Shakti 17th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Harman and Soumya leave home

Shakti 17th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto telling Nani that she could say this as Soumya’s husband and my son is not here, else he would have been shielding her. Nani slaps Soumya. Harak Singh holds Preeto. Harman gains consciousness. Nani says you can stay with her, but I can’t stay. She says I was silent because of the fast. Harman recalls Varun dressed as kinnar kidnapping him. Chameli makes Saya, and other kinnars gain consciousness. They see their phones in water bucket. Nani drags Soumya by her hairs and says she will expose her infront of people. Harak Singh says my respect will be ruined in Gurdaspur. Nani says I will not tell anyone, but will not let her prosper. Shanno holds Raavi, Veeran holds Jeet, and Harak Singh holds Preeto. Harman is rushing back home. Saya and others find the door locked. Nani pours kerosene oil on Soumya. Preeto asks Soumya to run. Saya and others come to Surbhi’s house. Surbhi and Nani ask them to open the door. Saya says something is wrong. Maninder tries to stop them. Saya says if you stop us then we will forget that you are Soumya’s father and will curse you. She asks Chameli to open the door. Nani pours kerosene oil on Soumya. Preeto cries and asks her to leave Soumya. Soumya folds her hands and apologizes. Preeto says I am folding my hands, don’t do this. Nani lights match stick. Shanno and Veeran are happy.

Nani is about to set fire on Soumya, just then Harman comes and holds the match stick. He says no Bebe. Nani, Surbhi and all kinnars reach there. Nani says she has done magic on you. She says as far as I remember my grand son was a man. Harman says I am man even now and that’s why respect woman and says if there was some man then I would have done something which would have shaken up his hand. Nani says you are threatening me for a kinnar. Harman says she is my love, my life and my wife and I will not forgive the those who does bad with her. He asks Soumya to come with him and says I don’t want to stay here. Preeto wipes kerosene oil from Soumya’s saree and asks Harman to go very far. She says this house will not understand your love, go far from here and don’t inform even me. Harak Singh says you are my son and asks if he has gone mad? Harman says I am ashamed to call you my father. He asks Veeran to lock the door.

Harman pours kerosene oil on himself and says I will burn myself if someone steps forward. He says if anyone comes forward then I will burn myself. He says nobody can separate us and we will unite in all births and even God can’t stop us. He holds Soumya’s hand and asks her to come. Shanno smiles. Harak Singh asks Harman to stop and gives his promise. Veeran stops Harak Singh and says he will burn himself. Shanno says he will return home. Jeet, Raavi, Surbhi, Saya, Nani and others feel bad. Preeto is shattered and beats the plate with a spoon. She says my son and bahu have left house. She asks Saya not to cry and says they are freed. She asks Surbhi not to cry and says Nimmi’s tapasya is completed, we shall be happy. Nani cries. Preeto asks Nani to celebrate and says they have gone. She says what was the need to come infront of you as a kinnar, but she came so that your health doesn’t deteriorate. She asks Harak Singh to open the bottle and asks Shanno and Veeran to go. Saya cries and leaves. Raavi tries to pacify Preeto and goes. Preeto sits alone and cries.

Shanno tells Veeran that Harman and Soumya left, but they shall not return. Varun calls Veeran. Veeran informs him that Harman and Soumya left. Varun asks him to come. Veeran says I will come in sometime. Shanno says ok. Varun says lets go and stop Harman and Soumya. Nani tells Harak Singh that Soumya did magic on him and once he gets attracted to woman, he will leave her. Surbhi and Nani comes back home. Surbhi tells Maninder that Harman and Soumya left. Maninder laughs happily. Nani slaps him and blames him for hating Soumya.

Raavi hugs jeet and cries. Jeet says we will bring them back home. Raavi asks him to talk to Harak singh. Jeet says ok. Preeto comes to them and asks not to talk to Harak Singh. She comes to Shanno and asks her to come with her. Shanno asks where you are taking me? Preeto gives her letters Xerox copies and asks her to keep it. She says I want everyone to stay with their wish and handovers the letter copies to her. Shanno takes it and leaves. Preeto comes to Harak Singh and serves wine in the glass. She calls Veeran. Shanno says he went out. Harak Singh says I don’t want to drink today. Preeto asks him to drink and says beta and bahu left home. She says Harman shall get out from his heart also, so that he can stay happily. Harak Singh refuses to drink and asks if she don’t understand. He says my Harman is my life. Preeto says I saw…when your son’s life was about to get burn, you was watching and stopped me also. She says you loves Harman and don’t give him right to love someone. She asks him to drink.

Harak Singh recalls his moments with Harman and drinks. Shanno thinks game will be interesting and tears her letters. Preeto sees Chintu crying and asks why is he crying. Chintu says he is missing Mama and Mami. Preeto says even I am missing them and asks him not to cry. Chintu asks her to come. Preeto says we will stay together one day. She brings him inside. Harak Singh tells that Preeto takes Harman’s side and made him villain. He says why am I wrong if I want to see grand children. He sleeps on sofa. Chintu covers blanket on him. Preeto also sleeps there.

Preeto tells Nani not to come again and says you are the first mum who is ruining your daughter’s marriage. Nani tells her that she don’t have any repentance for her doings.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. when will this be sorted and end
    they are constantly leaving the house lol
    buy a house go hospital get yourself checked
    build a life
    this should show positivty not always killing pr leaving home or kidnap

  2. Alister La Frenais

    The old story line of constant berating of Soumya is becoming stale and boring. In my opinion looking at Shanno, she looks more like a transgender than Soumya.

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