Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi asking Gagan not to anything to Raman and Ishita. Gagan asks will you marry Roshni. Adi nods and cries. Gagan and his mum smile. Gagan calls his man and says I will call you what to do with Raman and Ishita after this marriage completes. Adi says please leave them. Gagan calls his man and says vacate Adi’s guesthouse. Raman says we will go to Adi’s guesthouse and rest for some time. Ishita agrees. He pays money. Gagan’s men hear Raman.

Adi and Roshni exchange varmala. Pandit asks them to do rituals. Adi cries. Gagan threatens him that ghatbandhan should not break. Adi recalls Aaliya. Pandit asks them to stand for wedding rounds. He thinks of Aaliya and takes wedding rounds with Roshni. He makes Roshni wear the mangalsutra. Raman and Ishita come to guestroom and call out servant. Ishita says Adi’s cupboard is empty. Raman says we can romance, there is no one here. Ishita says its too much. He asks what’s the problem to get romantic, we will keep candles and have a romantic night. She says Adi should take lessons from you, we will be Saas sasur now. He says you spoil my romantic mood.

She asks shall we go temple. He asks will you romance in temple. She says I heard about a famous temple, its good for suhagans, I will take its sindoor for Aaliya. He says fine. Pandit asks Adi to fill sindoor in bride’s maang. Adi cries and fills sindoor in maang.

Gagan’s mum asks Adi not to hurt Roshni, else they will not leave him, now marriage can’t break, its for seven births, once girl gets married, just her funeral can leave from inlaws. Roshni says we have to take them to temple for sindoor daan. Adi leaves. Gagan’s mum says we will manage him. She asks Roshni’s mum to get sindoor from temple.

Ishita prays in temple for Adi, and says protect Adi and his wife. Roshni’s mum comes there and prays. They ask for sindoor together. Ishita says I want sindoor for my would be bahu. Pandit says its just one sindoor box here. Roshni’s mum says my daughter got married, I want sindoor for her. Pandit says but Ishita came before you, she is not from Khandpur. Roshni’s mum says you know meaning of sindoor, see my daughter’s pic, she is innocent. Ishita gives sindoor to her. She says your daughter is newly wed, so she needs it more, Lord writes everything. I m sure your daughter will just get happiness, tell her to have courage and not feel inferior to anyone, she should walk equally with her partner. She goes.

Roshni’s mum says that bahu will be lucky who get such a saas. Adi is worried. Gagan’s mum brings Roshni to room and goes. Adi gets angry. Roshni lifts her ghunghat. She gives him milk. He throws the milk and asks are you mad, can’t you see what’s happening, you think we are married and became husband and wife, get lost, I don’t want to see your face. She cries. He shouts on her.

He says humans can’t stay here, a man dies and his bride comes on my head, how could you marry me, are you a goat to go anywhere. He scolds her and says I have to go out of this hell. She says don’t think so, they will not leave you. He says this marriage does not matter to me, I will tell police they threatened to kill my family, I don’t want to see your face. He finds the door locked. He gets hurt and falls. She cries.

Its morning, Raman and Ishita come home. Ishita tells Mr. Bhalla how they reached Khandpur, and got to know Adi came here. Raman says Adi is duffer, he should have called. Mr. Bhalla says but Adi did not come home. Ishita says then where did he go. Raman calls Adi. Chandan’s family cries seeing his pic. Gagan sees Raman’s call. He says Raman and Ishita would have reached Delhi and got to know Adi did not come home. Raman calls again. Gagan knocks the door. Adi and Roshni wake up. Gagan shows the incoming call to Adi.

Ishita says I raised Aaliya, I want to do everything for her, but not waste money, I would make Fds for her instead buying expensive lahenga for her, Raman do you think I m wrong, you go and talk to Shagun.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. oh God not another forced marriage …does no-one in YHm deserve a happily ever after.
    Seems like the producers real life story is being depicted in every one of her serials.

    With so much bad happening in our real world, can the fans not expect some make believe happiness for at least an hour. I AM CURRENTLY ALSO WATCHING the old YHM on GLow TV
    and I think these are the best creativity of the CV’s . Now it is just such bakwaas. Instead of killing the serial…wrap it up in a decent manner.

    1. Agree with you.

  2. So yhm is finished dosto,the long nd beautiful journy of ishra’s unique love story is ended,ab kuch ni ho sakta,cvs ne to Adialu ko v nehi baksa,unko v tor dia nd now roshni and Adi,go to hell cvs ,trp chart dekhi na dosto is hapte ki yhm=2.0 ho gaya bus intezar hai yhm ke end honeka,usdin mujhe sacchi khusi milegi without Ishra it’s nothingggggg,hate cvs hate pagal ekta tumlogone khatam krdi yhm ko & season 2 my foot dekhte hai Adi or soutan drama trp kaise barate hai,chalo mere lie to yhm khatam,bus taklif is bat ki hai ki iski happy ending ni hui.???????????????

