Shakti 21st February 2019 Written Episode Update: Soumya reaches Singapore to search Soham

Shakti 21st February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya calling Preeto and tells that she is going to Singapore. Preeto asks why? Soumya says the person who adopted Soham, left for Singapore just now. Preeto says I will send harak Singh. Soumya says it will be too late then. Preeto gives her courage and asks her to go with the stubbornness to take back Soham. Soumya says I will get Soham else will not return. Preeto informs the same to Harak Singh. Harak Singh asks what she will do alone. Preeto asks him to have same truth on Soumya as they do on Harman. She says even she is scared, but Soumya is a mother and even God will bend down infront of a mother. She says a mother’s stubbornness will be fulfilled for sure. Soumya reaches Singapore airport and prays to Mata Rani asking her to unite her with her son. Preeto calls Soumya. Soumya says I have reached just now, and everywhere strangers are around. Preeto gives her courage and says you will find Soham for sure. Soumya enquires with the passengers about the address and then say taxi. He asks her to go straight and left. She comes out of the airport and looks for the taxi. Soumya asks the taxi driver to take her to the address. Taxi driver asks her to sit and says he will make her reach the address. Soumya sits in the taxi/cab. Taxi Driver tells that he knows a bit of Hindi, and likes Salman Khan etc. He says Rajma Chawal is his favorite. Soumya admires baby Soham (face changed).

Baby Soham is with his new mum Shruti who plays with him. Doctor tells Nishat that Shruti is mingling with the baby as if he is her own. He says she forgot the loss of her own baby. Nishat says you gave me a good advice, and says if God takes something then give it back too. He says this baby don’t have a mum and his father gave him for adoption. He says I will not let Shruti that Nick is not our son.

Doctor asks Nishat not to tell Shruti. He tells that he is going to celebrate baby’s arrival. Taxi driver asks Soumya why she is upset. Soumya is silent. He drops her near the house. Shruti and Nishat leave from there. Soumya reaches there and asks watchman to make her meet Nishat. Watchman says Mr. Bhalla just left. Soumya runs calling Soham, leaving her bag there itself. She runs on the road and comes infront of someone’s car. A girl (Abigail) gets down from the car and asks her to search some other car, if she wants to die. Soumya is silent. Girl sits down in her car and leaves. Soumya returns to Nishat’s car and asks watchman for his number. Watchman says I can’t give you Nishat Bhalla’s number. Soumya tries to convince him, but all her afforts go in vain. Soumya prays to God asking her to show the way, and calls Preeto. She tells her that she reached at the address, but….Preeto asks her to enquire with neighbors or the shops nearby. Harman asks harak singh to go and bring Soumya. Harak Singh says paper work is done and she will return soon. Harman asks Preeto if they are saying right. Preeto says yes and excuses herself.

In Singapore, Soumya asks an Indian guy about Nishat’s phone number. The guy tells that he knows him as the latter is a big businessman, but he don’t know the number. Soumya couldn’t get his number and gets sad. Watchman comes to her and gives her Nishat’s number asking her not to reveal his name. Shakti song plays….

Soumya meets the girl who offers to help her. Bhalla and his wife celebrate the birth of Soham, when Soumya comes there and says he is my son. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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