Annika.. Ya.. Paanika??? Episode 4

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Hello everyone…Long time no see….Actually, I had my exams and had to study the last two days. Haven’t read anyone’s fanfiction as of now but will sure catch up. Keeping commenting, reading…A longer update this time…Love you all…Find this mystery girl now…

What on Earth!!!!!
These guys are rich. Damn Rich. Richer than my father.
He was a born businessman alright.
He knew, who to manage, who to handle, who to support, who to betray, who to maintain relations with.
The only thing he didn’t know was. Love, being family…The exact only thing I crave for. Did I love him???Not at all… I detested him….I think… Only time would tell. I wasn’t here for him; I was here BECAUSE of him…Stopping my train of thoughts, I walk right in..
Entering the very house, which I had no plan to …For a totally different purpose , though…
I walked into the very house I had rejected a marriage offer from, throwing a fit that my dad had accepted it on my behalf for me.

Daadi; Here’s the girl I want you all to meet…
All looked at the girl entering in.Rudra was the first one to talk.
Rudra: Welcome here..I’m Rudy Singh Oberoi, the most hot – headed guy you would’ve met till now.(Bringing his hand forward for a shake).You too must be Daadi’s friend’s granddaughter…
Soumya;(In mind) Dumbo Oberoi, he means hottest….
The girl: ( Beams. Shakes his hand)No, I’m not.Daadi will surely tell you who I am. I’m sure you are a good, nice guy but you are not a hot head.
Rudra: Really?/Why not??See my abs..See my body..See how fit I am…
The girl: My dad is a hot head. He has a very high blood pressure.(Smirks)
(All facepalm)
Shivaay to Om :Looks like Rudra has got his own Lady version…
Om: Really, Shivaay. I think she’s your own lady version. Of Shivaay, Version 2, I mean. She’s wearing a suit and all that, she looks like she has come to a battle, striding arrogantly, just like you..
Shivaay: (Thoughtful) The very version of me that Annika hated.
Daadi: O Khotiya, stop it. Call her Didi.She’s elder to you. And these are Rudra’s brothers, Shivaay and Omkara.
Omkara( In mind) : As she turned to face us, I was sure I was completely wrong about her. Her eyes showed pain,joy,mirth, fun and what was that..craving..For something. Maybe??I was feeling the full force of her allure. The beauty , so innocent, so childish, so pure…
Rudra interrupted my chain of thoughts.
Rudra: This long haired creature, who looks like he eats grass for breakfast, lunch and dinner is a weird artist and unfortunately, my elder brother.. He does nothing in a simple way. Way too Complex, Philosophical and Intense.

The girl: Hello, Om bhaiya,Shivaay Bhaiya.
Shivaay: Hello..
Om: (Ouch! That hurt..Bhaiya??)
Rudra: You can even call him Father…He wouldn’t mind. He behaves that way, anyway.
Daadi: No..No..Om is just a year elder to you, my dear..
The girl: Oh!
Rudra: You will die of boredom in his Company,didi.
The girl : On the contrary, I think he will interest me the most.(Smiling)Hello,Om..
Om: (In mind) Did I just smile inwardly hearing that?
All gasp.
Pinky : This girls turned out to be Rudra’s types ,No?
Daadi’s introduces her to everyone..

Daughters are the closest to their fathers?
Family understands you and stands by you??
Lie. There’s only one person who actually does. In the whole family….
There’s no place like home,
No troubles to be found,
Only bliss all around…????
Lie…Mine is starting of all of it.
I’m me.The most sorted person in the world for this age maybe. Not exaggerating. I’ve seen, heard, reacted to many things people my age wouldn’t have dreamt of .The worst thing that can happen to anyone is not having a parent. Being an orphan. But you know what’s worse? Having a bad parent. Wait …he’s not even my parent. But my mother’s always mine. Too bad he’s the husband of my mom. The one who brought me up. Who is the only reason this lowly existence of mine has meaning. Maybe God wasn’t happy creating me. He thrust me into this web of lies. Lies have become my life. My life lies in lies. So, I decided, without being all whiny and complaining, that it would be in my profession too.I became a lawyer, 2 years ago.Lying,part and parcel of my everyday life. It was saving lives though. Lying, to save criminals in poor families who wanted them even after their acts. Lying, to save innocent people who couldn’t fight against guilty plutocrats.Suprisingly though, I became rich by means of sheer popularity. Lies were my life, they were my livelihood too now. Love makes us to crazy things. My dad did them even without having an iota of love towards me.Mom must be the single best thing that ever happened in my life. She had seen the moody me, manic me, happy me and what not. I decided to be a mother to those who didn’t have one. I support an orphanage, a women’s shelter near the suburbs of Mumbai and make sure the money is utilised properly , to the last rupee.Lies,Money and Surname are what it takes to make yourself heard in this world.
Surname… I detest mine though. I don’t even use it. I use only the name my mom calls me.
I had a bad life. But it wouldn’t be so for my children there.
As for family, relationships, I don’t give a damn.
One day, one day , I’m sure, I’ll bump back to my past, find myself, my true identity, find love and maybe , finally, family and happiness.
Till then my identity is..
Lawyer, Mumbai High court,
Daughter of Mrs. Avantika Chadda,
Hi five everyone..Haste Raho!!!

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  1. Can’t understand your ff if this girl’s name is akira then where is Anika???!!!! Confusing but interesting post asap.

    1. Nafisaa dear, one more episode dear ..and you will understand….Akira is not Annika…

  2. Finally you posted…… I was waiting for it…. Nd it was awesome….. Loved it….?

    1. Thank you bhavana??

  3. It’s really confusing.

    1. One more epi,Shalini…One more epi..???

  4. Nithu

    Im lil confused with ur epi….

    1. Only till next epi it’ll b lyk dat…??

  5. Manu24

    post next one soon please 😉

    1. Tomorrow morning itself manu…Thank you for the love??

  6. Interesting but lil confusing also…

  7. Samm

    nice one shubhadra! 🙂 i’m really intrigued with this one and i can’t wait for more. i’m guessing akira will be Om’s love interest in your ff? she seems like the perfect girl for him and i’m already liking her 🙂

    1. Shubhadra

      Samm, Right you are!!

  8. It was amazing dear love it.?

  9. Shivika

    Woahh…..toooo goodddd…..fab…..dear

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