  3. If gagan and his family don’t want to see adi’s face,why did they make him marry roshni? Instead they should have found the proofs behind chandan’s death. And these village people always jump on conclusions only. And I thought that Roshni would stop her forced wedding with adi, she’s behaving as if she sees chandan in Adi. So called minister saab Ashok Khanna escaped again. Poor Adi. Can’t see him suffering like this when he was not the culprit. Of course he did a mistake by not informing his Ishima and Papa, and he knows very well that Ashok is a smart guy. Why can’t Adi jump into a conclusion that ashok did this? So maybe a proof could be collected against ashok… wow…an office with no surveillance camera? This serial has lost its charm. No ishra, rip yhm. And the way ishra talk of their saas sassur responsibility, really? This serial is showing what we do not want to see. I need ishra back. I can’t imagine even a day without ishra. I need only ishra scenes as I started hating this zabardasti shadhi track. I want the main leads as ishra only not any other cast. Ekta mam, I am really sorry to say this, but your serials always include unrealistic and rubbish, blackmail, death,murder mystery, blame and hell life on good ones… please change the track or end yhm.

  4. I feel it’s aliya in roshni place

  5. I dont like that o god adi and alaiya nice couple but whats happening

  6. I am in pondicherry I love yhm from 1st day . I cant accept that ……

  7. I agree with you Jay. Today’s episode is preposterous!!! Honestly, that stupid bride will even marry a real donkey if needs to be. Woman is degraded here. Why Ekta shows such kind of story line. You mean to say the bride does not have any say in this. She was betrothed to Chandhan and how can she just marry another person. What kind of sadist people are these? After cremating Chandhan, they just have a happy occasion of marriage. Ridiculous!! I just hate YHM and am not going to watch anymore until they fix this YHM which I think they will not as they do not know how to bring the story line. The cvs have completely ruined it. I will just watch the old episodes which will bring me a lot of joy. Now Adi has become a protagonist and have taken up an important and pivotal role. Raman and Ishita are in the background already. Sooner their roles are going to be just insignificant, I understand they need to bring new plots but not until to this extent. As for Ashok, he created this mess and escaped. Ashok should have married Roshni. Now Adi can’t get rid of Roshni. He has to bring her to his hometown. What will the reaction be of Mani, Shagun and importantly Aliya? They will not know the full story and everyone is going to hate Adi. Raman is going to beat him. Oh man…. this is maddening. Poor Aliya!!! All her dreams have come to an end. Adi has become Mihir and Roshini has become Rinki. Poor Aliya is in the state of Mihika. At least Mihika got married to Romi. What about our Aliya? Poor girl…..

  8. Now this ADI may hide this from all.. and that kamina Ashok blackmail ADI to keep this secret or all blame ADI but Ishita stand by ADI … Now this serial becoming some what interesting… But they have to show Ishrat together and some romance between them… If they bring Ishita pregnancy track it will be excellent

  9. Now also Shagun Mani and Aliya may turn negative… If ADI married Aliya all was done and happy ..So CVS gave a twist that change everything… Also CVS trying to bring old yhm story .. but keep Ishrat as lead

  10. What happened to ekta kapoor.

    This is the Worst track till now from the beginning of the serial. Aditya and Aliya would have made a really nice couple. Aditya with roshni is not acceptable. Really disgusting.

    It’s better to end the serial instead of dragging it unnecessarily.

    1. Nothing happened to Ekta Kapoor ABc . She doesnt know the value of love trust relationship marriage and friends .Cute loving couple Mihika Mihir … ruined … Param and Simmy broken … Romo nd Sharika .. broken … Mihir nd Rinky … Rinky died …Shaghun with many men in life … no value at all .. Bala and Vandu had a good life and then Vandu is died . No peace for Ishra at all … they live for every one . Fully agree with you Sindhu .. Chandan died on the same day marriage is happening .No respect for death person . People watching from other countries will have a bad image on our culture . Adi Alia was a cute couple ! Though Ishitha will find out the truth , Adi will be forced to move on with Roshini as Mani will not allow Alia to marry Adi .Congratulations Cvs for your brainless brain .Ishra is getting shaded away ! Sooo sad.

      1. I totally agree with your comment VP.

  11. They should have at least get Adi to finish the project and make his parents proud. Then Adi marries Aliya. Show a few episodes everyone been happy and let Ashok enter into Adi’s life and take revenge in work projects. Perhaps Adi makes mistake in quotations due to the manipulation of Ashok and causes anger in Raman. Something to this story line. If they have to bring negativity, they could perhaps bring in this manner. At least we would have Adi and Aliya married. Now everything is a huge mess….

