Shakti 19th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya misunderstands Jasleen’s lie

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Shakti 19th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harman seeing women workers holding dolls and tells Jasleen that they shall talk to them. Just then goons come there in the jeep and attack Harman and Jasleen. Harman fights with them heroically and beats them. Jasleen asks Harman to come with her. Harman refuses, but she takes him. Harman couldn’t talk to women workers. Preeto comes to Maninder’s house. Bebe says our life has become hell. Preeto asks what happened? Maninder says you know about our house and…..Surbhi comes and says Maninder is unwell as the weather is changing. She asks did you come to know anything about Soumya di. Preeto says there is a good news. Maninder asks Bebe to take medicine from Surbhi. Bebe takes medicine and goes inside with Maninder. Surbhi says Preeto about Soumya. Preeto says she is in Ludhiana. Nani and Surbhi get happy.

Raavi is going out. Balwinder asks where is she going with nicely dressed. Raavi says she is going to her friend’s party. Balwinder insists to come with her, but she refuses and talks to him bluntly telling that he didn’t do any husband’s duty till now. She asks him to move and goes.

Shop owner/local goon Gill comes to Sameer’s house and tells his mum that his men will not let those two persons reach Soumya but till when. He says I can’t do anything then. Sameer’s mum asks what you are saying? Gill says Soumya who stays here, many people are searching her. Sameer’s mum tells that her husband got married and her in-laws are behind her. Gill says I took money to kidnap her and handover her to them. He says I respect your husband a lot and had many favors on me, that’s why I have sympathy for you. I know that the girl is good and if she returns then she will get nothing, but if she stays here then your good days will continue. He says if you want I can stop people to reach her, it is your wish now. Sameer’s mum looks on.

Raavi waits for her lover and gets his call. She tells that she has been waiting for him since long and starts the countdown. She turns and looks at the car which stops near there and a man steps down and starts walking towards her. They greet each other. He compliments on her beauty and says she is more beautiful than he thought. She also thinks the same about him. He says he was getting mad seeing her pics on friends book. Raavi asks what do you know about me. The man tells that you are an angel who is stuck in troubles, have a husband Balwinder who is useless, jobless and worthless etc. you both have a son. He says you don’t stay in Sasural and nobody understands you in Mayka. Raavi asks how do you know. He says he knows how to prepare for any test and asks her to come with him on a date to have coffee. Raavi is silent. He says as a friend and takes her. He thinks Harman Singh…your sister will become my weapon in a war against you.

Sameer and Soumya are walking on the road. He asks if she thought what to do. He gets his mum’s call and disconnects it. Jasleen and Harman walk on the road and suddenly her foot gets sprained. He lifts her. Sameer asks Soumya why is she silent and asks if any girl will ever choose him. Soumya asks why is he asking? Sameer says I am saying as you don’t give me attention. His mum calls him again. He goes to a side to attend her call. She tells him everything. Soumya sees Harman walking holding Jasleen in his arms and follow them. She thinks if he is Harman ji as she sees his back. Harman makes Jasleen sit and checks her sprained foot. Soumya sees him, gets emotional and recalls moments with him.

Harman asks Jasleen if she is fine. Jasleen says better. Few men gather there and ask them if they were romancing and asks them to go. Harman says her foot got sprained and I was checking it. The man says we shall teach a lesson to them and tell everyone that this is wrong. Jasleen says we are husband and wife, we are married. Soumya stops hearing this. Jasleen asks if a married couple can’t walk together. They ask where is her mangalsutra. Harman says she is a modern girl and don’t wear mangalsutra or apply sindoor. He calls them outdated. Jasleen says husband and wife’s relation is from the heart and not for show off. She says it seems they are not married. Sameer also sees them and asks Soumya if he is Harman. He says Harman came to search you with his new wife and asks shall I call him. He is about to call and says har….when Soumya keeps her hand on his mouth and stops him. Harman and Jasleen turn and then they leave. Soumya is sad and goes from there. Sameer looks on.

Precap: Harman says he is feeling lonely and broken. Preeto says this can’t happen, nobody can take Soumya away from you as she will never give your place to anyone else. Sameer asks Soumya to promise him that she will not leave them alone. Soumya gives her hand in his hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Surbhi says Preeto about Soumya
    This line has an error
    Surbhi ASKS Preeto about Soumya

    1. Its a small mistake what’s wrong with you? Your always commenting on petty mistakes lol get s life

      Atleast one thing good is Shakti is going off air 2nd june . No more seeing your annoying comments on the telly updates constantly complaining n picking out tiny mistakes written lmao

  2. So sad to hear shakti is going off air in June 2nd when the show has started becoming more interesting with the new characters

  3. Are you believing me now , Jasleen is a wall between our Haya ,Saumya gets back from Harman the misunderstanding is increasing and the separation too and my headache till what? Please reunite our Haya soon

  4. Hartman is sufficient is searching and convincing Soumya to return to him…. if he needs any help from any woman he should take Preeto or Surbhi, why is this jsleen sticking to him everywhere? Harman is fool… he knows Soumya left him for his marriage with Jasleen and he is still moving around with her. Not only Soumya any woman would think they’re married now. Wake up Harman!!

  5. Here some people are talking about shakti going offair…really….who gave you such a fake news. It’s the trp topper of the channel.

    1. Its not fake news by the way its on Shakti WIKipedia

      The Series is produced by Rashmi Sharma of Rashmi Sharma Telefilms Limited. The Show is a Big Hit due to its Heart-warming Storyline and Rubina – Vivian’s Onscreen Chemistry. It has always echoed a very powerful social message. The Show has consistently topped the Ratings Chart since its Inception. [3] The Show completed 500 Episodes on 24 April 2018. [4] Shakti is all set to go off air on 1 June 2018.[5]

      ^ thats wat its put on u can yourself on Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Wikipedia

      1. really it’s gonna end forever or just a break ??

      2. You can edit Wikipedia. There is no trustable source which can confirm this information.

  6. I dnt no. It says off air so think forever. But nobody announced anything yet but there wikipedia says otherwise.

  7. It would have been exciting to see Harman possessive for saumya.wanted to see possessive Harman.when he comes to know Sameer liking saumya & the situation where saumya telling Sameer that she has only one love in her whole life i.e Harman & till her death only he will remain In her that time Sameer holds the hand of saumya were Harman sees this & in his red anger he pulls of Sameer & slaps kicks him away from saumya & warning him not to touch her.and after reunion of saumya & Harman where Harman in his bedroom holding saumya tight & confessing her that he doesn’t like anyone touching her except him.he tells her in future if it happens then he will kill that person on the spot.and having a lip lock scene & expressing his unconditional love for her.this would be mesmerizing.and later saumya herself also confessing that she also feels possessive when Harman holds any of the girls except her.we want to see possessive love between both.

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