Shakti 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Harman nurses unwell Soumya

Shakti 16th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanno coming to Soumya and asks her to stay like ghulam and not as bahu of the house. Veeran brings chilli and asks Soumya to grind it. Chintu tells that Soumya will not do this work. Raavi asks him not to interfere. Chintu says you will not grind it. Shanno asks Raavi to make Chintu understand. Soumya gives her promise. Chintu says he will inform Harman. Soumya says if you want me to stay here then don’t tell. She uses hand blender to make the dry chillies paste. Harman is drunk standing on road and thinks I am her servant, how can I make her ghulam. Soumya rests on bed and takes Harman’s name. Chintu checks her and says you are having high fever. He thinks to call Harman. He calls him and asks him to come home fast as Soumya is having fever. Harman throws the wine bottle and goes. Chintu thinks what to do to lower her fever. Harman comes and asks him to bring water in bowl. He calls Nani and asks her to tell how to make kaada, tells Soumya is unwell. Nani tells him how to make kaada and asks him to take care of her. Maninder and Bebe looks on. Nani thinks she thought Harman’s love ended, and thanks God. Bebe asks Maninder to sleep. Harman keeps wet cloth on her forehead. Chintu also cares for her. Harman makes kada and makes Soumya have it. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays….

Harman asks Chintu to sleep and says he will take care of Soumya. Chintu says he will sleep there itself. Shanno knocks on Preeto’s door and asks her to open the door. Preeto opens the door. Shanno tells her that Harman made kada for Soumya. Raavi says if Chintu tells him anything. Preeto says nothing will happen and asks them to go and sleep. Harak Singh asks her to switch off lights and let him sleep. Harman holds Soumya’s hand and smiles..Tu hi mera khuda plays….

In the morning, he gets up and asks Chintu to go and sit infront of Soumya. Soumya wakes up and sees Chintu sitting. She asks if you was here all night. Chintu thinks mama don’t want Mami to know that he was very worried for her. He says what else I could do then. He says Mama slept so I had to be awake. Soumya thanks him. She says she has to work now and goes. Harman gets up and asks Chintu why didn’t you stop her. Chintu says I lied to Mami on your saying, it is enough. Harman looks on.

Soumya comes downstairs. Chintu thinks everyone is staring Mami and thinks to tell Harman. He thinks he can’t tell anything to Harman, but can tell him to stop this drama. He says I knows why she got unwell and asks him to stop the drama. Raavi tells Shanno that Harman will not tell anything and asks Soumya to do outside work and says they will handle kitchen work. Harman comes there and stops Raavi. He says first let’s calculate about yesterday’s work. Shanno is about to say. Harman says I will ask Soumya and asks her. Soumya recalls grinding chillies with hand blender. Preeto says she must have done house work. Harman says she will do only my work, I have bought her. Soumya says I will do everyone’s work. Harman says do as I says and asks her to change bed sheet and pillow covers and clean the mirror.

Preeto thinks he calls her Servant, but is after her. She determines to make his love change into hatred.

Harman calls Soumya and asks for good. Soumya gives 20 Lakhs rs and says she is free now. Harman says this is charity money and asks her to earn and give him. He returns the money to Preeto and says he knows that she gave her money.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Harman shows great performances, continue voting for Harman and make him win

  2. Ausumn episode. Dear anu,if I hurt u means really sorryyyyyyyyy.It’s a daily soap nd socio drama pure love story nd also rashmi show. I also need to show how soumya educates her nd achieve good position in society nd how she vl become role model to every kinnar nd how she help for upliftment d kinnarworld by providing education with d help of Harman. It all definitely happens ,but it vl takes sometime.Before that,soumya need to get strong in every angle.That’s y d ongng track also necessary. Her pt of view also right na.she realized that she is kinnar but she is not feeling proud of her.Even she got such loving husband like Harman she still feels that she didn’t give any happiness to Harman nd having insecurities. Bcoz of her insecure feeling leads to misunderstanding ,she completely not accept herself. So,when she get rid of all this and being a strong human by education then we expect kinnar upliftment.I like HAYA jodi veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy6yyyyyyyyyyy much. Even simple scenes with less romance also make d screen super impact with their fabulous acting.but in other shows they show romancing more. I am not criticising but being a socio love story it really rockssss.hats off to all.Instead of all kinnar drama I always drool over HAYA pure divine love story. I never saw this much of unique and pure love story. May be in future also v vl not witness this type of love story. Whenever I watch HAYA scenes it really bliss to watch nd it made great impact on me such a pure story.Really I can’t imagine any other heroin beside Vivian nd also any other hero beside Rubina up to my last breath.always love HAYA. SHAKTI one of d best show in Indian TV. Vivian Rubina r made for each other. Sorry for very long note.

  3. Vivian looking very handsome today.

  4. Bunny, my friend, you didn’t hurt me. What
    You are telling is right but now a days the competitions among the the tv shows are tough and l only want shakti to survive as a no 1 show . This much.

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