Shakti 16th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Heer and Virat learn Parmeet’s truth

Shakti 16th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Heer congrats Soumya for Guru Maa’s position. Virat says it’s time to celebrate. Heer and Soumya start dancing. They then go to Virat and Harman and dance with them. Next whole family joins them. Soumya takes Heer to a side and thanks her. She says Heer has grown up so much that along with her problems, she’s taking care of Soumya’s problems too. Soumya further says now she feels that she has someone else, other than Harman, whom she can ask for help without hesitation.

Kareena visits Angel to the jail and informs her that Soumya is replacing her for Guru Maa. Kareena further says that she acts and pretended that she’s on Soumya’s side. Angel asks when is the ceremony. Kareena says on Guru Purnima day. Angel says as long as she’s alive, Soumya can never be Guru Maa. She shares some plan.

Virat and Heer reach Virat’s home. Virat goes to park his car. Heer goes inside. Gurwinder asks Parmeet that Heer won’t find anything, right? Parmeet tells her that doctor is very good friend of hers. Gurwinder asks what about those medicines. Heer comes outside Parmeet’s room. Parmeet says those are glucose tablets. It should look natural as she’s doing an act of being sick. Heer hears and is shocked. Parmeet continues that their plan with Angel to separate Heer from Virat was good, but Soumya spoiled everything. Now they will need to do something. Heer walks back in a shock and something falls. Gurwinder goes to check, but Heer hides. Heer recalls Parmeet’s good side and cries thinking it was just a drama. She thinks whether to tell Virat or not. Virat comes and asks why she is crying. She says something went in her eyes. He thinks something must have happened. He keeps asking and says until she doesn’t tell, he won’t let her go anywhere. He asks whether she’s upset about college matter about Guru. She says everything is fine. He asks her to swear on him. She gets mad saying what kasam all the time. He says if she doesn’t tell him, then he will understand that she doesn’t care about his life. He leaves. She thinks what to do now. She can’t hurt him.

Virat is outside and thinking what it could be that Heer doesn’t want to share with him. She comes and tries to make him happy. She holds his hands, and goes closer to him. He still keeps asking her what’s the matter. She says she will tell everything and asks him to be calm. She says Parmeet is not sick, she’s just acting. Whatever happened in college today was done by Parmeet and Gurwinder with Angel’s help. He tells her that she must be misunderstood. Parmeet has accepted them. She says she wishes it was false, but it’s not. He gets mad and was going to Parmeet, but she stops him saying he needs to be calm. They need to use their love and bring Parmeet on a right path. She’s their own. There is no point fighting with her. She will just hate Heer more thinking she made Virat against her. Heer requests Virat not to tell anything or do anything. They will find some solution.

In morning, Virat comes for breakfast. Gurwinder starts drama. She tells Parmeet why she came. She would have brought her breakfast to her room. Virat sits and asks Sant Baksh what happened about Parmeet’s test report. Heer hopes he doesn’t reveal anything.

Precap: Next episode on Monday due to change in weekend schedule: Virat angrily calls out Parmeet and Gurwinder. Parmeet asks what happened? He tells her why she doesn’t say it clearly that she won’t accept Heer as her daughter-in-law in this life. How low she will go to show Heer and him down? He tells her to accept that he will not leave Heer ever. He walks out of home.

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  1. I think Mahi will come back and help Soumya from Angel N Kareena devil plan.

    1. Not. I think she (Mahi) will help Heer.

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