Udaariyaan 16th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Mami alerts Tejo

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The Episode starts with Fateh thinking of Jasmin. He gets angry and stops his work. Satti says Gippy will marry you soon. She hugs Jasmin. Fateh thinks of her. He works out. Buzo comes. He tries to talk. Fateh asks him to leave. Jasmin is leaving. She hears Dilraj saying Mami has gone to meet Tejo. Bebe asks why will she go there. Jasmin worries. Mami comes to Tejo and says I want to tell you about Jasmin. Fateh says Jasmin wanted to talk to me, now she is behaving like she isn’t interested in me, I should be happy if she moves on, why am I getting after her, I should also move on, out of sight, out of mind, since she came back, I feel I have gone back. Tejo asks what are you saying. Mami says yes, this is just Jasmin’s drama, this is her plan to get Fateh, she is just using Gippy, be careful of her. Tejo says she is happy with Gippy, she proposed him. Mami says because Fateh was there, she wants to get Fateh again. Jasmin asks what shall I do, Fateh was coming back to me, I m tensed, Sweety come to me fast. Sweety says I m coming. Mami says I have seen what she was doing in my pind, she was behaving madly there. Tejo worries. Jasmin says I will call Tejo and find out if Mami has come. She calls Tejo.

She says she isn’t answering, I will go there. Sweety says you shouldn’t go. Tejo recalls Jasmin’s words. She says Jasmin says anything in anger, but she is my sister, she can never plot against me, she can’t think of that. Mami says you think I m lying. Tejo recalls Fateh. She asks Mami not to worry. She says I m safe and happy with Fateh, when a person gets a true lover, then that person isn’t scared of anyone, Mami ji Fateh is with me, I don’t have any fears, he doesn’t care for Jasmin. Fateh says I do care, I got addicted to Jasmin, I m getting mad for her. Buzo says then you should go to get rid of addiction, you should go to Tejo, she will help you. Fateh says I can’t take her help, what shall I say, that I m getting mad for Jasmin. Buzo says who knows she will understand your problem herself, spend time with her, your mind will calm down, forget Jasmin, stop meeting her, block her from your mind also.

Fateh says you are saying right, Buzo, I should block Jasmin from my mind, Tejo is my wife. Tejo says I m sure of Fateh, you should go and get Jasmin married. Satti says marriage won’t happen, no one is listening to me, you all will regret. Tejo says I understand but… Mami says a man can lose his mind anytime, become smart now, else it will be too late. She goes. Tejo goes to her room. She thinks of Mami’s words. She calls back Jasmin. Jasmin says I can’t talk, you talk. Sweety asks her to talk and find out the matter.

Tejo asks Jasmin, is everything fine, 15 missed calls. Jasmin says I had called you for emergency. Tejo asks are you fine, is everyone fine, my phone was inside. Jasmin thinks maybe Mami didn’t reach there. She says I had to wear my fav dress and matching chunri, maybe its in your bag. Tejo asks is there anything, tell me, is everything fine between you and Gippy. Jasmin says yes, leave it, Rupy and Harman had gone to meet Gippy’s family, I think we should find out about Gippy, ask Simran to find out, will you talk to her. Tejo says don’t take tension, I will talk to her. Jasmin says tell her to find out if she feels right, else leave it. Tejo says don’t worry. Jasmin smiles. Sweety says you are very cunning, you have made a story well. Jasmin says I was worried that Mami told her something. Fateh comes home.

Tejo sees him. Khushbeer asks him to come and sit. Tejo gets tea for them. Mahi smiles seeing him and collides with Mahi. Mahi smiles and teases her. Tejo goes. She dresses up in his gifted saree. Fateh comes and smiles seeing her. He says my day will be good today, because I have seen your face in the morning, the way you get shy and then laugh freely, I wish to spend my entire life this way. She asks really, you didn’t tell this before. He says I didn’t feel this before. He holds her face. She closes eyes and smiles. They sing and dance. Tejo is in her college. She is dreaming. Peon calls her out and says its time for your class. Tejo smiles. Fateh thinks of Jasmin.

Fateh says I should just think of Tejo, nothing else. He gets a call. A man says a lady named Jasmin met an accident here. Fateh runs to the accident site to see her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Yaar Fateh kyuuuu????

    This boy will break Tejo’s heart as Tejo use pyaar karne laga hai.

    Tejo ki zindagi mein uske koi old college ka friend ko enter karne hai and make Mr Virk jealous phir use pata chalenga jo woh Jasmine se nahi Tejo se pyaar karte hain.