  12. plz….Ekta we want ishra back.We watch this drama bcz of ishra.plz ekata do a miracle and bring back ishra bond.If you want to focus on adi aliya story now,then kill ishra in the show,then at least we can be in peace without expecting ishra’s nhok jok.Plz don’t bring yhm season 2 bcz we are fed up with yhm season 1.plz end yhm forever…sorry for my opinions yhm fans

  13. Ishita and Raman I love u ? muje ek baar Ishita madam se milna hai muje bahot dukh Hua aj ka episode dekh k sad story ?

  14. Now.. Adi should come back to Delhi with that girl Roshni.. N then file a divorce paper n force that girl to sign it.. Then something will be interesting. . Bt I m sure the cvs will show the entire family will accept that girl slowly n it will take one year n Adi ll also accept her finally n after that Mihir will be back n he will marry Aaliya but as normal she will die by any evil plan created by Ashok or Nidhi or Sohail.. Ruhi’s love interest will be Vivaan..aaliya’s brother.. There will be a lot of problems for this relationship.. Mani is going to be the biggest enemy of Adi n Raman

    1. Dude by any chance Are you one of the CVS. Who is vivaan any imaginary character discovered by you

    2. Aaliya’s brother. Now he is disappeared by the CV

      1. So does that mean even ruhi will be changed or will she remain same. I just got this doubt

  15. No offence guys but we saw in yrkkh the raise in popularity when they brought kaira. Due to its drastic fall maybe that’s why the are focussing more on others .but still its the decision of ishra whether they want to be in or quit like hina khan. So we cannot judge so fast we should give them a chance.

  16. Sad serial.

  17. Well said VP!!

    1. Thank you Mia

  18. Radhika malhotra

    Nice episode ishita and raman scene was best part of today episode and precap was superb exciting

  19. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  20. I think YMB is dead now hearing this story Aliya will comit suiside as she is now already affected by fathers drama. Shagun and Mani wilk take Ashok’s side and make villains. How can Adhi take this woman to the society and does the family approves that then Ruhi and Pihu against Roshini. Can a Australian educated dude carry on a relationship with a village girl. With all these will be so so many conflicts better stop watching this 0.

  21. Trp ratings of this week

    2) Kumkum Bhagya, Shakti asthitv me ehssas ki

    3)Shani, ishqbaaz

    4) udaan

    5)ek shringaar swaabhiman,YHM,ssk

    6)sns, Chandra Nandini

    7) pardes mein hai mera dil

    8) kasam tere pyaar ki

    9) Zindagi ki mehak

    10)devaanshi ,naamkaran

  22. Stop this crap in the show CVS .You had already ruined the show and burnt it into ashes but now you are burning the ashes itself .As nothing is left .No creativity at all.and showing some nonsense.
    In the latest updates of the show it is said that Adi will turn Negative .
    Why can they show few episodes of happiness.

  23. vidisha is very beautiful actress in Telugu movie… I am happy to her in yhm… poor bhallas and aliya… ekta kapoor is always divides the Jodi’s and starts a new love story for story extension…. anyways vidisha welcome to yhm… u r so cute expressions than aliya …

  24. Ajki taza khabar suno all yhm fans from serialgossip-NO! A BAD News for Ishita and Raman’s Yeh Hai Mohabbatein fans!
    By TellyBuzz – April 21, 2017

    Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein broke a new record. But don’t go crazy as it is a sad news and it could be worst. Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is based on custody book and it has been entertaining the viewers with highs and lows in Ishita and Raman’s life. Things have moved on in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and it is heading towards season 2.
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein TRP rating is out and it is disappointing. Yes it is really disappointing. The TRP is now below 2.0 and we cannot blame IPL for decrease in TRP. This is Yeh Hai Mohabbatein lowest TRP ever and it is indeed a issue to think about.

    As per the reports, Aditya and Aaliya’s track has been disliked by the viewers and if the TRP drops below 2.0, Star Plus may shut down the show as they did with Suhani Si Ek Ladki. Indeed, it is a sad news for loyal viewers. Are you watching Yeh Hai Mohabbatein?

  25. We want YHM but not like this .We want old YHM .But as of now they could have got happy marriage of Adi and Aliya . Instead of all this crap .Plz CVS end this track of khandpur.

  26. In the upcoming episode gaggan threatens Adi and forces him to confess Raman that he is fine.

    Gaggan drastically binds Adi into the chains finds him helpless and does same as gaggan tells him to do.

    Will Adi escape from this trouble or will he do everything helplessly.

    Stay tuned for more updates and news.

  27. Plzz dont finish YHM. It is one of the favorite shows of mine??

  28. Even Adi and roshni make a gud pair.i guess Adi’s hatred for roshni may turn into love and aaliya might turn negative.

  29. Wow, Roshni is beautiful. Her n Adi already luk hot 2gather.n it was one sided luv, which is a shit. I know viewers wanted him with Alia but they already luv each other n wen married it will be boring as f**k cause not every like luvy duffy crap. Cant wait 4 the hate/friendship\ mutual luv.

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