Shakti 19th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shakti 19th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harak Singh telling Soumya that they let her stay here, and that doesn’t mean all kinnars can come and stay in his house. Raavi says it seems Soumya can’t do anything. She holds Kareena’s hand to kick her out of house. Harman comes and asks Raavi to leave her hand. He tells Kareena that nobody will hear her, and it is like breaking head on the stone, says I will come with you and is going to bring car keys. Harak Singh says Kinnars’ savior have come, and asks Kareena to go out and wait for him. Kareena goes out. Harman asks everyone to sleep. Preeto stops Soumya and says I know you wants Harman’s betterment, and asks her to stop Harman. She says you know what to do? Do you want everyone to know that you are a kinnar and your secret to go out of house. Surbhi also hears her. Soumya asks Soumya not to go with her, and send money instead. Harman says Harak Singh will not give money. Soumya asks him to help with some other means. Harman says you said that Kareena was your good friend. Soumya says now I live in this world and that’s why I have to think accordingly. Varun takes their video and smiles. Harman calls city hospital, and says no. is not ringing. He says I have to go. Soumya asks him to send Varun instead of going. Harman says Varun. Soumya asks him to forgive Varun. Harman asks Varun to go to city hospital and help Kareena’s mum. Varun says okay. Soumya thanks Harman. Harman asks Soumya not to obey to Harak Singh and Preeto, and says you are not their servant, says give me a chance also to thank you.

Surbhi looks at them. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays………………Saya comes to Kareena and asks what did these people say? Kareena says Harman ji is coming to help me. Varun comes and says Harman ji will not come, and says normal people have kicked you out and then also you didn’t understand that you are unwanted people. He says Harman sent me here to tell you to stay away from Soumya. He says Soumya is not like you, even though she is a kinnar. Kareena says you are lying, Harman can’t say this. Varun says I am lying as I can’t see you in pain, truth is that Soumya stopped Harman from helping you. He shows the video in which Soumya stopped Harman from going and saying that she stays in this world and that’s why have to think accordingly. Saya says this is not complete truth, Soumya can’t do this. I will ask her.

Kareena stops her and says we forgot that Soumya stays here now. Varun tries to give them auto rent, which Kareena refuses and asks Saya to come. Soumya thinks about Kareena’s mum and thinks if Varun talked to Doctor or not. She calls Kareena, but she doesn’t pick her call. Saya says you might have talk to her. Soumya calls again. Saya asks her to talk to her. Kareena picks the call. Soumya asks her how is her mum and asks if the operation happened? Kareena says everything is good now, Maa will not have pain now. She asks why Harman didn’t come. Soumya says Harman was unwell, but sent Varun. She asks if he helped Varun. Kareena says yes, and says I will not forget your help for life, cries. Saya asks why did you lie to her. Kareena says my mum is died, what will happen if I tell her. She says my mum was not courageous like Soumya’s mum and used to come and meet me secretly. She says Soumya have snatched my mum from me. I will bring Soumya back as Tarana, and will make her realize what she is. Saya looks on.

Harman is sleeping on bed and sees Surbhi wearing her mangalsutra. He imagines Soumya…Tera Ishq Hai song plays……….Harman thinks Surbhi can decorate herself, but she can never get in his heart, as she will find Soumya only. He asks her to stop, and tell Soumya to bring morning tea for him. He says husband and wife should drink morning tea together. He asks her to go. Surbhi is teary eyes and goes. Raavi tells Preeto that she don’t want to drink tea made by kinnar. Preeto says we let you stay here, but others are troubled because of you. She asks her not to give tea to Raavi. Surbhi comes. Preeto asks Soumya to wash utensils, and asks Surbhi to make tea and food. Surbhi asks Soumya to give tea to Harman. Soumya goes. She tells Preeto that they will do the work together. Preeto thinks she will make Surbhi right. Soumya brings tea and asks Surbhi to take for Harman. Surbhi asks her to take tea to room.

Soumya brings tea to Harman’s room and is about to go. Harman asks where are you going? Soumya says she has so much work to do in kitchen. Harman asks her to sit. Soumya says she will send Surbhi. Harman holds her hand and makes her sit. Varun asks Surbhi if all is well between them. Harman asks Soumya to drink atleast morning tea with him. Surbhi asks if he has woman’s habit to peep in someone’s life. Harman asks from where did you learn to keep distance with me, and asks her to drink tea.

Pandits come. Harak Singh asks Raavi to give prasad. Pandit says bahus give prasad as they are Lakshmi avatar. Soumya tries to give them prasad. They refuse and call her incomplete bahu. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Kudos to Vivian for portraying HARMAN,liked when he wanted to help Kareena, But Harman is trapped Bcoz of Soumya Kasam, Surbhi, Varun and preeto… CONGRATS GUYS SHAKTI TRPS ARE GOOD…. It’s no 1 in daily shows and overall 2nd…AND THE SLOT LEADER AHEAD OF IT’S RIVALS..

  2. Sry Tanvi, iam not happy with this trp rating becoz if the rating stays in 1st place then the makers will still ruin the story as if we audience r very interested in current track.

    Y writers r increasing no. Of enemies for somu. At first maninder,dadi then preeto ,harak Singh,shanno,raavi, mahi,varun,now kinner kareena. Recent spoiler is surbhi too turned to negative . Only harman is supporting her soon makers will turn him also as negative character .i can’t tolerate such stupid track.

    1. Yes, all are unhappy with the latest track, but Harman won’t accept Surbhi…. And I think maker’s should reduce preeto drama….. Wait for Haya dance in Lohri..

  3. It’s good news tanvi.hope Shakti again beats naagin2 ND become TRP topper.waiting for that.Guys,I think u all know about the voting poll which is Soumya dreams to become a mother.Is it possible? Being a kinnar her dream is right or wrong.she needs public opinion .So download colors TV app ND give ur valuable my point of view I agree with that ND I vote YES forthat. In today episode HAYA seen is nice. I want to kill d Preeto,Varun, surbhi ND dey r Waste fellows.hope Kareena soon find d truth.But how?No one know that what Varun did? Only Harman can save her gulabo.

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