    1. Yeah but it’s not even Fateh’s fault na….how would he know that Tejo has started loving him?
      And however Jasmin was…..he loved her by heart…. sometimes we don’t care how the nature of the person is….we just love them….like imagine our family…everyone in our family is not good….but still we love them. Why?
      We don’t need a reason….it’s Fateh’s bad luck that the one he loved was actually a selfish person….yes but I’m feeling very bad for Tejo also….

  2. Tejo yaar!! I feel very bad for her.. This fateh behaves like having multiple personality disorder.

    1. Can you tell what is the precap ????

    2. Someone call fateh that a lady name jasmin met an accident so he run…thats it

    3. Hahaha it’s not multiple disorder….it’s just that he’s trying his best to fight with himself…

  3. What the hell…stupid tejo ….I dont even want to write anything ..if they wanna show all negative , then surely I won’t watch it.

    1. is tejo really a psychology professor?she can’t read what is in her own sister’s mind with whom she spent her whole childhood and grew up with,she can’t see what is in her husband’s mind,feel his helplessness or pain, she’s not even using her own brain when her mami is warning her,what human psychology did she even study? i think tejo is a scholar of dumb people psychology,she is totally dumb!?! ask her to throw her degree,it’s useless

    2. Andhi hai tejo..baat nahi maan rahi hai,sab kuch dekh kar bhi andekha kar rahi hai..sahi hai..when she will get dhoka …acha lagega mujhe..but fateh,kyu ,ruk jaa na yaar,don’t do this

  4. I do not know what to say for the current episode. Lots of truth in various commentaries .. Fateh has yet to heal Jasmine and to see him struggle like that is just unhappy and confusing .. In the end I wonder if Jasmine really likes Fateh or wants to have it just to say that ‘she was able to recover it and that she knew how to break Tejo in her good deed .. This aunt mami is very intelligent and warns everyone but no one is listening .. I tell myself what step Jasmine is going to take to get Fateh back. .I imagine a scene where the whole family find out about them after having according to Jasmine’s plan to spend the night together .. Fateh will not know what to do anymore .. Tejo will humiliate and file for divorce to leave Fateh with his Jasmine and will have the opportunity to leave or stay in the Punjab .. Or take another guy for Tejo so that Fateh realizes the importance of Tejo .. I don’t know .. But this bad sense for Fateh he wants to move on but Jasmine is still present and Tejo who does not see and listen

    1. I think jasfa is better. tejo deserves some one better who loves her and cares for her.
      I really don’t understand jasmine she left fateh for Canada and is leaving Canada for fateh that’s nuts….
      And for Jasmine and fateh to be together,I think just letting know tejo , about their real feeling about each other ( jasfa) would be enough And I think it’s better..

  5. According to me, I don’t want FaTejo, JasFa is only good. Fateh is as foolish as Jasmine. What is the point of Tejo being in such a Backward minded family who think thak their bahus should not go to work, Gurpreet and Nimmo anyway don’t like her. Fateh is still like a fool having feelings for Jasmine. Doesn’t he have any shame? Doesn’t he remember how she treated him like a servant and told him that Canada is much more imortanr? Still he is feeling jealous when Gippy and Jasmine are together. I feel like Jasmine and Fateh should come back together since they are both fools. Jasmine can’t see Fateh with Tejo and Fateh can’t see Jasmine with Gippy. Tejo is such an intelligent girl, IQ of probably 120 or higher. Fateh and Jasmine are fools they have an IQ of probably 85. A 120 IQ person shoud not be with 85 IQ person. Tejo still wasn’t smart enough to know that Jasmine wants Fateh though. She was still getting fooled. Otherwise her IQ would be above 135. But mami’s IQ is already 145 for sensing that Jasmine wants Fateh. Really Tejo doesn’t deserve Fateh, she deserves that investor guy. Jasmineand Fateh ae best together. Tejo, an educated woman should be married to an educated man and divorce that idiot Fateh. Let him marry Jasmine, He has no shame after getting insulted by Jasmine on the wedding day. And don’t ive excuses saying that Fateh is the main character so he has to be with Tejo, because this is all in the hands of the makers. They can make the inestor the main character any time and put Fateh in the side role. That way Tejo will get her perfect life partner.

    1. That’s nuts
      You r comparing with their IQ
      Anyways I like it😂😂😂

  6. If jasmine is really in love with and she will take care of him well, then its fine if the makers get back jasfa. I felt really bad for fateh and tejo. I really started watching this serial for fatejo. But after seeing fatehs heartbroken state and blind belief of tejo, its better they separate. Bring in a new guy for tejo. They both deserve happiness in their life.

  7. Hi guys! Just wanna know the song or tune’s name that played in the background in fateh and tejo’s bathroom scene and every romantic scene?? Help me out please.

