Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st July 2021 Written Episode Update: Simar agrees to sign on the divorce papers

Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chitra talking to Kajal and asks Vivaan to talk to her, tells that she is very excited about the engagement. Vivaan says I will talk to her later. He goes. Vivaan and Simar come infront of each other. Simar asks if everything is fine. He says yes and goes out. Reema is still in Vivaan’s car and thinks of Aarav’s words. She wipes her tears. Aarav comes to the window and sees Vivaan sitting in his car, while Reema is in the car. Vivaan tells Reema that he has thought to make her arrangement stay in hotel first and then will think to do something. Aarav thinks Vivaan is with Reema and calls him, but he doesn’t see the call. Aditi comes to Aarav and asks him to have food. Aarav says I will not have food. He takes out the suitcase and asks her to ask Simar to pack her bags, says he will drop her to her house. Aditi says you have convinced Badimaa. Aarav says he couldn’t convince her and tells that he can’t break Badi Maa’s ego. He says there is nothing more to him than his house respect. Sandhya and Gajendra hears him. Simar tells Aditi that she didn’t bring anything here and whatever she is wearing is hers (Aditi). She tells that nobody is picking the call and worries for them. Aditi says Aarav Bhai’s decision to drop you home is wrong. Gajendra comes to Aarav. Aarav asks if Badi Maa agreed to let Simar stay here for a month. Gajendra says yes. He says you shall make your career and name, but you are trying to save family’s respect. He says I am proud of you as your family matters to you before your happiness. He says you have given a word to badi maa and tells that Simar and your relation is for just one month and asks him not to break the promise. Aarav says I can’t back off from my words and says you knows your son well. Gajendra says I am proud of you.

Simar tells Aditi that when a girl is married, then she brings all her stuff to her sasural, as it is her home till her last breath. She says this empty suitcase is the witness of the fact that this house is not mine, Aarav and my marriage is wrong and that’s why I have to go. Aditi says your and Aarav Bhai’s relation are very beautiful. She says now she understood why Simar Maasi found you to be Aarav Bhai’s perfect match. She says only you perfectly suits him. Simar recalls Reema’s accusations. She tells Aditi that thinking like this, will be lying to ourselves. She says the place where I am standing is not mine, but of Reema’s place.

In the hotel, Reema recalls Simar replying to her that Aarav is her husband now and this is the truth now. Vivaan asks Reema to take money and his cards with her. He asks her to go to Mumbai and fulfill her dreams. She says she has speed braker on her dreams and tells that she wants to complete some incomplete work. He asks what is your work here? Reema asks him to see the lights and tells that she wants to see the lights of Agra city all night. She asks will you stay with me today. Vivaan refuses and says don’t go today, my family has left me. Vivaan says I will stay here tonight. Reema tells him that she never had any drink and asks him to bring bear. Vivaan says ok and goes to bring. Reema thinks now Simar will know who is elder sister?

Gagan worries for Reema and tells that he enquired with her friends, but she is not there. Indu comes to kitchen and finds Lalit making tea. She says she will make tea. Lalit says since Roma came to our house, she is doing all the work. He says he will do the work as her son.

Aarav comes to the room. Aditi goes out seeing him. Simar tells Aarav that the jewellery, bridal dress and this suit which she is wearing is of Aditi, which she will wash and return after going home. She then thanks him for saving her from goons, thanks him for keeping her with respect and sorry from Reema’s side. She says I know that the marriage expenses was much and promises to return all their money, tells that she will do some jon. Aarav smiles a bit hearing her.

Roma tells Lalit that his job is good and they shall take rented house and shift. She says she don’t want to stay in her parents’ home. Lalit says if we stay in rented home, then we have to give money and tells that her mummy and papa needs them at this time. Roma says you worries for my family so much. She says she don’t want his respect to get less here, and says we will have a peaceful life in another house, I know you will manage. Lalit gets tensed.

Aarav says you will return money after doing job. He says many years will pass. Simar says till then add up the interest, I will pay. Aarav says no need, do something with which your debt on my family gets settled. Simar asks what I have to do. Aarav takes out divorce papers from the cupboard and asks her to read it and sign. She says we will legally separate.

Reema and Vivaan are still in the hotel room. Reema drinks bear and says my family and dreams have divorced me, says now even you are going. Vivaan is drunk too. Reema looks at him and holds his hand as he is going. She asks him to stay there tonight.

Aarav asks Simar to read all the terms and then sign. He says I will file it after a month, tells that if the divorce happens without any problem then all your debt on our family will be settled at once. Simar gets teary eyes. He moves away from there and tells that he asked her to go, but now asking her to stay back. He says if she goes now, then his family will get bad reputation, which he can’t bear. He says I know that everything will be sorted out in a month. Simar says you have done right, even I want something like this, you have asked a little thing from me, your family respect is dear to me too, and if their respect gets saved with this move then I accept this. Aarav thanks her for taking it positively.

Precap: Simar keeps her hand on the candle and promises Aarav that during this one month, she will fulfill the duty of his wife and bahu of the house. Aarav promises to give her respect and dignity which a life partner deserves. The candle is about to fall and Simar holds it and her hand gets burnt. Aarav cares and blows on her hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Tanya K

    Precap is INTERESTING and amazing.❤❤❤

  2. Vivan resists to stay saying he has engagement the next day, also he never says he will stay tonight, when reema begs him to stay, he tells reema tha he will stay for some more time and go, after that she asks for beer.

    Write episode update correctly

  3. This one month will change everything and I’m sure Simar will win Aarav and the family’s heart in such a way that the divorce won’t happen. This Reema is up to something, she wants to marry Vivaan and come to the Oswal house to trouble Simar but now that they’ve taken an oath to live like a couple for one month, I’m positive Aarav will
    protect Simar from Reema.

  4. Nicole ehizokhale

    l agree with you this one month will change everything completely and lam sure simar will Aarav and his family and that the divorce will not happen and also reema is planning something evil against simar so that she can enter into the oswal house to hurt simar but now that Aarav and simar have taken a oat to stay as a couple for a month Aarav will surely protect simar so as God will help both simar and Aarav even before the month reach to prove to the oswal family that Aarav and simar are destined for each other.

  5. Arpan Shakya

    Reema Vivaan should get married and Reema Simar should get reunited for good

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