Shakti 16th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Soumya reveals her identity to Nani

Shakti 16th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeto telling Harak Singh that this can’t be co incidence. Harak Singh says I didn’t do anything, and says let it happen. Preeto says the Harak Singh, I know drinks either in sadness or in happiness. She says you are drunk today to celebrate. Soumya prays to Mata Rani and tells that she accepts this as her destiny. She says I may lost my family after my truth revelation, Nani maa won’t be quiet. She gets dressed as a kinnar and thinks Mata Rani…you gave me Maa who fought for my identity and left this world while fighting. She never made me get upset. She says you gave me saas like Devi Maa and a lovely husband who accepted me and is ready to fight with the world always. She says she can’t hide her identity and her identity only will save Nani. She thanks Mata rani for giving her happiness of a woman and asks Mata Rani never to snatch Harman from her. Preeto thinks I have to stop Soumya and she will agree to me. She goes to Soumya and sees her dressed as a kinnar. She asks where are you going? Soumya says Nani’s health is deteriorating. Preeto says but where are you going? Soumya says she is going to open her fast. Preeto gets angry.

Soumya says I can save her life being a kinnar, and says if my identity is kept hidden even today then Nani’s life will be gone. She says if you can’t do anything for Nani then let me do something for her. She goes. Raavi asks Nani to have food. Nani says until kinnar comes, I will not eat food. Soumya gets down the stairs clapping as Kinnar shocking Nani. Shanni smiles. Soumya takes the food plate and is about to eat. Nani says why are you eating it, it is for kinnar. Preeto says Maa is right and asks her to go and change her clothes. Shanno asks what are you doing? Veeran asks are you making fun of Nani. Soumya says I can’t play with Nani’s life hiding my truth.

Nani asks are you a kinnar? Soumya nods yes. Nani is shocked and says I ate with her hand. She asks why did you make me do a sin. Preeto asks Nani to leave her. Nani asks Preeto and Harman why did they make Harman marry her. She says how she can give baby to us. She says we did santaan prapti yagya and says everyone will bear the sin. Harak Singh says I tried to make her go, but she didn’t. Shanno says we tried, but she is stubborn. Preeto tells Nani that Soumya took kinnar avatar just to save her life. She says if you insult her then you might get a sin. Nani asks her to swear on her that she doesn’t care that her bahu is a kinnar. Preeto says I really don’t care with her identity.

Nani says I shall break my fast and asks Soumya to have food and break her fast. Preeto goes to kitchen and brings food for Nani. Soumya eats the food. Nani recalls seeing Soumya when she came to the house and eats the food. Chameli gains consciousness and sees Harman and other kinnars unconscious. Surbhi and Nani come out of the room. Nani asks Soumya to bless her to be happy always with her sons. Soumya blesses her for the happiness. Nani asks her to tell that their family stays happy. Soumya blesses her. Nani asks her to keep all bad sights on her. Soumya says same. Nani says how can I be happy until you are here. Soumya gets tensed and says Nani maa. Nani asks her not to call her Nani maa. Preeto says you are telling this as Harman is not here else he is her shield. Nani slaps Soumya.

Nani tells that she will reveal Soumya’s identity to everyone. Harak Singh says my name will be ruined. Nani says I will not tell, but will end her. She pours kerosene oil on Soumya and tries to burn her, but Harman comes and holds her hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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