Bitti Business Wali 20th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Laddo Singh gets impressed with Bitti

Bitti Business Wali 20th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahi giving the advance money to her for the first pan. Bitti says she will not spend it, but will keep it on puja place. Mahi clicks her pic with Suman and Shaurya. Chandana asks Pavitra where is she lost? Pavitra says she talked to her family and even her friends, and told about pan shop, they were surprised and asks how can a girl open a panshop. Chandana says who wants to become pan seller when young and says circumstances forces him. She says she talked to Bitti and she told that her aim is to become teacher. Pavitra says yes and prays for her.

Prema and Akshata see Bitti’s pic and says she is very beautiful. Akshata asks her to see Pan shop and says it is an extraordinary work for a girl to open pan shop. Laddo Singh asks where? Akshata says yes, here. Laddo Singh asks how do you know? Akshata says Mahi sent pic. Laddo Singh asks her to show. Akshata gets tensed. Prema shows Bitti’s pan shop pic with her. Laddo Singh gets surprised. He goes to the pan shop. His goon says it is a wonder. Bitti, Suman and Shaurya are in the pan shop. Bitti comes out and greets him. He nods. Bitti gets tensed. He appreciates her mind and says you have used your brain well. Bitti says I am trying to return your money as soon as possible. Shaurya gives him chair. Laddo Singh sits there and appreciates Bitti for her initiative. He says I will drink tea from your side. Bitti asks Shaurya to get tea for him. Laddo Singh asks her not to waste time and go to shop. Virender gets a call and he tells Dadi that Bitti started her shop. Jogi asks from where did she get the money? Dadi blames Laddo Singh for it.

Virender gets a call and tells Dadi that laddo singh is sitting outside her shop. Dadi gets angry and says she will deal with him. She goes angrily. Jogi and Virender go there. Bitti gets tensed seeing Dadi and her brothers coming there. Laddo Singh looks on. Dadi asks what is happening here? Bitti says nothing. Shaurya gives chair to Dadi. Dadi throws it. Laddo Singh is drinking tea. Dadi says your time is still remaining and asks until when you will drink tea daily. Laddo Singh asks her to sit and talk and says you will have knee pain if you stand for long time. She sits. Laddo Singh says I can reply you, but I don’t want to reply to you. He says your grand daughter is doing a good work and I feel that she will earn and return my money. He says secondly, this tea is good and I am very happy. He asks Dadi not to get more angry in old age and asks her to eat dahi to calm down her mind. He leaves with his men.

Neighbors come and ask do you have any problem. They gossip and give mixed reactions. Dadi asks them to slap her with her slipper. They leave seeing her anger. Dadi then picks her slipper and asks Bitti to hit her with it. Bitti asks her to calm down. Dadi says they are humiliated enough. Jogi tries to calm her down. Dadi says I will not leave that laddo singh. Virender says my blood boils hearing him. Jogi says even my blood heats up and says he has beaten me in our house. Virender asks him to calm down and says God will give us a chance to insult him. Dadi prays to God to give her a boon to destroy Laddo Singh.

Mahi comes home and asks his bhabhis why they are tensed? Akshata says there is tension. Prema says you are not understanding. Mahi says there is no tension and tells that Babu ji knows Bitti. Prema says mummy ji is seeing girls again. Mahi gets inside and sees Gajendra showing girl’s pic to his mum. His mum says I have selected this girl for you. Mahi doesn’t see the girl and tells his mum that he can’t marry such girls. He asks Gajendra about the girl. Gajendra says she is MA pass, but don’t work. Mahi says he don’t want housewife. He tells is mum that he don’t want to marry a house wife. His mum asks then what kind of a girl he wants. Mahi thinks of Bitti.

Mahi tells that he wants to marry such girl who works and do business. His mum says no business, such girls have no place here.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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