    1. adha h ishq song from band baja barat movie

  8. adha h ishq song from band baja barat movie

  9. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. I hope🤞🏻🤞🏻many of commentaries have got to know now that Fateh was just showing off, so that Jasmin get jealous and realise what she lost..
    He is only going to hurt tejo😔😔
    2. I feel bad😢for tejo’s heart break but i get angry🤬😡😠🤬😡😠 on her more as she has blind believe on her selfish sister and “so called husband”🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️, who both using her just for making jealous each other and she doesn’t understand anything..
    3. Expect Mami no-one is sensible in this show👍🏻👍🏻
    4. Though i might get bash for my this point, but i need to write…
    I want tejo should get heart break and pain😢😢😢 becoz only after that she will not have blind belief and might move on in life without anyone.. and fateh should get jasmin as both are same stupid and foolish, just perfect for each other..😒😒😒😒😒😒

    1. Right..even I had same point before this…but it will be very sad for us to see tejo’s heartbreak….

    2. Anjali Sharma

      Shradhhhaaaa I am soo happy!! Today!!
      Fateh said to jasmean that she is mean
      And what not!!!
      I could not see the whole episode but bomb it wassss

  10. I want that investor marry tejo…both are perfect for each other….fateh and Jasmine are perfect match because both are foolish and stupid. playing with someone’s feelings….

  11. Precap please…..

  12. Fateh gets a call from someone saying that “A lady named Jasmin has met with an accident” and Fateh runs looking for her

  13. @ jenna
    U r too good at telling others IQ. But I wanna know how do u do it. However I m impressed. Will u teach me please..? 😇😇😇

  14. Guys,why are you all bashimg Fateh so much?Every human being in this world is born with some flaw or other.It’s unrealistic to assume that they will all be perfect,flawless humans.The makers are doing a really good job potraying this message.Coming back to Fateh,his only flaw was that he loved too much,cared too much.Do you even call this a flaw?After all feelings can’t be just suppressed and stuffed in boxes. Poor Tejo’s heart is bound to break beacause Fateh does not love Tejo yet.That DOES NOT mean Fateh still loves Jasmin.He is finding it difficult to move on, but that does not mean he is using Tejo.Stop thinking that Fateh is negative.It just shows that when he loves someone,he can love her to such intensity that all her decisions affect him,even after he hates her.Imagine how much he will do for Tejo once he falls for her.Don’t take me wrong guys.I am a die hard fan of Fatejo.I hate neither Fateh nor Tejo.I am just telling you all that this serial is unique in showing that they are not the stereotypical flawless and perfect leads.They feel anger,hatred,helplessness, jealousy as and when required.Fatejo scenes will come,just have sone patience guys!

    1. @Smita brilliant finally someone has spoken some sense👏👏.fateh has flaws but that doesn’t mean he is negative or is using tejo.even tejo has flaws.

  15. I can’t understand why everyone is calling Fateh a fool?
    Mtlb I’m not getting any point….Fateh poori koshish Kar rha h Jasmin ko bhoolne Ka….but it takes time na….sab bol rhe vo ab bhi Jasmin se pyaar kaise Kar skta h?
    Dude….his love wasn’t like Jasmin’s….that he will forget it easily….his love was pure….vo bevkuf tab hota jab vo Jasmin se baat Karne ki koshish karta and Jasmin ko aisa dikhata that he still loves her…..but vo aisa nhi Kar rha h….and yes usne ek-do Baar Jasmin ko jalane ki koshish Kiya …..but vo sab kaafi nhi the ki Tejo yeh soche that Fateh loves her….yes he’s wrong…but he’s wrong for trying to make Jasmin jealous….not wrong for remembering her….and if he’s wrong then even Tejo isn’t very good…..just like others said….she doesn’t seem like a psychology professor. Anyways, just wanted to say that it’s not Fateh’s fault completely.
    And I’m going to fry Tejo in a pan if she doesn’t understand Jasmin’s intentions even now!!!

  16. Fatejo 😍not jasfa plzz🙏

  17. Polka_dots🌟

    Hy!!! Three cheers for mami and creatives to say jasu idea to tejo .nahi toh koi aur serial hotha tha raasteh mein hi mami ka kuch na kuch scene hojatha.but alas kya fahtha this tejo had gone blind in love for fateh and family babaji ne kaha na stay away from family phir yeh ladki kyu nahi sunthi.fateh is really fighting hard with his emotions.frnd hotho buzo jaisa who shows u ryt path not like sweety who is shammil in jasmean idea .jasmine toh apne fayada dekh rahi hain sweety konsi kushi mein isake sath shammil hain.

