Swaragini – Lies (My Friend-Season 2) Episode 3

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Thanks friends for your support. I hope you like this plot.
The next day early morning,

In a cemetery which has four ways to enter,

Sanskar stood infront of a tomb as it was ragini’s death anniversary. Ragini smiled in a photo which carved on the tombstone.

“Ragini Sengupta; 1991-2011” Her name ,birth and death years were carved on the tombstone.

Sanskar kneeled infront of the tomb while he felt that his energy was fully drained.

“Cutie… I brought your favorite yellow roses. You like this smell . isn’t it?” Sanskar asked when he decorated the tomb with the roses.

“The murderer is roaming freely cutie. But, don’t worry. I am a police officer now. Before I meet you, I will punish that remaining culprit also. I promise.”Sanskar tightened his fist.

The redness in his eyes stated his state while Aditya entered into the cemetery by another way.

Sanskar stood and started to walk without seeing behind.

Aditya sat infront of the tomb then slowly placed the Edward roses on the tomb.

Aditya smiled bitterly because of the revival of some memories.

“The game is still on, cutie. And, I will expose the truth despite of whatever it takes. Soon, I will clear everything. So, without worrying about us, sleep well cutie.”Aditya stood then looked at the tomb once.

“Bye Laksh…”Aditya muttered in a low voice and walked towards outside.

A lady entered the cemetery from the third entrance by hiding her face with saree.

She kneeled in front of ragini’s tomb. The soft breeze slowly revealed her face. The dog which was living in the tomb, started to bark by seeing her half burnt face.

She hid her face again and stayed silent just by staring the tomb. Her hands trembled a bit while raising and slowly caressed the tomb surface. Tears were fallen on the tomb while the rain started. Her hands wanted to feel an embrace for which she was longing.

“Laksh!”She cried a bit louder while Swara slowly approached her.

“we have to leave before anyone sees”Swara said in a emotionless voice.

The lady nodded in positive.

After few minutes, Both walked towards the outside.

After an hour,
Swara entered into her flat and then locked the door. She leaned against the door and closed her eyes slowly.

Ragini’s tomb and the lady’s pain flashed in her eyes once. Her eyes expressed sadness and grief though years were rolled down.

“At least for her you should have been alive Laksh” Swara murmured.
The sound of door lock release made her to stand.
Sanskar entered into the flat and bit surprised to see Swara inside then his eyes turned into apologetic.
“sorry Swara, I forgot to pick you ” he apologised .
“it’s ok Sanskar. Do you want coffee? “swara asked casually.

Sanskar nodded then swara went to kitchen.
“where is Kaki? “sanskar asked.
“kaki went to her village ” swara replied.

Sanskar went to his office room and in five minutes, Swara went to the room with coffee. Sanskar was staring his mobile phone.
“sanskar… ” swara called then sanskar raised his head.
” what happened sanskar? ” swara worried by seeing tear glances in sanskar eyes
He just nodded negatively.

“Sanskar…”Swara called in a low voice and then put her hand on his shoulder.

“what happened,Sanskar?”She asked again by cupping his face. A memory flashed in his eyes.

“hey buddhu, what happened?”A Little girl hold a little boy’s face by cupping the boy’s face.

Sanskar looked into Swara’s eyes unconsciously while Swara slowly kissed on his forehead. Sanskar raised his hands subconsciously and hugged her. A huge thunder sound made them realize their position.

Swara started to leave while Sanskar stopped her by holding her hand.

“why doesn’t you ask me any questions, Swara?”Sanskar asked.

“I will wait until you are ready to share,Sanskar.”Swara answered with a smile and left the room.

Sanskar stood and opened the window screen. A Heavy rain with high wind occupied the entire city.

“Her name is Ragini ,Swara…”Sanskar started while Swara stopped on her way. The Name revived the memories which was kept in the depth of his heart.

In a house garden,

A little boy was weeping while a little girl sat beside him.

“hey buddhu… ” The girl slapped on boy’s shoulder for which he didn’t budge.

“Buddhu…?” Girl called once again by seeing his sadness.

“hey buddhu, what happened?”The girl raised her voice a little bit.

“Papa scolded me…”The boy said while weeping while the girl face palmed herself.

“Are you crying because of that?”The girl asked.

The boy nodded.

“Is it your papa in house?”She asked. The boy nodded again.

She hold his hand and dragged him inside the house while he was protesting.

“Durga!” Her voice echoed in the house while The boy’s father Durgaprasad came out of his office room.

“Cutie…”The boy pleased and tried to get free from girl’s hold while annapurna came out of kitchen.

Durgaprasad and his wife, Annapurna came towards the girl.

“Rago, why did you call me?” Durgaprasad asked by kneeling to match her height.

“Did you scold my Sansku?”Ragini asked while Durgaprasad looked at his son,Sanskar.

Sanskar hid behind Ragini while she pulled him to come front.

