Shakti 20th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer feels hatred for Soumya, Harman calls her

Shakti 20th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer telling that he can’t love a kinnar as he is a man. Soumya says everyone doesn’t have a strength to accept a kinnar like Harman. She says even I am betrayed to think that you are helping me going out of the way and don’t differentiate among the people. She says I used to think that you are a big Dilwale, but today you refused me when my truth is known to you. She asks him not to say that he hates her being human. She says Harman ji loves me without differentiation and asks Sameer’s mum to wash her house with gangajal,. She asks her to remember that a kinnar is also born from a woman’s womb and is not born in the gutter. She says we are made by God and have same life as you. She asks them not to tell other human beings that they hate them. Sameer kicks the toys. Soumya

leaves. Naseeba song plays…

Varun troubles Maninder and snatches food plate from him. He says I won’t let you have water if you don’t convince your daughter for the DNA test. He calls Surbhi. Bebe says she went to Preeto’s house. Varun asks Maninder to get Surbhi ready else you will be insulted.

Raavi asks Preeto if Soumya is found. Shanno teases Raavi and says you have become her bhakt. Raavi says I am not selfish like you, I am sympathizing for her as she saved Jeet. Harak Singh says I am suffering and says he wants his son and will not accept kinnar as his bahu. Harman calls Preeto and says this world is bad. Preeto asks if you are crying? Harman says your son will return empty hand and says I didn’t find my Soumya. Jasleen takes the call and tells her about Sameer. Soumya thinks of Sameer and thinks about his gestures. Song plays…Jasleen tries to pacify Harman and goes to bring water for him. Harman is standing there with his eyes closed and prays to Mata Rani and tells that he will never hurt Soumya and asks her to make him meet his Soumya. Soumya sits in the temple. Music plays….

Preeto tells Surbhi, Nani, and others about Sameer knowing about Soumya, but he had hidden her. Jeet says Soumya has many enemies. He tells Harak Singh that there is something common between Harman, Sameer and you and says you all have talked to someone who had locked Harman and Jasleen in the room, and says you might have known where was she. Harak Singh says it is wrong to spy on someone else mobile and says he will kill him. He calls Gill and asks him to kill kinnar. Gill says ok. Harman recalls Soumya calling Sameer that day and he had picked the call. He says Soumya’s name was saved as a lucky charm in Sameer’s mobile and says they will ask her number from Sameer. Jasleen says Sameer will not give us the number and asks Jeet to hack Sameer number and find out lucky charm number. Jeet says ok and searches her number.

Sameer’s mum applies ointment on his hand. Sameer throws an ointment tube. Women workers come there and ask Sameer what happened? Sameer says that kin….and stops. His mum asks him not to tell anyone that he loved a kinnar else they will be ruined. Jeet sends Soumya’s number to Jasleen. She tells Harman. Harman calls Soumya. Soumya’s phone rings. She sees a woman praying for her married life. Soumya looks at the call.

Soumya picks the call. Harman asks her not to cut the call and tells that he didn’t marry Jasleen and has realized his mistake and her value in his life. Soumya gets happy and teary eyes. He tells her that he is yearning to meet her and asks her to tell her address. She tells him that she is in the temple. Harman says he is coming.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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