedant asks don’t you feel shame to blame the humble people. Harak Singh asks them to go. Preeto says we are accustomed to such siyappas and asks the guests to attend the marriage also. Harman comes to Soumya and says you might be happy that I am marrying someone else. He says you may be happy as this is the only way to get the accusation off from you. Soumya says whatever name you give me is acceptable to me. Harman says you couldn’t bear tomorrow and asks her to think what to bless him. Soumya says I want you to be happy always. Harman says you didn’t leave me for other, I am marrying even after you are here. He goes. Vedant comes to Soumya and tells her that she danced so well today. He says I didn’t know that you can do anything for Harman. Soumya says whatever I am doing is for Harman’s happiness. Later in the night, Vedant comes to Saya and Chameli’s room. Saya asks Chameli to run. They run out from there. Vedant calls his goons and tells that they shall not reach Harman.

Saya and Chameli hide behind the car. Saya tells that they shall reach Harman somehow. The goons catch Chameli. Vedant asks goons to take her to the house. Saya runs and asks someone to give his phone. She calls Harman and asks him to listen carefully. She asks him to come to powerhouse behind the temple. She waits for him in the power house and waits for Harman. Preeto comes and says why Harman will come, the one has come whom you called here.

She says you came where you were tied. Kareena and other kinnars supporting preeto comes there. Preeto recalls vedant asking her to handle Saya. Preeto says you called and said all that. She says destiny don’t want Harman and Soumya to unite. Saya says they will get back together. Preeto asks Saya to let Harman move on as Soumya has moved on. She asks her to be there till the marriage. Saya says Preeto ji. Kareena hits rod on Saya’s head and makes her unconscious and injured. Preeto thinks whatever I am doing is for my son and this time my son will marry a woman.

Precap: Pandit ji asks to get the ghatbandhan tied. Preeto says Soumya will tie ghatbandhan. Soumya ties the ghatbandhan. Pandit ji asks them to stand up for rounds.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Cannot believe Harman can be so blind & dumb brainless man.really surprised he cannot see with his own eyes what is happening.he is not even taking any effort to find out.malika aur chameli se pehle Harman saumya ko janta can he even believe that saumya is married.jab malika aur chameli ko shak ho sakta hain saumya pet oh Harman ko kyon nahin??? When those kinners came to his house searching malika he was questioned but he did not do anything.his mobile was also picked by preeto.saumya is crying from her heart everyone can see but he still is not reacting.makers have turned him so brainless.and that preeto dialogue Harman ki shaddi ek aurat se ho rahi hain.soon soon ke kan pak gaye.shit.very irritating the show.disgusting.kabhi nahin socha tha ke harman apni gulaboo ko pehchan nahin payega?raavi,sindhu even they are not even taking effort of stopping harman for marriage.infact even they are also not telling harman that somewhere something is wrong.

  2. That mahi character the way she is talking oh god like a mental lady.she is telling in her interview that aap aisa kuch dekhenge jo aap ne kabhi nahin dekha hoga ya socha hoga.that fools doesn’t know the reaction of the they don’t want to see anything further because Harman married a woman that is only a shock and disgusting thing for no one is interested whether Harman turns father or sleeps with you whatever he do don’t care.he lost all that respect when he without taking last effort to find out the truth.he blindly married.infact he very happily put saumya mangalsutra to that mahi when he has accepted her then why like always behaving mad.but anyways finally he sleeps with her & good news also that he is a mard who can give a child.he has proved to his mother the hopless woman on earth.such a funny dialogue when she said to malika,we had accepted saumya but she went to turn gurumaa then why Harman not move on.rascal woman because of you & your madness she left the house & now she is blaming saumya for that.for get it moral of the story Harman did not waited he married that monkey & he has become father no need of uniting Harman & saumya.just end the show.mens cannot resist without physical relation that Harman has proved after 3 years.disgusting respect for if he comes back & says sorry also there is no sympathy for him.when he had time he did not save saumya now why he has to come back.harman saumya ke liye ab Harman nahin raha.he and that rascal langda are one & the same.sacha pyaar jaisa kuch nahin hota.never believe in is a trust which he broke.he should have never married.3 years the love was of purity which he maintened.but pura satya nash kardiya us pyaar ka doosre se shaddi karke.old episode is not worth watching it.there was no truthness in that relation of harman & saumya.dono ki itni baar shaddi,kasam,pyaar,tyag everything was fake.