“your buddhu friend failed in two subjects”Durgaprasad retorted.

“If he failed this time, the next time , he will pass. No one doesn’t have any rights to call him like that or scold him.Moreover only I can call him as buddhu and only I will scold him. If he did any mistake, then tell me. you don’t have any rights to scold my buddhu friend.Understand?” Ragini asked by raising her finger towards Durgaprasad while Annapurna tried her best to control her smile.

Durgaprasad glared Annapurna while Annapurna acted like staring the ceiling.

“Answer me”Ragini stressed her voice.

“I understand. Now, enough?”Durgaprasad asked.

Ragini nodded then dragged Sanskar by ears while moving out.

“hey buddhu, why didn’t you tell me that you failed?”Ragini asked in a low voice.

“you didn’t let me to tell…”Sanskar squealed in pain.

“How could I make you pass? that’s harder than getting food from motu”Ragini exclaimed in a low voice while Sanskar gave a pleasing look to his father.

Durgaprasad smiled,” she will be the correct one to handle him.”

“because She is my best friend,Swara”Sanskar added being in his own world.

“How could he kill her,Swara? My cutie… she loved him truly. I thought he would be good match for my cutie. But he…”Sanskar stuttered while Swara kept silence.

” Yesterday, The accomplice of her murder is released. I felt like an worm when I stood before her tomb,Swara. Each and every second the urge to kill him is kept increasing ,Swara.”Sanskar said while his eyes shown the same.

Swara held his hand tightly while her eyes nodded negatively.

“She is your best friend. isn’t it?”Swara asked for which Sanskar nodded.

“would she be happy if she see you as an murderer that too because of her?”Swara asked.

Sanskar kept silent .

“Just move on with the happy memories, Sanskar. And,Each and everyone will get their karma’s result. Just trust the god”Swara said and then left.

Sanskar again turned towards the window. The storm was almost over while the heavy rain reduced to drizzle.

At Hospital,

Sakthi woke up and got ready in his clothes . Aditya entered into the ward.

“Good morning…”Aditya said with a smile.

“I am ready to be your employee, Mr.Sengupta.”Sakthi said.

“Today, We will speak more clearly Sakthi. Let’s go. “Aditya said .

Both Aditya and Sakthi left the hospital. Aditya stopped before the cemetery.

Sakthi got down from the car and maintained the calm expression and then aditya gestured to get inside. Both stopped before ragini’s tomb.

” It’s Laksh anniversary. And, he lays here along with my Ragini.”Aditya said in a calm tone while Sathya stared the tomb.

“He always wanted to be with her. And at last,”Sakthi said with a bitter smile and stopped in the middle.

He gave a questioning look to Aditya.

“Yes, She is my sister. And I know, Laksh is not the real culprit. I want to punish the real culprits.”Aditya said.

“And, you wanted to use me as bait to catch the culprits.”Sakthi asked.

Aditya nodded positively. Sakthi let out a bitter smile.

“I will help you . But, I need a promise.”Shakti demanded.

Aditya looked at Sakthi keenly.

“you should prove laksh’s innocence even if i die in this”Sakthi showed his palm.

“I promise…”Aditya promised.

Sakthi turned towards the tomb and stared for moment.

“Good bye,Laksh…”Sakthi muttered and then started to walk.

At Outside the cemetery,

“You already made me bend. Then,why did you tell me the truth suddenly,Mr.Sengupta? “Sakthi asked.

Aditya gave a friendly smile while Sakthi returned a bitter smile.

“Don’t give me that friendly smile, Mr.Sengupta. It scares me whenever I think about the reason behind this smile.”Sakthi stated.

“You didn’t bend Shakti for my threat. You have your reasons to accept.”Aditya said while Sakthi maintained his silent.

Aditya ignited the engine and looked at the road.

“This way seems to be a bit long with hurdles. If we need to reach our destination, The minimum trust is needed in between us,Sakthi. I will try to be truthful.”Aditya said in a promising tone while Sakthi kept silent.

In Sanskar’s Flat,

Sanskar got ready himself in the uniform and saw Swara who was sleeping.She turned in sleep while Sanskar sat beside her. He took her palm in his hand carefully . He caressed her palm lovingly while staring her.

“hss..!”Swara hissed in sleep while Sanskar saw the nail scratch marks in her hand.

Sanskar placed her hand on bed carefully then applied the ointment on the marks and blown the air lightly. Because of the cooling effect of ointment and blowing air, Swara smiled in sleep.

“She should be bit careful. from where did she get these scratches?” Sanskar thought.

Sanskar stared his wife who looked like a child in sleep. His phone vibrated and screen flashed with the number.

Sanskar smiled and left his flat while attending the call.

“Sir, Another police officer is murdered in Rajarhat area. we have started the investigation.” Ronit das who was part of Sanskar’s team, informed him.

“I will be there in few minutes.”Sanskar replied .

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