Kumkum Bhagya 16th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Tanu asks Nikhil to kill John

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The Episode starts with Suwarni Dadi asking Abhi to take her to temple. King says I will take you. Dadi says I will go with Abhi. Abhi says he don’t want to go. Purab tells King that Abhi doesn’t believe much on God. King thinks why I am feeling that everyone knows something which I don’t. Abhi looks at Pragya from the OT window and cries. Aaliya thinks of John threatening to reveal their crime before Abhi, and Abhi’s anger for Pragya. She thinks even today he is staying in Pragya’s memories and the feeling is enough to get angry on others. She thinks I should have helped Tanu that day, and thinks don’t know why Pragya couldn’t disconnect her from Abhi. She thinks Tanu might have thought something.

Tanu calls Nikhil and asks where you will keep John. Nikhil asks her not to call him and let him concentrate on work. He says I am a businessman and not a contract killer. Tanu says you have done murderers and big crimes. He stops the car and asks her to talk with respect. He says next time, you shall request me. He gives her 5 second and asks her to apologize. Tanu says sorry. Nikhil says I am not old Nikhil and promises to do her work.

John is walking on the road and thinks he can’t believe that such people stays in the family. He thinks Tanu might have conspired to kick Pragya out and must have married abhi. He thinks to inform Abhi about Aaliya and Tanu. Sunny asks Kiara not to cry and says if she cries then he will also cry. Driver says Pragya Maam must be fine. Kiara asks Sunny why is he crying? Sunny says he felt like his sister is crying. Kiara says I will not cry and promises her. Sunny says nothing will happen to aunty.

Doctor says case is critical, they have to call London doctor and take an opinion. King thinks of Abhi’s concern and worry for Pragya. Abhi cries looking at Prgaya from the window. Doctor comes out. Abhi asks if she gains consciousness. Doctor says no and tells that her nerve is damaged by the glass piece and she is not responding to treatment. She says they are more blood from Disha. Abhi asks Doctor to get her treated by the best doctor and not to worry about money. Doctor says even King said the same and assures that she will be fine.

Robin thinks why John haven’t come till now. John is still on the road. Robin asks him to tell who wants to kill Pragya. John takes the auto. Robin asks him to tell who is the killer. John is about to tell when his phone battery switches off. Nikhil is following John in the car.

Taya ji talks to his friend and asks him to tell about the good doctor. Abhi thinks I can’t see you like this, I will never blame you for anything. Doctor comes and asks them to believe on God, he will make everything fine. King asks then what you are doing. Doctor asks him to give them sometime. King asks what the hell are you doing. Taya ji asks him to trust God. Aaliya comes to Tanu and asks are you okay, what you are doing in darkness? Tanu says she likes darkness. Aaliya says you will fall in depression. Tanu says darkness hides everything, me or the truth. Aaliya asks what happened? Tanu says she has became confident. Aaliya asks if she has gone mad to sit infront of mirror and admiring herself. Tanu says I can do anything and win from Pragya.

Aaliya asks have you lost your pricky mind and says we shall go to hospital and tell that someone manipulated John. Tanu says who has manipulated John and says Abhi will never believe. She asks her to stop thinking and says your mind is going in wrong direction. Aaliya says why you want me to sit here. Tanu says John will not reach hospital and says just as we handled Pragya, john will be handled too. Tanu says good bye Pragya, your story is ended.

King asks Abhi what is his relation with Pragya. How is his family related to Pragya. He asks if he is missing out something. He tells that you said that you don’t believe on God, but you prays for her silently and cries for her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Lot’s of fast music today. That’s a guarantee that the ‘plot’ doesn’t move. And it didn’t.
    I caught 2/3 episodes of Kaleerein, including today’s episode. Just to see how old Purab was doing. Lo and behold! The fast paced plot (it appears to be a real plot thus I didn’t use apostrophe’s around the word) actually exposed how Indian girls are abused and forced into slavery by their emotionally blackmailing fathers. Fathers that claim to love them. You know, the choice that Indian fathers always give you? “You can choose to do what you want…or you can choose to murder your father in front of the the whole family. What do you choose? Murdering your father and going to the school tournament?” The script beautifully exposes abuse…reality for far too many girls and women in India and in the Indian diaspora. Again proof that producers and writers ARE capable of creating excellent work. ***keep in mind, these fathers are controlled by evil sisters, mothers and nieces who want to control the family money.
    Not Ekta. This QUEEN OF ABUSE PORN is still focused on normalising the PORN, THE ABUSE . Either you are a good Indian women who accepts abuse or you are a Tanu/Aliyah …but hey You wear western clothes…that makes it o.k.
    Her current favourite pet actress Tanu…who has lowered the pitch of her voice to try and pretend that she’s an adult now… is used, to proclaim…India’s women have a pretty face (botoxed lips seem to be popular), they are happy to wear ridiculous fashion and they will do ANYTHING s*xually in order to earn a buck and convince themselves that they are MODERN. But underneath the shiny bag dress, is a creepy criminal who needs to be put down.