  18. Miss spagetti

    In this whole series mami is the only one who uses the brain.
    And even Tejo after all that happened and seeing all this sudden mood shifts of jasmine can’t identify her true intentions.
    All I can tell is that the story is slowly becoming unrealistic. I hope the writers understand this and correct it before the whole plot goes out of hand. I like this show and want the same interesting story line as it was in the beginning.
    Atleast just leave jasmine behind and focus on some fatejo interactions if they even consider that fatejo are the leads.

  19. Polka_dots🌟

    Hy!! Three cheers for mami and creatives to follow up tejo with jasu motives nahii toh in other serials mami would have ended up in some wrong situation before getting there.fateh is really fighting with him emotions.frnd hotho buzo jaisa who tells u what’s ryt not like sweety who is shammil in jasmean idea.tejo is falling too hard and too fast I don’t want her to become anjali and say Mera pehla pyaar adhura reh gaya nahi toh koi Aman lekhar aao in show jo uska kadhar kare .

    1. the way I got the reference immediately ! XD and yes we definetely need an AMAN dude ! like

  20. I really think jasmine isn’t in love with Fateh.. I think she is just obsessed with him.its not love .. Just like her Canada obsession…. These are just obsession I think she really doesn’t care deeply for anything… She was so freaking obsessed with Canada and puff it just went like it was nothing…. She didn’t care about fateh in the mandap… But at the same time she couldn’t see him happy with tejo.. So I guess these are just meaning less obsession… Once she gets it she doesn’t value it … She should have treasured fateh long back when she had…

    1. Very true..also she can’t digest tejo being happy with fateh

  21. We all know even if Jasmin goes back to Fateh they won’t last because she is so superficial.She only wants Jimmie coz he doesn’t want her.Once she gets him and it’s bye-bye Canada she will leave him in a second ☺️

  22. Showing that Tejo falls in love with Fateh so soon is not good .. I might get my ears pulled but that’s okay .. Sometimes the series are supposed to show positive and logical things. is happening in reality .. But currently we see that Tejo falls in love with Fateh who almost became his brother-in-law .. I mean she could but not soon .. Because it looks ugly .. Barely a few weeks of marriage and she loves her husband .. Anyway .. Not good .. People watching the show could think badly .. Although I doubt that Jasmine really likes Fateh .. I would be in favor of letting Fateh see who really is Jasmine and free Tejo from the marriage .. Which would make him realize his feelings for Tejo .. I don’t know. Because currently I do not see and do not understand what the CVs want to show with Fateh confused in his feelings for Jasmine and not knowing what to do with Tejo .. I would also like Tejo to stop being too naive. sister .. I don’t know .. Anyway my people .. Had a good weekend

  23. Malayalam Babe

    The two people who shone in today’s episode are Buzzo and the aunty. Buzzo, the unassuming, loyal and quite ordinary friend tells Fateh that the same way he blocked Jasmine on his phone, he should block her from his heart. Buzzo insists that Tejo is the one for him and urged him to go to her. Wahhh, Buzzo. You rock! Aunty ji, you did your part. You warned Tejo and she still has her head in the clouds. You’re so right that they’ll realize what you’re trying to say only when it’s too late. Tejo was smart at the beginning of the show. She made good decisions and was everyone’s golden girl. It would be in her best interest to apply those same wisdom on herself. Aggggghhh, what am I saying? Tejo has been bitten by the love bug and all sanity has flown out of the window. The same same she’s fantasizing about Fateh with stars in her eyes, the same way Fateh feels about Jasmine, which is like a school boy having his crush or puppy love. I knew Tejo was daydreaming. No way was Fateh going to fall into her arms and dance around with her. Now we see him running cause he thinks Jasmine has had an accident. If this doesn’t wake up Tejo from her reverie, nothing will. Now I’ll go even as far as saying that Tejo is the silly one. She has only just started to feel love for Fateh so if she’s in la la land it’s only happening now. She has been silly from the start. I’m wondering when is she going to wise up to what’s happening around her? The only way to get rid of her problem is to get Jasmine out of marital life now. Listen to aunty, Tejo. Listen to Buzzo, Fateh. There, I’ve warned them. If they don’t listen, then too bad. I’ll begin to have some respect for Jasmine who doesn’t give up. What am I saying!! Too much udariyaan!

    1. 😀😃 too much I agree

  24. Today’s episode was fire 🔥

  25. Tejo needs to open her eyes fateh needs help he a grown ass man n he can’t get over jasmine what a guy I think tejo needs to tell jasmine to back off her husband I think gippy knows jasmine intentions that she using him lets hope someone leaks her out soon

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