Shakti 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 20th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya asking Nani about Surbhi. Nani asks her not to worry and hold baby rightly. Harman asks Soumya to with sit with baby and does the rituals for the naam karan. He asks Nani to give jal in their hand like Pandit ji. Nani puts the jal/water. Pandit ji makes Viren and Shanno do the rituals. Nani then gives water to Harman and Soumya, they drink it. Pandit ji also do the same thing. He asks them to bring new clothes for the baby. Harman comes and asks Preeto to give his baby’s clothes also and says you are my son’s dad. He holds Preeto’s hand to take the clothes, but Preeto brushes off his hand and goes taking Shanno’s baby clothes. Harman asks Goddess why they are behaving indifferently with his baby and asks God to bless his child. Preeto gives baby’s clothes to Shanno. Shanno makes baby wear the clothes. Soumya also makes her baby wear clothes. Shanno blesses her happy and asks him to become heir of Singh family. Harman blesses his son and wishes for his happy life.

Viren blesses his baby. Soumya promises to love him and will become a good mum, says my astitva will come in your happiness way. Viren asks Shanno to give baby to Preeto and Harak Singh. Nani blesses Soumya and Harman’s baby. Preeto bless baby. Harak Singh blesses him hesitantly. Shanno thinks now Viren will ask say what she taught him. Viren asks Harak Singh to name one of his factory on his name. Harak Singh agrees to name factory on his name. They see Saya coming there. Maninder says she was dead. Saya blesses Soumya’s happy and gives shagun, asks Soumya to get something for him. She asks about his name. Soumya says Aditya Harman Singh. Saya says it is a good name, making the darkness go. Kinnars come there. Viren gives money to kinnars. Pandit ji asks them to distribute Prasad to everyone.

Saya asks all kinnars to come. They all leave. Viren asks Shanno to have sweets. She thinks you might be finding it bitter to eat. Harman comes and congratulates them. He says we have named our Aditya Soumya Singh and asks everyone to have sweets.

Varun tries to give sweets to everyone, but they refuse and turn their faces. Chintu takes the sweets. Harman says I wanted your blessings for my son. He asks Varun to give sweets to poor if they don’t eat.

Preeto blames Soumya and says she will kick her out. Harman stops her and looks angrily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. a big boring

    1. You are absolutely correct

  2. Loved Harman,also liked when chintu and balwinder took the prasad…. This week Shakti is on the 3rd position… So happy for Vivian!

    1. You are second…Hehehe ?

  3. I like sweets…give it to me Harman?????

  4. Hey Anjali…you were talking about balika vadhu yesterday right? It’s was a very good serial. I like thier customes but specially loved Toral’s acting as Anandi. She was a very bold character. There are other characters from past serials which I adore. One is the character of Tulsi played by Smriti Irani in Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi serial. It was epic. One of my fav scenes from that serial is when Tulsi reveals to her mother in law (Savita) about Mandira (her husbands lover) being alive in Australia and she catching Mihir (her husband) and Mandira living togeather in Australia. That was an epic scene. It was soooo real that even I ended up crying. She must have got a standing ovation for her acting?…just woow and mind blowing. You could feel the pain that she was going through. Now thats called acting. Rubina’s acting is crap in front of Smriti. I’ll tell you’ll another one later on.

    1. The second one is from the very popular past serial called Kahaani ghar ghar kii…the main character’s name was Parvati played by our very favourite actress Sakshi Tanwar. The was a scene where Parvati goes againts her family (in laws) and befriends Pallavi (the villain of the story who wants to destroy Parvati’s family). Pallavi has already taken the family’s property and is torchuring them. Parvati befriends Pallavi and leaves her family. Family members get angry on Parvati and hate her. What they don’t know is that Parvati befriended Pallavi only to trick her and get her family’s property back. She succeeds and get the property back to her family but when she returns back home, someone else takes the credit. Parvati is left shocked and tells the truth to her family but they don’t believe her. She tries to make her husband realise the truth but he orders her to leave his home…Parvati gets irritated, she cries and gives an epic reply to her family. Viewers were gued to the TV. In the entire episode for 30 mins, she questioned her place in the family and of all womens in the world. She questions her husband as to which place is her home – her mothers place or her husbands place? Women in the world only suffer because of men like him. A woman worships her husband like a god but that same god will not think twice before throwing his wife out of his house and so on… What an EPIC episode…I was literally in tears and the background music was awesome…what a heart wrenching episode…??.. Now that called acting.

