Shakti 1st July 2021 Written Episode Update: Mahi insults Soumya

Shakti 1st July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Heer doing the aarti next morning in her house. Soumya does aarti in Harak Singh’s house. Everyone says Jai. Soumya then gives aarti and prasad to them. Heer also gives aarti and prasad to everyone. Mahi looks at Harman and Soumya and recall their conversation. Soumya gives aarti and prasad to Mahi. Parmeet takes off key chain and handovers it in her hand. She tells Raghu that Heer will manage all the work of the house from today. Virat smiles. Parmeet says I shall rest since bahu came home. Heer says I can’t take this, Gurwinder Di is the eldest bahu of the house. She says don’t give me big responsibility. Parmeet says I am giving you this responsibility with my wish and asks her to ask anything. Heer says she wants to complete her education. Parmeet says you got everything you wanted, a good husband, sasural and home and asks what else a woman wants? Heer says identity. She says she wants to do something on her own and wants to become something. Parmeet asks what is the need? Virat says even you are educated, then why are you objecting. Parmeet says yes, I am educated, but I decided to give my tea to home rather than on job. She asks her not to think about studies. Virat asks what is the problem? Sant Baksh says no more discussion on this.

Some neighbors come to harak singh’s house. Mahi says you came at the right time. Soumya gives them prasad. The neighbor asks who is she? Mahi says she is Soumya. My husband Harman ji’s first wife and now just a lover, and also she is a kinnar. The neighbor looks at Soumya with shock. Soumya looks at Mahi. Virat asks Parmeet what is your problem if Heer studies? Parmeet says your final year is going on and Heer dropped out from before and she has to start from start, and if she fails then your relation will get effected and we don’t want you both to break up. Virat and Heer tell that they will not fight. Virat says I promise that I will help her in studies and tells that he will be busy in his business. He says he is planning to start event management company for purse his dream. Sant baksh says I will not invest anything in your business. Parmeet says you might want to give time to Heer, but can’t give. Virat and Heer promises that they will manage. Parmeet asks Heer to take a room in a hostel.

The neighbor asks Preeto what her bahu is saying? Mahi says she is saying truth and tells that all Gurdaspur knew about her. She says she loves Harman ji so much, that she has accepted this fact. The neighbors keep back the prasad and refuse to eat prasad given by kinnar. Mahi asks her not to do this and tells that she has accepted this fact, as she is her husband’s lover. Harman asks Mahi to stop her drama else it won’t be good. Soumya asks Harman to leave her. Neighbor asks Preeto if Soumya has done black magic on Harman that he left his good wife. Mahi asks Neighbor not to say anything against her husband ad says come inside and have tea and breakfast. The neighbor refuses to drink even water at their home and goes out. Mahi thinks this is the start, just wait and watch what I do. Preeto notices Mahi smiling and gets angry.

Soumya goes out and stops the neighbors. Neighbor says you don’t seem to be a kinnar by looks. Soumya says since I came here, I didn’t see you and asks how they came today suddenly. The neighbor tells that Mahi called them here for breakfast. They leave. Parmeet says Heer shall stay in hostel for 5 days and shall come home in weekend. Virat says I will not disturb her and will concentrate on my business. He asks her not to separate them. Parmeet agrees and asks him to bring college form. He says you will understand this later. Virat says ok and thanks her. He asks Heer to come and says lets bring the college form. They leave. Parmeet thinks this college studies will make Virat go away from Heer. Soumya comes to Mahi and says you will not mend your ways.

Mahi says I have done, which a weak woman do to keep her husband with her, but whatever I am going to do after this, laughs. She calls Heer. Soumya asks her to stop her madness and asks why you want to burn Heer and Virat’s happiness. Heer picks the call. Mahi pretends to cry and asks if you are fine. Heer asks why are you crying? Mahi says I don’t know if I shall talk to you or not, but there is nobody for me other than me. She tells that she can’t share Harman ji with Soumya anymore and tells that she didn’t get wife’s rights from Harman ji ever. She ends the call and smiles, asking Soumya to see what happens next. Heer tells Virat that Mamma called and told about the problem. She says we shall go home before college. Virat says if Heer goes there, then she will know. He says Harman Singh and Gulabo will handle everything. Heer says if you don’t want to come then I will go alone. Virat says lets go.

Soumya asks why did you bring Heer in this matter. Mahi says I am her mother and don’t need anyone’s permission to share my feelings with her. She says you refused to share Harman with me. She says you can neither become a mother nor a wife then also you want to have rights on everyone. Soumya loses her calm and slaps her hard. Mahi holds her cheeks. Soumya says you have broken my patience and if I had slapped you before then you wouldn’t have crossed your limits. Mahi says Soumya, this slap will prove costly to you in the near future.

Precap: Heer and Virat are like two bodies and one soul, the epitome of love, they have united and will never get separate. Heer says I have just one dream. Virat promises to fulfill all her dreams.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    1. Why are you angry? I am confused as to why soumya is still here. She should
      Leave harmattan with mahi.


  2. why should soumya leave harman with mahi. before mahi soumya has more right on harman.

    1. CORRECT. RESPONSIBILITY bhivKoi CHEEZ hi Hai. Jo MAHI mein Nahi Hai abhi bhi. Usko Sirf HARMAN chaahiye baaki sab Ash-O-Aaram. HEER se bhi MAHI ka koi lena dena nahi.

    2. ojas Mehra-got upset for no reason. My comment did indicate any gender bias. Please kindly refrain from shouting and just ask why I made the comment. My point was that soumya has been ill treated by that family for so long that- they take it in turns to hurt her. Soumya should close her chapter with harman’s family and move on.

  3. 50roomescapelover

    Maahi is totally opposite in charachter from Maahi in my fanfic🤭. In my fanfic she is positive and progressive unlike obsessive in the ongoing show.🤭🤭🤭

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