Main Bhi Ardhangini 21st February 2019 Written Episode Update: Chitra fails Shweta’s plan

Main Bhi Ardhangini 21st February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rani complaining to Sangram and everyone about Vaidehi. He asks Rani where was she. He tries to know if the box may fall if he stamps his feet on the floor. Chitra makes a box fall. Sangram says this isn’t happening by some ghost, there is nothing like ghost. He proves his point and says Vaidehi wants to get Madhav, she is putting efforts to fool us. Shweta says I can win Madhav, I will put efforts and make sweet parathas for Madhav.

Madhav and Lantern come to some dhaba. They see Vaidehi. She says I promised you I will make sweet parathas for you, flour had finished, so I had come to market, sorry. He says its okay, there is no problem, where are the servants, why did you come to buy flour. Lantern asks her to go home with Madhav, he will get flour. He goes. She asks Madhav to come and have golgappas with her. He refuses. She asks him to try something new. Anuradha gives flour to Shweta.

Shweta taunts her and smiles. Rani says even I don’t know its recipe, just Chitra used to make parathas. Shweta asks shall I go and ask Chitra about the sweet paratha recipe. She says there is just one way left now, Internet Devta. She checks recipe online and asks them to go. They all go. Shweta checks recipe to cook. She says I will make such paratha that Madhav will bid bye to Vaidehi and Chitra. Chitra looks on. Shweta goes to get sugar. Chitra swaps the salt and sugar boxes. Vaidehi and Madhav eat the golgappa. He eats a spicy one and coughs. She asks him to have sweet one. He says its also spicy. She says I m so clumsy. He likes the spicy golgappas. She smiles. They enjoy the golgapps. Sajna…plays…. they laugh. Chitra looks on and happily cries.

Madhav says finally, sweet paratha is made. Shweta stops Jaichand from tasting. Madhav and Vaidehi come home. Shweta insists him to have sweet parathas. He says thanks but… Vaidehi says sorry, your efforts got waste. He says Vaidehi made me eat three plates of golgappas, I can’t even have water now. Vaidehi asks Madhav to at one parathas. He sits to have it. He eats paratha.

Rani asks is it tasty. Everyone smiles. He spits the paratha. Jaichand tastes the paratha and spits. Jaichand asks who adds so much salt. Shweta says this is not possible. She eats it and coughs. She says so sorry Madhav, I didn’t know how this happened. He says its okay, I think I just had golgappas in my fate today. He goes. Nilambari stares at Shweta. Shweta says I had added sugar, I swear. Nilambari thinks.

Vaidehi calls Dadi and tells everything about Madhav’s birthday. Nilambari looks on. She goes to Madhav and asks him to marry Shweta. She praises Madhav. He asks did Shweta do any magic on you, fine we will talk later, go and sleep, I will finish work and sleep. She goes. Nilambari thinks Vaidehi is using some black magic on Madhav.

Sangram hurts Vaidehi. Madhav comes there. He hears her screaming.

Update Credit to: Amena

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