Shakti 20th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Harak Singh convinces Rohan for Virat and Heer’s marriage

Shakti 20th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harak Singh asking Preeto to listen to him and tells that Heer is his blood too. Preeto asks him to support her and tells that everyone is against Mahi in her decision. She says this marriage will not happen and reminds him of his words, that they will never get Heer married in any circumstances. A fb is shown, Harak Singh telling Preeto that Heer will never love anyone, marry anyone, will not wear juda etc.. She says you had made Heer’s brothers as her boyfriends and sent Soumya from here very far. She says I have supported you in your every decision, but you broke your promise. She goes from there. Soham says I thought you are wise person among all and asks how he can take such a decision. Harak Singh asks him not to give him advice who had tried to kill his sister in bomb blast. Rohan asks Harak Singh to understand that there is a difference in loving a kinnar and living life with her. He says there is no doubt that Virat loves her immensely.

Soham opens the door. Heer is standing there. Everyone gets shocked. Heer hugs Harak Singh and thanks him. Everyone gets relieved that she didn’t hear anything. Soham leaves. Heer tells that if everyone will agree. Harak Singh says slowly everyone will agree and tells that his grand daughter shall look very beautiful in all Gurdaspur. Heer says even her Sher Harak Singh shall look good. Harak Singh laughs. Heer goes inside. Harak Singh asks Rohan to come with him and they leave. Preeto sees them going and thinks to inform Parmeet. Mahi says if you tell anything to Parmeet then everyone will know. Preeto says don’t know where did Harak Singh take Heer? She asks Mahi to understand herself.

Simran asks what the hell, what they think of themselves, we took shagun to their house and that egoistic Preeto threw the shagun. She asks what they think of themselves. Sant Baksh says I thought to arrest them. Parmeet asks them to calm down and thinks once Heer gets married, they will break their ego. Gurwinder hears her and thinks she won’t let the same thing happen with Heer. Virat comes home. Parmeet tells him about Harak Singh accepting the shagun, even though Preeto refuses. Virat says he knows, lights diya in front of God and prays that others too agree too.

Harak Singh brings Rohan to Saya’s house. Rohan asks why did we come here? Harak Singh asks him to come. They go inside Saya’s house. Saya is on call with Preeto and tells her about Harak Singh and Rohan coming there. She ends the call and asks Harak Singh if he has any work. Harak Singh asks her to call all members there. Chameli calls everyone. Harak Singh asks Rohan to select one among them and says whoever you choose, I will accept her as my bahu. Rohan is shocked and teary eyes. Saya says what are you saying? Harak Singh says wait a minute and asks Rohan to decide and tell him. He says I will accept them as my bahu. Rohan is silent. Harak singh asks if his hands and legs got cold. He says it is easy to hate someone, but different thing to love someone. He says Virat loves Heer even though she is a kinnar and proved his love. He says Virat jumped in the valley for a kinnar and you are against this marriage. He asks him to think. Saya says even we are against this marriage, and our kinnar community. Harak Singh challenges her to use all her powers and stop this marriage. He says this is not our fight, I came here to make Rohan understand. Rohan is still in shock.

Preeto gets tensed. Sindhu tells that Rohan is very understanding guy and asks her not to worry. Harak Singh tells that when Heer comes to know that she is a kinnar then who will handle her. He says when Harman came to know that Soumya was a kinnar, then he hate her at first. He says Virat is good among all of us and asks her to take the right decision. He says you love and respect Soumya, think about what I was saying. Rohan recalls Virat protecting Heer and Soumya asking him not to get weak and Rohan promises her to become her brave soldier.

Saya asks Harak Singh to think from their perspective, then he will think his decision wrong. Rohan calls Virat and says along with Nanu, even I agree for your marriage with Heer. He asks him to convince others. Virat gets happy and thanks Mata Rani. He says now I came to know that why Heer trusts you so much. He informs his family that Veer ji agreed.

Heer calls everyone and tells that Rohan Veer ji agreed for her marriage finally. Everyone gets shocked. Virat tells that he has to convince her two buas and stubborn Preeto. Heer asks Preeto to agree. Harak Singh and Rohan come home. Heer runs to him and hugs him. She says you are world’s best Veer ji. Rohan smiles. Preeto goes to Rohan and slaps him hard. Everyone is shocked. Preeto asks how did you go against my decision? How can you do this? Heer says how can you take decision alone that your decision is right. Preeto asks him to answer. Rohan says I have no answer, but I knew that Virat and Heer shall marry. Preeto pushes Rohan and looks shocked. Soham asks Preeto not to feel bad as he is the blood of other family. Rohan is shocked and recalls their childhood. He gets teary eyes and turns towards Soham. Heer also looks at Soham. Everyone looks at Soham angrily. Soham says you will not become his Nani as he says. Rohan recalls everything and gets teary eyes. Heer asks from where the family blood angle came from?

Harak Singh asks him to mind his language and says your tongue is slipping. He says do you know who was your father, see your status. He says relations happen by heart and tells that he is more than his blood. He says my trust is that he is my grand son and I agree to his decision. He asks who wants to go against him. Shanno says you are different, you might be drunk and promised Virat. She says Rohan is brought up burdened by their favors. Heer tells that Rohan Veer had done favor on us, by leaving his Nanu’s property and the luxury life. She says Gulabo left her on Rohan’s trust. She tells that she has only Rohan after Gulabo and if he is not part of the house, then even she is not the part of the family. She asks Soham how can he say that and tells then even Rohan is the grand son of their house, just as she is the grand daughter. She says nobody shall raise hand on my Rohan Veer ji from now onwards…Shakti song plays….Heer keeps her head on his shoulder. Rohan goes from there.

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