    2. I saw Vivian in madhubala ek ishq ek junoon. I like madhubala serial very much. I like rk a lot. It is my all time favourite yaar. Only because of Vivian I am watching shakti serial. In madhubala rk didn’t afraid of anyone. No one can blackmail him. But in shakti Harman was blackmailed by everyone. Even heroin blackmails hero that she will do suicide. Omg. What a heroin yaar. Chi. In meiej he married only madhu every time. But in this serial he did 2 marriages

    3. your silver lining

      You are right jessica. Even i followed kyunki and kahani. I would like to mention another one. Prerna from kasauti zindagi kay stole many hearts with her acting skills. The scene where she came to know that she was pregnant before marriage, she decided to take responsibility of her child instead of aborting it. She always stood against all odds. Rubina acts like she has never acted before. She’s nothing compared to tulsi, parvati, prerna, Anandi.

  5. Raavi not deserves little chintu he is so cute I love to see him , she forgot what saumya doing for her ,Harman wants a place to his adopted son between his family and it takes a lot effort to do this

  6. What is wrong with the script writer and director.So stupid a serial nobody including director is clueless how to move the story forward.Talent of good actors wasted.Simple crap.

  7. Nice episode. Good cast. Lovely story.

  8. Chintu is really cute. I love him soooooooo much????????

  9. Hi Jessica. I am sorry yaar. I didn’t watch saas bhi kabhi beti this and kahaani ghar ghar ki. But I like your comments . I saw sakshi in dangal movie and liked her acting very much. She is a natural actor.

  10. In meiej the makers gave importance to everyone. But in shakti serial the makers are giving importance only to side actors. I expected this from very beginning of the serial when I know that it is rashmi sharma serial. She gave importance only for female leading actors in her past serials. She make male lead actors like dumb fellows as like ahem, prem, jigar. Sanskar was better than others in her serials.

  11. I saw Rk,Madhubala , I liked it so much , Vivian played a very strong character he confined me that’s Rk his real character ,he is very good actor and I saw Abhay vampire too I enjoyed all of his shows but in shakti he has limits such as his family ,his love , his needs all of this controlled his character but Harman needs to be free to make a main change , ladies are leading the show in shakti no place to men , all places just for preeto , surbhi , Ravi, saumya,shano ,all them men’s have no place front those ladies

  12. The track of shakti s very good thanks to writers but pl don’t restrict t to home children etc let soumya Harman prove there is another world beyond this where couple can prove their onness liked Harman’s acting

  13. The track of shakti s very good thanks to writers but pl don’t restrict t to home children etc let soumya Harman prove there is another world beyond this where couple can prove their onness liked Harman’s acting

    Presto super acting she portraits an orthodox family loving woman’s acting very effectively I wait for her also n this serial

  14. Just fyi guys… The Kyunki saas bhi kabhi episode which i was talking about is still available on the hotstar. com website. It’s 20 Mar 2003 • Season 13 • Episode 569 • 18 min. I couldn’t find the Kahaani ghar ghar ki epi. ☺️

  15. Look out for 20 Mar 2003 • Season 13 • Episode 569 • 18 min. Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi epi on hotstar website

    1. Hi Jessica. May I know with whom you would like to watch with Vivian? Silver lining you too give me answer

    2. your silver lining

      Adaa khan.
      I would love to watch vivian and adaa together.

  16. The girl who plays the character Teni in Dil Se Dil Tak serial. I forgot her real name. She is mischievous, bold and fun to be around with. Bhondu Saumya sucks badly.

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