  3. Atleast if saumya is wrong,she did her fake marriage secretly without anybody knowing.infact uska pyaar saccha hain,she had guds to tell vedant that right now I will not marry but later I will think about it.thats the reason womans are strong always not like mens.when Harman is telling saumya bewafa hain yahan saumya nahin Harman bewafa hain.harman jaisa bevakuf,pagal,mental,dumb there are so many words for him.he always did his marriage openly in front of all people.and evry marriage he did wth each an every custom.whether it is with 1st mahi,surbhi,jasleen,now again final marriage with mahi.he did everything publicly engagement,haldi,mehendi,sangeet,marriage & of course suhagrat & honeymoon too.this shows he was always dumb & brainless & most importantly his wicked parents puppet.and he always made his ex wife attend his all marriage functions & make her dance.saumya danced in surbhi marriage also,she danced in jasleen marriage & left the city,today also she danced in mahis marriage.this problem could have solved in different way also.but makers always choosed Harmans marriage with a woman for this solution.which dosent make any sense.but its ok finally he got married & his life is 3 years Harman did not have a lip lock kiss with saumya ispite she is beautiful ,so that if she is a kinner, but with marriage with mahi he completed his suhagrat & became a father too.great going Shakti makers.atleast being a kinner she never allowed anyone to touch her & she didn’t even allowed that disabled guy to tie her that mangalsutra.or yeh bhaisaab ne saumya ka hi mangalsutra mahi ko pehna bhi diya,uske saath so bhi gaya aur upar se dikhava kar raha hain tod fod karne ka.he could have done secret marriage why to show the entire people.whatever planning plotting is happening in front of him.then too he is blind,duff & dumb.disgusting man.

  4. Yes. Harman is blind, dumb, brainless and any such words can be suitable to him now. Everyone could see the emotions of Saumya and the way she suffered when that Evil characters humiliates her. Only Harman could not understand anything. We feel that he was waiting a chance to get married to a Woman. His Love was not pure. All his behaviour was his stubbornness that whatever he thinks he should get. He was so font of that child Soham, but now a days he doesn’t even think of hm. We are not interested about Harman now, whether he become father or grandfather. Let him go to hell. Makers made all people dumb in Harman’s wedding rituals except wicked Preeto, Vedant and Shanno. We are worried about that Good souls Mallika and Chameli. Kareena should be punished. These wicked characters cannot be referred as Humans. What Saumya is going to do. She should not marry that Lengada. She should leave him and go with the child and settle somewhere far. Whatever it is, Makers made Shakti serial Meaningless. Instead of giving Name as Shakti they shoud give the Title as “REPEAT MARRIAGES”

  5. No..not at all if you have watched few latest episode the attitide shown by soumya these are nothing infront her attitude. She deserves this pain. And how long u guys want Harman to suffer for her. Try to uderstands the fact not this marriage is not the only thing which broke their relationship already she has broken the relationships by hurting Harman infront of vedant and by giving back her mangalsutra. U are all blaming harman because of his unintentional mistake but why dont u blame Soumya for her intentional fallacies. She clearly knows that there are lot of people want to separate their relationship and in that time without thinking about saving the relationship she has taken wrong decisions and became the root cause of this marriage. She has too fix it why harman. Inorder to make Harman plea infront of Soumya writers have made this. Because you guys always expect only harman to prove his love but not soumya.

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