Pyaar Ke Papad 22nd July 2019 Written Episode Update: Suhana wants Omkar’s love

Pyaar Ke Papad 22nd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhana thinking of Omkar and smiling. She thinks Omkar is just mine. Omkar comes to room. Shivika turns away. He gets sad. They both have a chat on phone. They smile and turn towards each other. They apologize. He kisses her. They continue the chat and smile. Deenu says you aren’t doing this right, I know your friendship with Alankar, I know it, if dad knows this, he will kill you. She says I m not doing anything wrong, I m fulfilling my dreams, I will tell everything to dad once I succeed, I will be proud to say this, dad shouldn’t know this. She goes. Alankar smiles and says I will win you as I won your trust.

Jagat gets Mikki to Mangal and asks Maya to make Mikki sleep. Mangal asks him not to get angry on Jaya further and get her home. Maya says Jaya is already worried, what will she do there. Mangal says this distance will not end if you delay more, go and get her. Jagat says Mikki slept, now you guys sleep. He goes. Suhana dreams Omkar coming to her and waking her up. Omkar says I love you a lot. She hugs him. She wakes up and says I wish this dream gets true, Omkar is so caring, he has all the qualities of a perfect guy, I will tell my feelings to Omkar, I love you so much. Suhana goes to see Omkar. Shivika says he is sleeping. Suhana enters the room and wakes up Omkar. She asks him to give painkiller for her leg pain. Omkar gives the tablet. Suhana goes thinking of him. Shivika asks Omkar to have breakfast and then go to office.

Suhana gets ready and comes. Shivika goes to help her. Everyone asks her to stay nicely as if its her house. Suhana gets the breakfast and tells about her memories with Omkar. Omkar says yes, we had gone too far to get poha and then we had to stay all night at the temple to get saved from rains. Suhana says Omkar and I spent the night talking. She thinks Shivika got sad, Omkar is just made for me. Omkar and Suhana tell their college stories. He says we went with the group. Maya says I thought it was just you and Suhana. Maya says when Omkar fell in love with Shivika, he stayed awake all night and made shivling. Omkar and Shivika recall their moments and smile. Omkar rushes for office. Maya says Omkar forgot to take his tiffin. Triloki comes to the classes and asks for Shalu. The girl says Shalu doesn’t study here. He calls Shalu to ask. Shalu worries.

Shivika comes to give tiffin to Omkar. She doesn’t find him. She asks the peon about him. She calls Omkar. Suhana answers the call. She says I had much pain in leg, Omkar came to me. Omkar takes the phone. Shivika says I got lunch for you. Omkar says I came to pick Suhana, I will come home, we will have lunch together. Shivika cries.

Triloki asks Shalu where did she go. She says tuition. He say the girl said Shalu doesn’t study here. Shivika sees Suhana dancing and says so it was a drama, you want to snatch Omkar from me. Suhana says you can’t make me away from Omkar, its my challenge.

Update Credit to: Amena

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