Krishna Chali London 17th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Shukla ousts Krishna-Radhe

Krishna Chali London 17th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dubey and Bua talking to Shukla and his wife. Bua scolds them for trapping Dubey in fraud case. Shukla says its a family matter. Bua says we got Krishna married here, we didn’t sell any animal. Shukla threatens to get Dubey arrested again. Dubey says thank your fate that I didn’t inform women commission and police, else you would have been dragging to jail, I got bail for 10 lakhs, your offense will be a non-bailable one. He asks Krishna to sign. He says I got a daughter married here, once Krishna gets divorced, I will have water and breakfast here. The ladies shoot a video and share. Bela asks Dubey to shut up, Krishna isn’t innocent, they all know her doings, she had run away from mandap.

Dubey says she had done absolutely right, it was my mistake to call her back and get her married in your family, if she had eloped that day, she would have stayed happy and not bear these torments. Radhe requests Dubey not to get them divorced. Dubey says I also requested you, I m angry on them, I m disappointed with you, I felt you love Krishna. Radhe says yes, I love Krishna a lot, don’t get us divorced, no one will harm her from now on, I guarantee this, I agree that whatever happened with her was wrong. Shukla scolds Radhe. Radhe says just give me another chance, I promise you, don’t make her sign papers, Bua ji explain him.

Shuklain cries. Shukla asks her to stop crying. Lady asks Shuklain to share her grief. Krishna asks everyone to shut up, its my life, this has happened with me and I will decide. Krishna takes Dubey and Bua with them to talk. She says nothing will happen to me, Radhe is here, that’s the reason I can’t leave this house, I won’t divorce Radhe. Bua says did you go mad, we compelled you to marry and now we are asking you for divorce. Krishna says wait, the day you got me married in this house, you did wrong, by asking me to break this marriage, you are doing wrong again. He asks are you coming with me. She refuses. Bua asks what nonsense.

Krishna says my point of view towards life has changed, everything can’t be about oneself and own dreams, sometimes we have to think about others, those who are really your dear ones, who can do anything for you, you don’t know what Radhe has done for you and me, I want to stay here for him, do you want to know what he did for me. She tells him about Radhe burning his new bike and jumping down the terrace, fighting with the wrestler….Dubey cries. Krishna says I don’t know whether I can love Radhe or not, I don’t know whether I can accept him as my husband, all I know is that for the first time in life, I have found a true friend, if I leave him and come with you today, then it would be unfair with him. She cries and says this family needs me, try to understand me, I will not leave Radhe.

Shukla asks the lady to stop recording. He asks Shuklain to send off everyone, Teej is over. The lady says I have recorded all the video, I will put it in group, you also see it. Shuklain worries. Krishna comes with Dubey and Bua. Dubey says I m leaving, you all are lucky that Krishna got married into this house, my teachings given to her got against me. He blesses Radhe and try to take care of each other. Radhe nods. Radhe promises to protect Krishna. Shukla stares. Radhe says I know lot of unfair things happened with Krishna, I will keep my marriage vows, I swear, I will protect her from every problem. Bua says don’t promise me, promise yourself, we did a mistake to get Krishna married to you, Krishna has punished us by deciding that she will stay here, we apologize for whatever we said in anger.

Dubey and Bua leave. Radhe asks Krishna to trust him, he will make everything fine. Shukla throws Radhe and Krishna’s belongings down. He says how dare Dubey insult me. He comes down and says Radhe was my fav son, now he has become Krishna’s puppet. He scolds Radhe. He says I will not tolerate this, you were begging to Dubey. Shuklain asks what are you saying. Shukla gives money to Radhe and says you earn and survive now, you have 10 lakhs, this is 1 lakh, 11 lakhs is a good amount, go and live your life, spare me, get out. They get shocked.

Shukla says I m disowning you from my life and my house. Radhe cries. Shukla cries. Shuklain shouts to Radhe and cries. Radhe and Krishna cry and leave.

Update Credit to: Amena

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