    Can Ekta redeem herself? She’s not interested. We are the stupid people who are making her even more rich. And her father is likely proud of all the money she makes. Of course he doesn’t care that his shiny example of a daughter is simply a malicious rich brat who was given too much latitude as a child. Ekta Kapoor is insuring that Indian women are forever mistreated by crazy Indian fathers, brothers and husbands. And their greedy sisters, mothers and nieces.

    Well viewers, especially Indian viewers, have you been insulted enough as yet by your Ekta? She’s having a good laugh. I wonder if her and the astrologer are going to celebrate her success as a human/demon justifying her bad behaviour because it’s the Kaliyuga. “It’s o.k. if I am a murderous b*tch! I can do anything I want! Well, I have to do it in my stories ‘cos I don’t know if Dad can keep me out of jail. It’s the Kaliyuga! God won’t notice” In human history we are at a point where evil is meant to be exposed. People all over the world are understanding how media and evil are perpetuated onto a culture. Please, help stop the QUEEN OF ABUSE PORN.

  2. Do you think the stupid Mehra family will figure out who did this to Pragya? Without John’s help?
    No. Ekta deems that all Indians are stupid, excepting her and her current pets.
    The next time that a racist confronts me… or any Indian woman could Ekta come and take my place so that SHE can resolve the problems that she is so enthusiastically creating…just so she can get laid and drunk as often as she likes?
    Is India being responsible by letting this brat continue to function?

  3. I feel bad for King. Like he took care of Pragya and her daughter for 7 years, and all of a sudden Abhi comes in between when he feels like it and makes it all about his love for her! It doesn’t happen this way in real life!! In fact none of it happens in real life. But who the hell acts like she’s his wife after being married to someone else for 7years?

    1. DannyComments

      Exactly my point! And they expect King to just let her go like that! It is not fair.

    2. I totally agree…..i really wish they don’t hurt king but knowing ekta love is forbidden if you care or show someone love they either turn the character into a grieving idiot or a villain….but king and pragya looks good together he makes her laugh every time she is around a mehra or abhi she’s crying or sad….and i feel kiara will hurt the most even thou she likes abhi king is her everything…..ekta only know pain and two C-lister actresses on tv tanu and aliya…to her they are the real leads

    3. That’s the Kundali thing. Seven lifetimes of marriage. Energetically, it is a real relationship. The flow does exist and function whether you are consciously aware of it or not. We are all connected deeply and in many wondrous ways, all humans. Even the dark (their inner light) ones. But some power-hungry, rule-maker, control freak, coward in earlier Hinduism introduced a resistance into the natural energetic flow by proclaiming or teaching that you had to be with the partner for the whole lifetime, each lifetime. No rational or heart choices allowed, please. For some of the population. Convenient for that historical figure’s circumstances, but not truth. Just too much corruption, just like every other religion.
      Pragya continues to behave like the ultimate idiot. Even though she’s so smart. Obedience can be taught very early in an Indian home. It may become a difficult demon to overcome if the victim even becomes aware of the issue. I like King too. He’s finally being allowed to show his acting a tiny bit more.

    4. That’s true. Finally King is given more screen presence!!

  4. Indu Dasi and Disha. The perfect, loving, nurturing Indian women. They are so much. They feel so much. But they will never ever get off of their butts and actually do anything to help Pragya. They are abusive as well. They have it in their power to ACT. Make change. AND THEY DON’T. Cowards. Abuse is a complicated thing. And so simple. If there is wrong action, occurring …hurting ‘life’, then one must stop what is going on. and clearly it is time for me to put some more effort into getting that website up.

  5. Hope that John is saved from Nikhil, Aaliya and Tanu. Abhi and Purab should think back to what happened to Bulbul and connect the dots. Those murderers, scheming shameless b*t*hes should be exposed and made to pay.

  6. Will Ekta not reveal Aaliya and Tanu till the end? Waiting for the day to watch that. Can’t Tanu and Aaliya think a bit for moving to better attitudes?

  7. Sick episode.. Felt good seeing abhi cry since he has been the reason for all the problems in pragya life. Also evil is just increasing in every episode of kkb. Now Ekta has brought nikhil back.. To add to the pack of evil.. Now once again the truth will be murdered and evil triumph.. The bloddy writers are stuck in a jam, repeating the same incidents for the past 4 years. Why can’t they get over with tanu and aliya..show what happened to pragya after she fell off the cliff and how did she meet king. Lets abhi know that kiaria is his daughter and let him be in hell and guilt for some time knowing that he lost out on the beautiful moments of kiaria birth and 7 precious years of her childhood because of his stupidity and ego. Though abhigya are not together at least the viewers will get to see something different. Nkw they can show abhi’s struggle to get pragya the way she used to struggle to get his love. Maybe then he will be a real man and Not a wet shrimp.

  8. Sana.

    What is the name of alia ear ring can anyone tell me

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