Shakti 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer decides to confess love to Soumya, Harman to nab Kishan Lal

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Shakti 21st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto telling Nani and Surbhi that she hopes Harman informs her about finding Soumya. Balwinder comes and asks about Raavi’s whereabouts. Shanno says she doesn’t tell or answer anybody. Balwinder says she doesn’t talk to me rightly. Chintu says maybe she went out and asks them to go upstairs and talk, as they are worried for Soumya. Harak Singh talks to Kishan Lal and tells that you did right by giving money to Goon/Gill to stop Harman and asks him to hear the plan. Harman tells Saya and kinnars about the goons stopping them from reaching women. Saya says someone doesn’t want to meet her.

Soumya thinks of Harman and says he came to take me back. Sameer says he came with his second wife and says his intention was not good and asks if she doesn’t understand this simple thing. He holds her hand. Soumya is sad and upset. Sameer says I care for you and says if he had cared for you then you would have been with him. His mum asks her not to talk to Soumya like this and says maybe he wants to search you with good intention, but if this is right to share the house with someone else. He tells Soumya that you have become an important part of our shop, house, and family. He says Maa used to tell me about angel’s story and says you are not less than an angel to me. He says I don’t want to lose you and don’t want you to go anywhere, and get hurt. He asks her to promise him that she will never leave them alone. Soumya recalls Sameer and his mum’s concerned for her. She gives his hand in his hand. Just then a neighbor comes and shows Soumya’s poster. He tells that it is posted all around the city and asks Soumya if she wants to go. Soumya recalls Jasleen telling that they are husband and wife and nods no. The neighbor asks other neighbors to come with him and says they will tear all posters. They leave.

Harman tells that he is very near to Soumya, but couldn’t meet and don’t know how many hurdles and distance are between them. Saya asks him to have patience and says whoever sees the poster will inform us. Neighbors tear the posters. Soumya feels peace knowing that he is searching her and thinks she stopped seeing Jasleen. She thinks nobody wants her to return except Preeto and him. She thinks she will not return, never.

Sameer brings tea and asks her to drink it. Soumya refuses and asks him to come. He asks her to buy poison for him and says you are very important for me. Women come and give money to Sameer. One woman is about to tell them about Harman, but Sameer’s mum stops her and asks them to go. Sameer gives him money and they leave. Harman, Jasleen, and Saya see the poster torn. Saya says someone doesn’t want you to meet Soumya. Jasleen says we were attacked when we came here, and someone wants to stop us. She says you know who is he? Harman says everything is interconnected since Harak Singh is shot? Saya says maybe it is a conspiracy to stop you at home. Harman says it will not be right to talk to Harak Singh, we have to catch Kishan Lal to reach Soumya. Jasleen says then it will be easy for us. Harman says once I know the wall between us, I will make that wall break. Jasleen nods.

Raavi’s lover Jeet thanks her for the beautiful evening and offers to drop her home. Raavi says if family members come to know then it will be a problem. He gives his credit card and says it can help you, although I am available for you. Raavi asks why you are doing this? He says I am in love with you and says I can understand how you are surviving. I was not in your life before, but now I am and I will keep you and your son happy. Raavi turns and walks away. Jeet gets upset.

Harman and Jasleen return home. Harak Singh asks if she is found? Jasleen says no and tells that they don’t know where to search her. Harak Singh says I told you that nobody can search her. Preeto asks Harman if something is found. Harman says someone is stopping us from reaching Soumya. He tells everything and says I think Harak Singh…Preeto says don’t you know your father and asks him to do what he thought and says I am with you. Nani says she is hopeful to get Soumya. Preeto says yes. Harman says Kishan Lal will be found till night. Surbhi tells Preeto that they will leave now and asks her to tell them if there is any news about Soumya.

Harak and Veeran are on the road. Harak Singh sends Veeran to buy jalebi. Veeran goes to get it. Kishan Lal brings Gill with him to meet Harak Singh. Harak Singh gives a cheque to Gill and asks him to stop Harman from meeting Soumya, and asks him to give them info about her. Gill asks about his relation with Soumya. Harak Singh says he doesn’t want to tell him and tells that he is her sasur, but don’t regard her as his bahu. Gill’s man asks him why didn’t he tell him that they know her whereabouts. Gill says Soumya is a golden hen and says she is good wherever she is and we will continue to take money from him. Harak Singh asks Kishan Lal to go before Veeran comes. They all leave. Veeran comes and gives jalebis to Harak Singh.

Sameer and his mum come and sit on a sofa. She says it was a tiring day. Sameer says he is tired. His mum asks Soumya to make tea for her. Soumya goes to the kitchen. Sameer’s mum asks him to go and help Soumya in the kitchen to win her heart. He asks really? She asks him to talk to Soumya, pacify her etc. Sameer asks can I make my place in her heart. His mum says yes. Sameer goes to the kitchen and offers help. Soumya says she will do. Sameer asks did I stop you from working in the shop and says he has decided to learn housework from her. Soumya sees tea boiling. Sameer holds it and feels pain. His mum thinks he is still childish. Soumya politely scolds him and applies ointment on his hand. She tells him that she will filter the tea.

Sameer asks her where did she meet Harman for the first time. Soumya recalls meeting Harman for the first time. She tells him that Harman entered her house as someone was behind him and made her captive on knifepoint. Sameer is surprised and asks about the second time? Soumya tells him that he had kidnapped her and kept her captive for 24 hours on knifepoint. Sameer is again surprised and asks for the third time? Soumya smiles and says he had filled my maang with sindoor. Sameer asks he had troubled you and you fell in love with him? Soumya says there is a love hidden in his doings. Sameer thinks Soumya likes him as he forced her. He thinks he is not less and thinks to change their friendship into love. He thinks to get her.

Sameer confesses his love to Soumya in front of everyone. Soumya is shocked. He holds her dupatta to tie the knot. Soumya asks what are you doing? Sameer says he will marry her. Soumya slaps him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Good that chintu is back.
    Fab acting he does.

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